Limited Offer: Taoist Talismanic Kit


* Extra if shipping internationally. All U.S. shipping is free, included in order.

Here’s what I’ve been working on for the last, oh, I don’t know… two weeks if not more. And still working on. Will continue to work on until the full moon in Scorpio!

Okay. Here’s the lowdown.

For $40 (and no more, if you’re in the U.S.; plus shipping charges if non-U.S.), you’re getting:

  1. 10 ml glass bottle of consecrated water (I’ll explain)
  2. 1 ml cork top glass bottle of consecrated powder (I’ll explain)
  3. Customized Fu sigil talisman charged during the full moon in Scorpio (I’ll explain)

Only 36 50* (fifty sets) available. Once all 50 orders have been reserved, it’s gone.

* To those who somehow managed to get on my private VIP email list and thus received a heads up about this already, I had said I only have 36. Yeah, I can’t count. I wrote that up at the office and my memory thought 36. I was mistaking it for something else. I have 50 of these. Just so you know, I had sent you photos, so you can actually look at the photos I sent you and count the number of vials lined up on my workspace. There were 50 pictured in the photos when I told you 36. Sorry for the sham.

* Oops, sorry, before I could even manage to get this blog post up, there are only 5 (five) left. So this blog post is only about filling up those 5 remaining orders. That way I can start the preparations this weekend for each of the 50 individuals.

Okay, now let’s explain each of the three items you’re getting.

These little buddies took a ridiculous amount of time to bring together.

Item 1 in your set: the consecrated water

We begin with the consecrated water, or holy water (well, holy to me). This is 100% rain water collected only during either a full moon or a new moon. It’s a blend of both.

And I only collect the rain water in containers made of natural materials, such as alabaster or other stoneware and only rain water that has not touched any other man-made materials (as far as I am aware), meaning my containers are positioned in such a way that it collects only the rain that has dripped in directly from the heavens during a full moon or new moon or it drips into the containers from the leaves and branches of organic, pesticide-free trees in my yard.

At least one harvest of the rain water was during an eclipse.

These vials contain the blending of all such rain water collected over the last 12 months or so. After the rain water has been collected, I let it drip slowly through coffee filters into glass jars that are then vacuum sealed until now, when I went to blend and distribute into these vials. While they drip slowly through the coffee filters, I arrange Fu talismans and a crystal grid around the dripping rainwater. Once harvested and sealed, the rain water is stored within consecrated sacred space.

In addition to the rain water, these glass bottles also contain drops of frankincense essential oil that a friend and fellow practitioner hand-made for me and sorghum alcohol (it is my unverified belief that this helps preserve the holy water).

Upon receipt of your set, use the 10 ml of holy water for cleansing. You can apply it directly on yourself topically for a personal spiritual cleansing or use it to cleanse a piece of talismanic jewelry that you wear everyday (assuming water contact with the jewelry is safe). Or you can apply it to a particular ritual tool of choice to consecrate that ritual tool. Or cleanse a handful of gemstones and crystals in the water and then keep the stones around as healing amulets. The presumption is whatever is cleansed with this holy water will be empowered to facilitate healing energy.

Okay, let’s continue on to the powder or dust part.

Item 2 in your set: consecrated powder

You’ll also get a tiny vial of really pretty dust. Or powder. I don’t know which to call it. Let’s talk about what that powder is.

First we begin with the list of ingredients:

  • selenite that I crush up into a fine powder,
  • black tourmaline also manually crushed into fine powder,
  • Himalayan sea salt,
  • home-grown salt crystals grown through an eclipse (more on that later),
  • dried white lilies from plants I grew myself,
  • dried white orchids from plants I grew myself,
  • sand from the White Sands dunes, from the Snaefellsjokull glaciers in Iceland, Lassen volcano, and a monastery in Tainan, Taiwan, and
  • ash from frankincense and sandalwood incense burned as offerings to various deities in the Eastern pantheons.

The sands have been collected over the last two decades from my and Hubby’s various travels. Each ingredient is selected with great care and is given my full OCD-perfectionist treatment. I’m somewhat neurotic about needing to know the source I get everything, even the mines that the crystals and gemstones I get are sourced from (usually they are mines owned by people I know personally). Everything has a meaning. Ley lines, that kinda thing. Feng shui, you get it.

