Reflecting on My 2021, A Judgement (Key 20) Year

I’ve been working through my Tarot Year Card for 2021 and 2022, per Archetypal Tarot (2021) by Mary Greer. I did a Sightsee the Tarot video on it, linked here.

I’m tickled by the coincidence of 2021 being the year the Revelation and final edition of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot was released and it also being my Key 20: Judgement year. Traditionally this card was named Last Judgment and depicts prophetic scenes from the Book of Revelation.

My birthday is September 24 (9 + 2 + 4 = 15), which you then add to the digits for the given year (2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5) for the sum 20.

Major life shifts happened to me in 2021. What feels universally true about Judgement moments is that the past flashes before your eyes in an instant. Meanwhile the present is happening in slow motion, and your sense of the future is exciting yet uncertain. If Tower events are when you feel like the world you had built is crumbling down around you, then Judgement events are when you feel like you’re hydroplaning.

From the America Eclipsed Tarot

My 2020 was a Key 19: The Sun year (in the SKT, The Warrior). Prospectively I guess I thought it was going to be my year to shine, a year of greatness, high achievement, and all around awesomeness. Ha. In retrospect, that wasn’t quite how it panned out.

But 2020 was a Sun year in the sense of abundant creativity. In certain ways, I had a pretty wonderful pandemic-shutdown-year because it was the first year in a long while I actually had the chance to “stop and smell the roses.”

This past 2021 was the polar extreme opposite. I worked myself raw to the bone, and now in December, I’m exhausted.

One aspect to the tarot Judgement card is a realization or awakening to a new design. And that happened for me this past year.

I also like to reflect on the numerological realm associated with each year, per the birth card numerology calculation. So, for instance, 2020, because it was a Key 19 year for me, links to the Tens and Aces.

My 2021 links me to the Twos. In my year-end reflections, I like to reflect and journal on the quarternary of life, using the numbered pips corresponding with your transiting card. I say transiting tarot card here because I don’t know what else to call it, so mind as well borrow from astrology.

Career | Two of Scepters: The Discerning One

Use the Wands card as a prompt to reflect on career matters this past year. For example, if your date of birth is March 18, 1988, you switch in 2021 for 1988, so 3 + 1 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 17. The Star card. 17 = 1 + 7 = 8, so you’ll also take out the four Eights in the Minor Arcana. Reflect on career matters through the Eight of Wands.

For me, I’m looking at the Two of Wands (or the Two of Scepters in the SKT). I think of the Two of Wands tarot card in general as a message of expansion, and daring to tread into unknown terrain to conquer it. Mars in Aries, with all that intense fiery energy, is also volatile. It’s combustion.

Family | Two of Chalices: The Joined One

When reflecting on family matters, I’ll use the two of Cups as a prompt. My youngest sister got married this year, and that was a big deal for the whole family, so that’s very “Two of Cups.” For J and I, this year there was a joining of two families, two generations. After his mother died, his father and the mother’s ashes moved in with us.

Social | Two of Swords: The Blind Seer

How does the swords card from the numerological realm for your year reflect your social life in 2021?

There’s a balanced calm and peace to Moon in Libra, and the Two of Swords energy often puts you in a position of a standstill, where you’re deadlocked and you don’t know in which direction to go. Progress feels elusive. Like the stalemate in chess, you can’t move any of your pieces in any direction, and the only choice availed to you is to move your king and that will put the king in check.

I definitely felt like 2021 was a year of serious reevaluating of my IRL social life vs. social media, and two dueling identities.

Finances | Two of Orbs: The Tension

You know how in both the RWS and Thoth Two of Pentacles/Disks there’s the lemniscate wound around the two coins? It conveys to me tension, or pulling forces along that cord, the action and reaction of the very yin and yang symbols in the Thoth Two of Disks. The tension of the two orbs being pulled apart from each other intensifies potential energy.

In the Two of Orbs, I wanted to depict the two orbs as presenting two possibilities: (1) there’s an equilibrium where the tension is holding the two orbs balanced in place, interdependent, or (2) there’s a net force going on here and the two orbs are accelerating away from each other.

What comes to mind when you think about personal financial matters through the Pentacles/Disks/Orbs card for your year?

