Rewriting Memories with the Tarot

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After going back in time, first to the 1970s with Eden Gray and then even further back to the late 1800s with MacGregor Mathers, we now return to present day and explore a powerful journaling exercise and reading spread designed by tarot life coach Jaymi Elford, featured in her new 2019 book, Tarot Inspired Life.

Before you hit play, please be advised that this session may not be suitable for everyone. We are going to relive a painful past memory and journal through it. Thus, some individuals may not be ready for this guided exercise.

For those who feel prepared to proceed, we are going to rewrite the ending of that painful memory, one in which we take control. Then with the magic and alchemy of the tarot, rewrite the ending, which will release us of that memory’s hold over us. No longer beholden to the pain, we heal that one inner soul fragment that had been caused by the painful memory.

This journaling session will include brief guided recitations of affirmations that incorporate sound healing and may start to feel a tad New Agey to those who shirk from the New Age. Just grin and bear with me.

After this journaling session, I strongly recommend that you follow it with personal energy after-care and watch the following healing meditation video.

Even if sitting through the energy healing video feels silly and too New Agey for you, just humor me. I would much rather you conclude this session feeling like a goofball than feeling drained or depressed.

I’ve also provided the complete script for the energy healing recitations. You can download the PDF for it here:

Script for the Guided Healing Meditation

PDF Download

If you work as a life coach or spiritual consultant, then please feel free to use the script in any way you like, modify it so it better fits your own style, and yes, you’re totally free to integrate it into your client services.

Alternatively or additionally, there’s a psychic protection and shielding audio download you can use. Read all about it and then download the audio and written text of the recitation here:

Psychic Protection: Shielding Recitation

MP3 & PDF Download

I dedicated the audio and the text for the shielding recitation to the public domain, which means even though I created and wrote it, it’s no longer mine. I’ve given all proprietary rights to the collective. You can do as you will with it, modify it, make your own derivatives, and even use it within the scope of your professional or commercial work.

The recitation of affirmations and then the inclusion of sound healing, plus the recommended energy after-care are based on the instructions and guidance of Elford in her book. When guiding a client through such emotionally intense work with the tarot or when you’re working through such emotionally-charged prompts yourself, Elford recommends incorporation of affirmations or modalities of self-care, which is why I included them in the guided workshop.

With the psychic protection shielding recitation in the public domain, you can use it or modify it to create your own version freely and incorporate it into your professional tarot or life coaching work.

The Tarot Life Coach

The approach to tarot we worked with here is life coaching. How do you use the tarot in the scope of modern day life coaching?

Tarot Inspired Life covers so much ground that if you’re a professional life coach who also happens to be a tarot reader, Elford is going to offer you so many incredible and practical techniques for integrating the two and helping your clients.

Today’s journaling and reading exercise is practiced on yourself, but once the operational steps are mastered, the techniques can be worked into professional life coaching or tarot counseling sessions.

The life coach/tarot counselor would walk through the basic card meanings and reading interpretation with the client and help the client in choosing the right card for rewriting the memory.

This episode walked you through one way a life coach can use the cards in a one-hour client session to help them reconcile a past event that’s still bothering the client, and keeping him or her from moving forward. Yet Tarot Inspired Life has so much more to offer. This was just one of numerous power-packed exercises and journaling prompts from Elford’s book.

If your client is an aspiring writer, there’s an entire section in Tarot Inspired Life on how to use the tarot to get through common writing blocks and challenges, from using the tarot to outline your plot, profile your characters, or offer creative advice. There are insights into basic meditation techniques with the tarot and using tarot in easy-to-follow personal rituals for transformation.

If you’re interested in acquiring your own copy of Tarot Inspired Life, check out my book review, here

Order your copy here via

Next week it’s back in time to the late 1800s to unpack Tarot of the Bohemians by Papus. Hopefully you’re not getting jet-lagged from the crazy back and forth time travel. =)

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