Johnny of Cosmic Wheel Tarot’s Deck Creator Corner

I am so, so excited to have stumbled upon Johnny of Cosmic Wheel Tarot and his video interview series called Deck Creator Corner. It’s on Instagram as a video channel, which is the only negative thing about it (lol, am I biased against technological progress or what). I say that only because I don’t know what to do with someone’s IG video channel that I love. I don’t know how to share it. I don’t know how to bookmark it for later. I can’t even subscribe to it. Argh.

But this is worth your fuss. I promise. Johnny’s Deck Creator Corner interviews artists from our community who share their inspiration, their creative process, and give advice straight from experience.

Btw, I’ll be chatting with Johnny on his Insta channel this Saturday, Dec. 11, at 10 am Pacifc, 1 pm Eastern (Man, do you midwesterners feel left out? We always flag the east coast and west coast time, but rarely mountain, central, and let’s not even talk about Alaska or Hawaii.)

Here’s a sampling of 12 interviews from Deck Creator Corner, linked for your convenient viewing pleasure.

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