Infinite Wisdom of the Chakras by Alison DeNicola and Dhira Lawrence

Infinite Wisdom of the Chakras, a deck with art by Dhira Lawrence and a guidebook authored by Alison DeNicola, is a multi-faceted toolkit for your personal spirituality. You might recognize DeNicola’s name– she’s also the creator of the Divine Feather Messenger Oracle Cards and Mudras: For Awakening the Energy Body. She also created the Yoga Cats Deck, which I have, but huh– interesting– I don’t have a review posted for it.

Infinite Wisdom focuses on cultivation of your seven main chakra centers along your center meridian, but then also guide you through yoga asana or yoga poses that will help you realign your energy centers.

There are animal spirits and divinities to work with, guides for focused meditation, working with essential oils, healing sounds, and, of course, oracle card divination. There’s workings with Ganesh to help you remove obstacles that have been keeping you from achieving abundance, or the Bear spirit for harnessing the powers of protection.

If Card 10 shows up in a reading, focus on family healing. Notes the guidebook, “Whether you have strong connections to your family of origin or not, healing in this area is necessary now.” The card entry closes with a power statement: “I trust in the loving heart of my Earth soul family.”

There are elemental spirits, such as Water Goddess, the Dolphin spirit to help you nurture joy into your life, the goddess Aphrodite in Card 17 for Fertility. The deck is a composite of spiritual beliefs from a variety of cultural origins. By the way I love how the two cards 16 and 17 shown above connect into each other.

When Lakshmi, the Golden Goddess appears, you are being blessed with the flow of prosperity. You can also do focused meditation with this card and recite the mantra, Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha.

There’s Krishna and Radha paired together to bring you an omen relating to love and relationships. Our Lady of Guadalupe is also featured in this deck, a manifestation of Forgiveness.The Camel Power card guides you through a yoga pose to help you open the doorway to your heart– “This backbend motion offers the heart center to divine source.” There’s also a card in here for working with the Dark Goddess, to help you navigate circumstances of grief.

The Fish Pose, or Matsyasana, releases compression in the throat and helps you to release judgment and criticism. The Goddess of Vibration asks you to look at what you’re mentally and psychically attracting toward yourself. Or work with the Wolf spirit, to help you develop stronger communication skills. The deck is culturally and religiously eclectic, all while premised on the seven primary meridian chakras.

There are a total of 42 cards subdivided as follows:

  • 7 cards for the central meridian chakras
  • 5 cards, red, for the root center
  • 5 cards, orange, for the sacral center
  • 5 cards, yellow, for the solar plexus center
  • 5 cards, green, for the heart center
  • 5 cards, blue for the throat center
  • 5 cards, indigo for the third eye center
  • 5 cards, ultraviolet, for the crown

This particular collection can feel meandering, taking us through Celtic spirituality, like in the Sacred Grove, Greco-Roman, with elements that feel inspired by Native American spirituality, blended with Hindu deities and yoga. These eclectic visions are brought to life with visionary, dream-like art that demarcate auras and lines of psychic forces as much as they do the outlines of the physical forms.

The artist Dhira Lawrence’s paintings for this deck are exquisite. Lawrence’s work bond her relationship to the spiritual realms with her connection to nature. Self-taught, Lawrence uses the artist’s canvas as a powerful healing medium and she weaves blessings for healing through all of her art. She truly brought Alison DeNicola’s vision to life, and vibrantly so.

In terms of production quality, U.S. Games is really good about consistency. The finish on the stock has a nice slip to it, so it’s easy to shuffle. It’s sturdy, so you know this deck will endure. The two-piece matte finish box it comes in is perfect. There’s nothing over-the-top luxe about the production value, but it’s also everything you need for a good quality deck.


FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received the deck from the publisher for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion of the deck.

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