How to Read Tarot Cards: Eden Gray’s Hungarian Method

Skill Level: Intermediate & Up

This is the third video presentation of Sightsee the Tarot, a new series I’ve started on my YouTube channel.

If you haven’t watched the previous videos on a psychological approach to the tarot, the Nine-Card Open Face Spread and Self-Help Tarot Journaling (Tarot Counseling), watch those and then return to this session, or at the very least, watch the first three minutes of the Self-Help Tarot Journaling video for the theoretical model distinctions between predictive tarot reading and tarot counseling. I’ll be making reference to those distinctions as we explore predictive tarot reading.

Please note that intermediate proficiency with reading tarot in spreads is presumed. I proceed with explaining Gray’s approach with the understanding that you already know how to read the cards. Also, in terms of a tarot spread, this particular method can be rather vague, and relies heavily on the skill of reading cards in pairs. So elemental dignities also comes in to play.

Nonetheless, armed with a book of card meanings, I think this may still be a good video workshop for the total tarot beginner to work through. So do not be dismayed, tarot beginner! Still give this tutorial a shot!

Some Holistic Tarot intermediate study guide handouts may be useful here:

Elemental Dignities and Affinities

Helps with reading card pairs

Elemental & Numerological Correspondences

Helps identify patterns in the six-card spread

Although a Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck isn’t required, let’s use one anyway in honor of Eden Gray, as she noted that the “cards by Mr. Waite and illustrated by one Pamela Colman Smith” is her favorite.

Despite a tailoring to intermediate readers, we’re going back to basics with shuffling and cutting because we’re going to learn Eden Gray’s particular style and her very specific instructions on how to shuffle, cut, and read the tarot cards.

Fortune-telling or predictive reading is a three-pronged model: (1) card knowledge, (2) intuition, and (3) psychic ability. To help facilitate (3) as you apply Gray’s methods, this video will also walk you through clairaudience and clairvoyance training exercises to help you improve your psychic hits while applying Gray’s methods.

When you try out Gray’s Hungarian Method to reading the cards, make an effort to experiment with the fortune-telling style she espouses. Practical techniques and what such skills would look and feel like are covered in this video. Given the scope of basics I wanted to cover, this installment of Sightsee the Tarot got a little long, beyond my ideal 15-minute maximum.

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