Spirit of Cats Oracle by Jaymi Elford and A. Bujiang

The Spirit of Cats Oracle deck is a Chinese-published deck, but the guidebook is written by my dear friend and Llewellyn author Jaymi Elford. It’s a simple, intuitive 24-card deck for cat lovers. “Cats are mirrors of humanity,” writes Elford. The Spirit of Cats Oracle will tap in to your connection to cat spirits to guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and the undercurrent of your life.

Each cat depicted is larger than life, in scale to the humans pictured on the cards. I love that! These cards are 24 archetypes of the human soul, manifested as cat spirits. Aw, look at the Cat of Rest– I’m amused by the role reversal between the human and the cat here.

For instance, the very first card in the deck is the Cat of Generosity, who holds a sakura blossom in her mouth. You’ve got the Cat of Playfulness, who’s up to mischief, the Cat of Fear, the Cat of Gift Giving, the Cat of Fortune (who happens to be an orange and white kitty just like my own dear Prince Marshall Rimbaud the Great!), the Cat of Movement, and so on.

Loving the Cat of Protection, another orange and white kitty. I don’t know if other cat parents do this, but I go out of my way looking for cat merch featuring cats that look like my own (orange and white with green eyes and kind of this permanent snooty but totally cute scowl).

The super cute feature in this deck is that scale between the size of the cats and the size of humans in the scenes. Here in card 22, you see how the human with the lantern is hiding from the cat. “If the Cat of Protection has appeared in your reading, it’s time to be brave.”

The guidebook is in both Chinese and English, so if you’re trying to learn how to read Chinese, this is a great way to practice.

When I need to be cheered up, this is a go-to deck. An anime-style cat-centered oracle deck where humans are tiny and cats are giant, and the guidebook tells you fully fleshed out stories about each cat spirit? Yes please!

The drawings are absolutely adorable. I love the expressions on the cats’ faces. Even the bottom caption box where the oracle card name is written is in the outline shape of a cat head– what a delightful touch of detail.

The cards are glossy, printed on sturdy stock that’s going to last, and I’m loving the magnetic keepsake box the deck comes in. I was gifted this deck, so it wasn’t given with the purposes of a review, but I wanted to share photos of the cards because they’re just so stinkin’ cute!

Also, it’s quite budget-friendly! As of this posting, the deck goes for $16.50 USD. You can purchase your copy here by contacting the publisher:


Buy the Spirit of Cats Oracle

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