Investor’s Oracle Deck (A Free Download)


The Investor’s Oracle is a simple and straightforward 25-card divination deck for equity markets, printable at your standard playing card size, or 2.48 in. x 3.46 in. (63 mm × 88mm).

The idea for creating this deck came about at a dinner table when the Hubby and several of our friends, who are also either financial analysts or avid investors in the stock market, were talking about the volatility of the market (I say that like I have any idea what that even means…) and how at this point, a monkey with a dartboard can do better at making investment decisions than the veteran analysts.

Innocently, I raised the question, well, head to head who do you think would do better? The witch with zero experience in the stock market who relies on her Craft or the veteran analyst.

That night I got to work on crafting my own divination deck to compete, me versus Hubby. He’d use his sound experience as a veteran analyst while I would literally pick a card from my divination deck and make investment decisions based on my pick. 9 times out of 10 I didn’t even know what the ticker symbols Hubby was giving me stood for.

Hubby continued to test me and was rather amused at how “accurate” some of my decision-making was. And then eventually, because it was getting eerily consistent (and we were literally reaping in the financial gains on my “crapshoots”), it wasn’t fun and games anymore and he hijacked the divination deck for himself.

Free Download

There’s nothing innovative or special about the deck structure itself. There are only 25 cards and if you can read English, then you can work with these cards competently. No learning curve involved.

I found a print-on-demand website that printed single copies of 2.48 in. x 3.46 in. (63 mm × 88mm) playing cards, uploaded the formatted card images linked below (please note: 1 mm bleed margin on all sides), and ordered a nicely produced copy for myself (or more accurately, for Hubby).

You can do that, too. Or you can simply buy some nice 300 gsm paper cardstock and if your home or office color printer can handle the print job, make a set of these cards yourself.

Or just lift my structure– the 25 messages on the cards– and design your own investor’s oracle deck.

However you want to approach the production of your copy of the deck, here are the digital files:

Click below link to download

Digital Files to the Investor’s Oracle Deck

Zip File Folder


Like I said, there’s nothing special or exciting about the 25-card deck structure.

  • 6 “buy” cards
  • 6 “sell” cards
  • 7 “hold” cards
  • 2 outperform
  • 3 underperform
  • 1 wait and ask again

To craft it as the deck’s designer, however, I laced it with both Eastern and Western esoteric principles, most notably sigil work. The universal divinities of wealth, prosperity, and commerce were petitioned to convene and claim the deck design so that their Hand could and would move the cards and direct anyone who seeks it with the insights they need to manage their equity investments in a way that will bring financial gains.

My own perspective on how such a deck works isn’t rooted necessarily in a religious belief in supernatural spirits. It’s about calibrating your own mental capabilities in a way that’s focused on channeling that part of you possessing financial acumen and your own inner investment genius. The deck’s design tries to facilitate access to what you already know, what you’re already capable of doing.

Enchanting the Deck

Whether you need to do anything to your deck of cards leaning in to the realm of superstition is up to you. Personally, I wouldn’t consider the physical copy of the deck operable for its intended purpose until some sort of intentional enchantment is placed over it.

To start, I’ll get a red, green, or gold chime candle. Select the color that best symbolizes prosperity, money, and financial gains to you. Since I’m Asian, I’d go with red. You can either write the below script in consecrated ink or carve it into the wax. This is the script for (cái), which means wealth, assets, prosperity, and/or money. There are two versions below, one in calligraphy brush (version 1) and the other line-rendered oracle bone script for easier readability (version 2).

Cai, Version 1
Cai, Version 2

On one of the moon phase dates listed below, light the chime candle, place the physical copy of the deck to be enchanted close by, and then let the candle burn out at least three-quarters of the way down to a nub or simply let it burn out completely– your choice. As the candle burns and the wax reduces, know and validate to yourself that the material matter that was the candle is being converted into powerful intangible spiritual energy, which is now getting infused into the deck of cards. So think of it as a transfer from what was the candle to what is now the energy-infused deck.