Okay, about the home-grown salt crystals. See the above? Yeah, I made that myself! I made it! How neat is that. It’s a whole boatload of Epsom salt in water that you set aside in a dark spot and then that forms. The photograph doesn’t do the salt crystal any justice whatsoever. It’s really stunning in real life. I made this during one of the eclipses (or the crystals were being formed through one of the eclipses).

And then I crushed up the stunning home-grown salt crystal. No blender. All of the ingredients are crushed by hand while reciting mantra prayers during an astrologically auspicious moment using a mortar and pestle. It took longer than you think (or at least longer than I anticipated) to grind all of that into the powder you see above.

Oh… I did mention that all of the separate ingredients were consecrated first, right? Right. Obviously. I forgot to mention it explicitly because, I mean, obviously, right?

Okay, then with a pure silver spoon (thank you, my sweet little sisters for the pure silver measuring spoons they got me one birthday that I never ended up using in actual cooking because the spoons are too precious for normal use), I filled up the baby glass vials with the powder. The smaller vial of dust comes in a 1 ml glass trinket jar with a cork-sealed top.

As for the 1 ml glass vial of cork-sealed powder, this stays intact. Tuck it behind the framed photograph of someone or someones that the healing energy should be directed at. For example, tuck it behind a framed photograph you’ve set out in your home of your dear mother to send your mother healing energies. You can place it in an underwear drawer (I know, that sounds intimate) for an ongoing dose of healing energy to yourself. Or place it in a medicine cabinet so that the healing energies can be infused into the medicine you’re taking.

There are tons of ways to use the powder. Along with your order, you will get all the information you need and the opportunity to ask me questions because I want you to be clear about what exactly you’re getting and how to get it to operational capacity. So don’t fret if there’s something you’re confused about. We will un-confuse you.

Item 3 in your set: personalized Fu talisman

Interspersed throughout this description you’ll see random photographs of paper Fu talismans. Yours is not likely to be the same as any of the talismans you see. Which Fu talisman you get depends entirely on what you request.

So Item 3 of your little set is going to be a personalized Fu talisman. You are going to write in narrative style to me by e-mail what your intentions are and what you want the Fu talisman to do. I will then craft what I believe to be the best sigil to carry out those intentions, designed specifically for you and then charged under the full moon in Scorpio (coming up May 10, 2017) while reciting your name and focusing on your personal energies.

Two examples of Fu talismans next to my book.

I do take special requests in terms of format of your paper talisman if you want to tell me your preferences. I can’t guarantee I’ll follow your preference, but if I don’t, I will have a damn good reason for why I’ve opted to approach your talisman in a different manner. It’s always toward what I believe will best optimize your intentions for the talisman.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do with the paper talisman. Again, I’ll explain.

Full moon in Scorpio charging

With all of that now out of the way, we finally begin the real work. Commencing on Holy Thursday, the 13th of April, the setup of water and powder vials go through daily empowerment through mantra recitations until the full moon in Scorpio for 28 days and nights.

Your custom-made sigil, tailored just for you and your specified needs, will be rendered and charged during the full moon in Scorpio, or May 10, 2017.

There are only 36 50 of these sets, so once 50 sets have been claimed, that’s it.

Now let’s state the obvious. The water and dust set is not a form of medical treatment. It isn’t even a form of alternative medicine. In a sense, this is a religious practice. Efficacy comes from faith, not science.

I’m legally obligated to let you know that I make no representations or warranties about the effectiveness of the water, the powder, or the paper talisman for what you intend it to do. Fu talisman crafting is a religious practice and the offering of these sets is a religious expression. No guarantees can be made about what can or cannot be achieved by these Fu talismans.

Since as of this writing we are not yet at the full moon in Scorpio, if you’re reserving your set, this is a pre-order request. Packaging and delivery won’t take place until after the full moon in Scorpio (May 10).

How to Order


Review of what you’re getting

  1. Consecrated full moon and new moon rain water, 10 ml in a glass screw-cap bottle
  2. Consecrated personally ground “healing powder” (list of ingredients provided earlier), 1 ml in a glass cork vial
  3. Paper Fu talisman designed by me for you and personalized specifically to your needs, printed with consecrated ink, but hand-stamped and charged through recitations with your name during the full moon in Scorpio
  4. Literature/text to explain everything



U.S. Residents: $40 USD

Non U.S. Residents: $40 USD + Shipping Costs

Payment is by PayPal or Amazon Gift Card after I confirm your order. Since there is a limited quantity, do not send payment until I confirm your order. So start by emailing me your request.


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