The 2022 to Come

I’m looking forward to 2022, which will be a World year (Key 21) if you add up the single digits consecutively. Here’s how I do the calculations:

  • [Sum of Birthday] + [Sum of Year]
  • [9 + 2 + 4] + [2 + 0 + 2 + 2]
  • [15] + [6]
  • 21

I don’t theosophically reduce the double-digit birthday sum. I keep the actual sum, add it to the sum of the year, and then theosophically reduce at the end.

I’m also going to be looking at the Realm of Threes. While I worked with the Realm of Twos in journaling my reflections of the past, I journal my forecasts for the year ahead with the Realm of Threes as my prompt.

Career matters–the Three of Scepters. Great. I think I already know what that’s going to be all about. Family matters–the Three of Chalices. Aww. I definitely see my sisters and I getting together. The Three of Swords for Social. Welp. Guess I’ll be a recluse next year. =) And the Three of Orbs for Financial matters. Good year for focusing on investments I suppose.

I also assign each card to the corresponding season via equinoxes and solstices. So the Scepters card corresponds with the March equinox because Point of Aries (Fire). The Chalices card corresponds with the June solstice because Tropic of Cancer, etc.

In other words, in the four quarters section of my Metaphysician’s Day Planner, I’ll integrate forecasts using the Three of Scepters (Wands) in the First Quarter, Three of Chalices in the Second Quarter, Three of Swords in the Third, and Three of Orbs for the Fourth Quarter of 2022.

10 thoughts on “Reflecting on My 2021, A Judgement (Key 20) Year

    1. I definitely miss the era of blogging. I feel like those feeds that aggregated all the blogs you are subscribed to or so much easier to read and follow than whatever is going on right now with social media. Sigh.


  1. Maureen Staszewski

    Bell: can you help me with this: refer to Mary’s book Archetypal Tarot page 171 “Your Year Card”
    Month. 8
    DOB. 26
    CYear 2012
    Total. 2048

    Her addition does not add up-what am I missing?


    1. That’s the fun conundrum with metaphysics—there are many different approaches and differing correspondence systems. In a previous blog post (link: I note how my order of operations for the addition calculation differs from the majority approach.

      What’s important is to understand your rationale, and to go with the method or a correspondence system that aligns with your own philosophy, per the rationale. Parentheses in math problems indicate separation of ideas, so you want to do those operations separately, before adding together (left to right). Since we have established the concept of a Base Year, it made sense to me that calculating the Base Year as a separate order of operation just makes sense. Our birthday is what “modifies” the global generalities of a Base Year determination, so again, to me, it makes sense to add parens and do that as a separate order of operation. Plus, when you run it this way, you end up with three operations for a trinity, and trinities are important if you follow a Hermetic or Neo-Platonic philosophy in tarot. That’s the rationale for my approach.

      However, it’s not the majority approach as espoused in Archetypal Tarot. My recommendation is to explore the different approaches, determine which one works the best for you, and then stick with it, i.e., remain consistent. Ultimately, it’s personal consistency that’s key.


  2. Shadowrose

    Thank you so much for sharing.
    I wish you all the best for the coming year! May all your wishes come true. And I hope you’ll always have the strength to overcome any obstacles and endure through your challenges.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Paige Yael Nightfall

    I have questions, I am Pagan and also Eclectic, as well as a Left Hand Path person. I am blind and my mom is Chinese and Vietnamese, I wish to practis my craft from the perspective of my ancestral cultures and take them in to myself. I was so happy when I found your site. I am worried I won’t be able to learn Oracle or Tarot, I have worked with Tarot with sited friends telling me the name of the card, but I would like to find a way to read Oracle and Tarot cards alone when doing readings for myyself. I saw a lot of stuff on your site. I am also European, and that intails Irish Dutch German French and ENglish and am working on learning those Pagan cultures, before Christianity became one of their main religions. I practis things from as old as possible and adapt it to modern times. I now wish to also learn all I can from my mom’s side. I think I can do this using your courses and information. Is there a way for a blind person to learn how to adapt to Oracle cards and Tarot cards. I read braille, can your decks and cards you review be found on the site I found that offers braille for the tarot cards? And how can I find braille for Oracle cards? I hope I’m not being a bother. I feel a lot of pressure not knowing Chinese and Vietnamese and hope I can still learn.

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  4. Sarah

    This is so helpful! A Key 14 year for me with links to 5. The 5’s feel depressing especially the 5 of cups. Should I be worried about a loss of a loved one or loss of job or a breakup this year? Looks like my partner also has the 5s linked to his 2022.


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