  • Waxing or full moon in Taurus
  • Waxing or full moon in Virgo
  • Waxing or full moon in Capricorn

Psst… the month-at-a-glance section of my Metaphysician’s Day Planner has astrological tables that will let you know when the moon is waxing/full in those signs.

Also, while the candle burns, mentally and emotionally direct yourself toward validating the deck as accurate, connected to the greater universal channels and powers of prosperity out there, and program or auto-suggest to yourself that every consult with the deck will be you successfully tapping in to those universal channels and powers of prosperity.

For some folks, writing out a poetic incantation or an emotionally resonant affirmation works. Others can simply sit there in silence and through the quiet flow of thought make that connection to the universal channels.

Every so often, maybe 3 or 4 times a year, I’ll then recharge the enchantment.

Do you need to recharge the enchantment over your deck? Well, I do, but you do you.

Does the operator of the deck have to be the one to do the enchantment? Nope. You think the Hubby is doing any of this woo? Heck no. I’m the one doing it and then handing the deck off to him when the charge is ready. Personally, I think it’s more powerful and impactful if you’re the one doing it yourself or at the very least, someone you would trust with your life is the one doing it for you.

I’ll schedule recharges during a full moon in Aries, full moon in Taurus, full moon in Gemini, full moon in Cancer, full moon in Virgo, or full moon in Capricorn. To recharge, I simply repeat the enchantment ritual.

Why full moons in those specific zodiac signs? The first four listed are in sequential order of the zodiac wheel and cover the four elements. Then the other two are Earth signs, which correspond with money, finances, economy, and prosperity. Of the Fire signs, Aries is the most aligned with the stock market. Of the Air signs, Gemini is best at facilitating accurate communication. And of the Water signs, Cancer is cardinal.

How to Use Your Deck

On a small sheet of note paper that’s around the same size as the cards, write out the stock’s ticker symbol or identify the equity you’re inquiring about.

Tuck the note paper into the deck of cards so that the side of the paper inscribed with the stock/asset is facing the card fronts (where the messages are written). See above.

Shuffle the deck overhand or scissor style while focusing on the asset you’re inquiring about. Try to visualize and convert your question into energy, which you are shuffling and weaving into the cards through your hands.

When you’re ready, turn all the cards over face up and fan them out. You’ll spot the back of the note paper.

Its front (where you’ve written down the ticker symbol or prospective asset) will be facing the front face of one of the oracle cards.

The message on that oracle card is your divinatory message for that stock/asset.

The card that’s face to face with the note paper where the stock/asset is written is always going to be your divinatory message about that stock/asset.

A method you might want to try is to use your business card in lieu of the note paper. Write out the stock/asset on your business card and then shuffle that into the deck for divination.

The Obvious Disclaimer

Frankly if you need this disclaimer, then you really shouldn’t even be playing around with equity investments and the stock market. This deck cannot save stupid.

The Investor’s Oracle should never be used in lieu of qualified financial advice. The cards are for entertainment purposes only. The oracle deck is a game intended to amuse the financial analyst and does not purport to predict the future, possess any supernatural powers, or reward you with extraordinary fortunes.

Ultimately, the whole point here is to elicit a chuckle from my stock trading friends. Not all of us can get access to a monkey with a dartboard, but we can all print out a copy of this divination deck.

21 thoughts on “Investor’s Oracle Deck (A Free Download)

    1. Haha. Actually I made this deck over a year ago and spent the whole time test driving it before presenting it to the public. So it’s not like I made this yesterday. 😂 To me, this thing is old news. 😁


  1. What I love about this? This is a great version than how I do it with dice. Yours is a lot less noisy and I love the options. This deck makes me smile, especially as my 401k as increased more than predicted the last three years and I’m wanting to keep it happy. Happiness is…giving it what it wants. 😁

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  3. This is gorgeous, and very generous of you to share it like this.

    I was wondering how frequently you used the cards when you experimented with it. Was it daily, weekly, monthly? For example, pull a card for ABC stock which says buy. Buy it, Wait a week. Pull a card which says sell, then sell, etc.


  4. Emme

    I am finally ordering a copy through MPC. Looking forward to testing it out with the volatile crypto market. All in good fun, of course 😉


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