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I am not the right reader for everyone, so please be sure to review all content corresponding to your service of interest before booking a divinatory reading with me. Read the service description carefully and with your intuition open, so that you might assess whether my vibes resonate with you. By contacting me for a reading, you are also tacitly acknowledging that you have read through the About Your Reading page carefully and thoroughly and are totally cool with everything disclosed there.

Feature Services Du Jour

Seeking direction in your personal shadow work? What is your soul's purpose? Identify that facet of your inner sanctum most connected to divinity. Click the banner to learn more
Seeking direction in your personal shadow work? What is your soul’s purpose? Identify that facet of your inner sanctum most connected to divinity. Click the banner to learn more

What is your soul’s purpose? What is the darkness within that you don’t want to confront? How does the Divine express itself through you? What part of you do you inherit from Divinity and why? While I won’t be able to answer those questions fully, we can begin the search for those answers through your natal Chiron, Lilith, and Selena.

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According to your birth chart, which professional paths will yield the greatest success and glory for you? Based on your personal astrology, how can you optimize your earning potential? Click the banner to learn more.

What does your birth chart say about your professional potential? According to that birth chart, how can you optimize your financial earnings? Consider the astrological insights of your career and wealth metrics by assessing your Hermetic Lot of Fortune, your midheaven sign, and the Earth houses in your chart. How personal feng shui can be used (calibrated per your birth chart) to increase professional and earning potential is also included.

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Twelve-Month Forecast Reading


CLOSED. I am overbooked at the moment. This offering is not currently available.

The twelve-month forecast reading is a popular reading booked at the close of an old year or the start of a new. It’s also a popular birthday reading. When you’re looking for a twelve-month forecast by tarot and astrology that covers all your bases, look no further. A great value for the price, you’ll be armed and ready with all the revelatory insights you need by way of tarot divination and your solar returns astrological chart to help you craft your goals and plans.

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Natal Chart Monograph


One of my most popular offerings, this is a 300+ page, 90,000+ word book, yes a book, that comes formatted and reading for third party print-on-demand production into a 6″ x 9″ standard trade book all about your personal astrology. This covers the full span of your life and all facets of body, mind, and spirit. The book is also prepared with the intentions of being used for bibliomancy.

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Roster of Signature Reading Experiences

0_TarotReading astrology-birth-chart-reading
Tarot Plus Divination Session.


A comprehensive divinatory experience. Consists of a general tarot reading (with the First Operation), plus divination for up to three specific questions you may have. The reading is an integrative divination, rooted primarily in tarot, but also consulting various forms of astrology, the I Ching, feng shui, etc.

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Astrology Birth Chart Reading.


A written reading report that covers the essentials and the common fundamentals of your birth chart. Learn what the planets in their respective houses and signs and your astrological trinity can reveal about who you are and where you’re headed. For this reading option you will need to know your time of birth.

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0_PastLifeReading 0_RandomFreeReading
Past Life Reading.


Through natal astrology and automatic writing, explore past life narratives. A paired cold objective analysis and spiritual-subjective reading synthesizes both a fixed science to past life astrology and an unexplainable intuitive approach. Time of birth is needed.

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Single Question Divination.


A two-section tarot reading. The first is a general reading where I relay messages that come through about where you are in your life path right now. The second will be a specific reading to answer a question of your choosing.

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Free Randomized Reading (Square)


Randomized Free Reading.


Sign up for a chance at being selected at random for a free divinatory reading. A free experience.

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In-Person Readings (San Francisco Bay Area)



In-Person Divination Consult

For those close to the San Francisco Bay Area, I offer comprehensive divinatory experiences at my home, though first you must have been properly vetted. Regrettably, these readings are not open for everyone and I reserve the discretion to refuse an in-person reading on the grounds of, quite simply, “I don’t know you and no one I trust is willing to vouch for you.” Doh. 

For the in-person readings, I bring together the collective knowledge of all metaphysical studies I’m familiar with. You’ll be receiving a multi-faceted divinatory experience. We open the reading with a preliminary divination using tarot and you can ask up to three questions, generally answered with the tarot. (For those familiar with tarot lingo, I always begin with the First Operation from the Opening of the Key.) However, we might bring in various methods of astrology, I Ching divination, oracle cards, or even feng shui, other metaphysical arguably magical practices, and mediumship or channeling.  

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lineVideo Readings by Appointment



Divination Consult by Skype or Google Hangout

This is a comprehensive divinatory experience by appointment only, through Skype or Google Hangout video. You’ll be receiving a multi-faceted divinatory experience. We open the reading with a preliminary divination using tarot and you can ask up to three questions, generally answered with the tarot. (For those familiar with tarot lingo, I always begin with the First Operation from the Opening of the Key.) Complimentary with your divination consult will be an astrological birth chart reading, transits readings as relevant, I Ching hexagram divination upon request, feng shui consultation upon request for feng shui cures, and metaphysical prescriptions of Fu sigil talismans as requested.

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Feng Shui Consultations (San Francisco Bay Area)



Comprehensive Feng Shui Consultation (Commercial and Residential)

Get a feng shui diagnosis and prescriptions for optimizing your home or office space for prosperity, abundance, fortuitous gains in life, stability, and longevity. I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area and the consultation requires a walk-through of the premises. After the walk-through, I will diagnose the premises, cross-reference its innate strengths and weaknesses with your prioritized list of objectives, and then conclude with a prescription of how to modify the premises so that it can best meet your objectives. I will also prescribe feng shui cures for the premises, including design and preparation of Fu talismans on your behalf for the premises. Additional services that you can add on to your feng shui consultation include a preparation and consecration of a prosperity bowl for the space, a charged and empowered door guardian, house blessing, house clearing, or site shielding for psychic protection.

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Book a Reading - Quick Tarot

Please be sure to read the About Your Reading page.


Email Contact:


When providing birth details, please provide it as follows:

January 21, 1971
12:21 am
San Francisco, California

Here’s another example of properly submitted birth details:

March 15, 1993
12:40 pm
Paris, France

Here is an example of improper birth details:

Ten minutes after the morning of that day’s midnight hour
Nova Scotia, Canada

Why is the above improper? First, whether the birthday is March 6 or June 3 will depend on the country’s cultural norm and I don’t have time to figure this out. Second, just tell me whether you were born at 12:10 am or 12:10 pm. I get inundated with reading requests. I can’t process your birth details cogently if you don’t help me out a little. Finally, Nova Scotia is a province in Canada. I need the city name. E.g., Halifax, Canada [Nova Scotia]

Please note that I do not identify as a psychic or fortune teller. I am neither a medium nor a shaman. I am not a licensed therapist, trained psychologist, or counselor. Divinatory readings from me are spiritual in nature and presume certain shared personal gnostic beliefs between us. I am nothing more (and nothing less) than a metaphysician who has devoted much of her life’s work to studying the esoteric.

If you are not familiar with my body of metaphysical work (as showcased here on my website, through my newsletters or social media, or published in my books) then I would not recommend a reading from me, as you may not have a complete understanding of what you’d be getting into. I prefer that you’re fully informed of my practices, beliefs, philosophy of life, and character before working with me.

Given my personal background, I’m particularly sensitive to those who need strict confidentiality. Many of the clients I read for are public figures, work in conservative professions, or are just deeply private individuals who want to be assured that a divinatory reading session with me is going to be kept in the strictest confidence. I will never broadcast that you had a reading with me, let alone disclose any part of our reading session or your personal information to others. I believe one of my professional strengths, which perhaps I hone from my work as a defense attorney, is objectivity and non-judgment. The time and space we share together during your session is sacred, and it is an opportunity for both of us to open our minds and be receptive to any possibility.

22 thoughts on “Book a Reading

  1. A friend had a reading from you at Jennifer Perlmutter’s event. She was very positive about your work. Unfortunately I had to leave for another commitment. I would love to have a reading from you. Several of my friends would also.
    Love and Light,


  2. The ultimate personal Tarot reading experience:-

    I have personally experienced a reading from Ms Benebell Wen and my advice is to purchase a reading soon, and don’t make the mistake of procrastinating over it, because this lady is going places and may not always be quite so available as a reading within a month. In addition things will change with her service prices yearly I suspect, as they do in any profession, and particularly so with those whose practitioners are leaders in their field, so depending on your financial circumstances, you may one day have to budget in order to experience the personal reading services on offer today, so strike while the irons hot.

    Benebell to my initial surprise does not just jump into a reading, as other readers do, she waits for the most auspicious time and my reading experience was enhanced by this considered and careful approach. My reading was most comprehensive and contained in my case, yours may vary, E-mailed correspondences, a Preliminary I Ching reading, followed the main body a Tarot reading with spread layout photographs the same quality as you see in her Tarot and Oracle reviews, so you are in for a treat. In addition, Benebell manages to seamlessly integrate the Tarot, with Astrology, my Birth chart, Numerology, Feng Shui, a little Tao Crafting and an interesting reference to reincarnation. Some of her e-mails correspondences moreover, carry a little value added extra if she feels it is warranted. I am relatively open minded, into a little Woo, well quite a lot actually, that rocks my boat, that and the road less traveled experience. However, not everyone is though, and Benebell is sensitive to this and attentive, so let her know in an e-mail consultation if there is something you feel uncomfortable about or does not rock your boat. With Benebell, you feel that you’re her only client, of cause you are not! But, that’s how you feel nonetheless.

    Having a reading done by Benebell was a good decision and a worthwhile personal investment in myself, furthermore I plan to use more of her reading services in the near future.

    Maybe after you have experienced a Benebell Wen service you could include your comments about it so as to inform others considering having a reading. I hope that whatever reading service you select it is, as rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable as I found mine.


  3. I’d be honored to have my name entered into the pro-bono ‘hat’! Here’s my information: DOB: 5/12/54, TIME: 12:37 a.m., Salem, OR. Full Name at birth: Callie Lou McGuire.
    Thanks you, and blessings to your world.


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