Mudras: For Awakening the Energy Body (Deck & Book Set) – Review

Mudras 01 Box and Cards

Mudras: For Awakening the Energy Body is a deck and book set that I have had my eye on for months now, before it was even released out onto the market. The production value by U.S. Games here is way high. If yoga, meditation, or Eastern mysticism is of any interest to you, then I recommend that you get this deck.

Mudras 02 Box Book Cards

The box has a beautiful matte finish, is sturdy, and the quality of the packaging is just about as good as it is going to get. The cards themselves are about 4.3″ x 5.0″, which make them large compared to standard size tarot and oracle decks currently on the market. The book is about roughly the same dimensions. In total you have 40 cards, which consists of 7 chakra cards and 33 hand mudras.

Mudras 03 Book TOC

The book is not just an accompaniment to the cards, but is an independent text all on its own, covering Eastern mystic energy body and chakra principles to the auric field and the hand mudras categorized by the chakras they stimulate. The book itself is 111 pages, a matte finish cover, and perfect bound.

Mudras 04 Book Koshas

I loved reading about the koshas. I remember in junior high, my mother took me to a talk by some martial arts meditation spiritual teacher guy (who adolescent-me thought was kind of weird) who was giving us a talk about yoga and meditation way, way before yoga and meditation were fads in this country. After his talk, my mother wanted to chat with him. They chatted. I stood there bored and counting the tiles on the ceiling. He then told me both my mother and I had very big and bright auras. I looked at him incredulously. Skeptically, really. “You can’t really see that,” I said at him.

He then gave my mother and me a mini-talk on the koshas, though because he was speaking Mandarin Chinese, he didn’t refer to them as koshas. What he said though, was exactly what is discussed on those pages photographed. He talked about the energy body, how to train yourself to see the energy body, and why you want to be able to see other people’s energy bodies. All that was to say that going through this book brought back a lot of memories and I wonder where that martial arts meditation spiritual teacher guy is today. He must be like a million years old now.

Mudras 05 Book Chakras

Years ago I started off quite skeptical of the whole concept of chakras. Recently I decided I couldn’t really be judiciously skeptical without learning everything about them first. So I’ve been immersing myself in learning as much as I can, and as timing would have it, here comes this deck and book set into my life. However, this deck isn’t about chakras. It’s about hand mudras.

Mudras 06 Book Sample Entry

The book does a fantastic job explaining hand mudras to the Western reader, so I won’t get too much into it. You have to get Mudras and read it for yourself. Seriously. Best comprehensive explanation ever. In a nutshell, though, Eastern mystics believe that metaphysical energy can be transferred and transmuted through your hands in very potent ways, and hand mudras are formations of the hands and fingers that serve very specific metaphysical functions.

In terms of inner alchemy, which is really what this text Mudras focuses on without actually using that term “inner alchemy,” you can use hand mudras along with meditation, mindfulness, and other practices to align, correct, stimulate, yada yada your personal energy body. Or Qi (Wikipedia link if you’d like to read).

[A section in my forthcoming book The Tao of Craft talks about how hand mudras are used in spellcrafting per Eastern esoteric traditions, but I definitely don’t get into it as in-depth as Mudras, so if that kind of thing interests you, you’re going to want to get this deck set.]

Mudras 07 Seven Chakras

Here are the first seven cards of the deck: the seven main chakras along our center. There are so many uses these cards could serve, given the brilliant, bold coloring. The book goes through a couple of different purposes for the cards. I’ll get to how you might use these cards for divination at the end of the review.

Mudras 08 Throat Chakra Info

You’ll see that the cards are double-sided, meaning there are no “card backs” as you might find in traditional oracle and tarot decks made for divination (or card games, yeah, yeah, need to add that so that the tarot-is-a-card-game-not-for-fortune-telling community won’t breathe down my neck). One side covers one of the chakras or hand mudras, and the other side offers text to explain the chakra or mudra. So you can use these cards as a learning deck, to educate yourself.

Mudras 09 Crown Chakra Info

I really like the coverage of info on these chakra cards. I would have liked to see an additional paragraph of information on each chakra underneath the profile, as you see in the above photograph. There certainly is enough empty space at the bottom of each of these chakra cards to do so. I’d imagine that the purchaser of this deck is likely a novice coming in to Eastern mysticism at the introductory level, so the extra paragraph of info would have really helped.

Mudras 10 Root Chakra Cards

Next, the hand mudra cards are color coded by the chakras they stimulate. Above are three sample cards from the root chakra corresponding mudras, color coded red. There is a total of five mudras for the root chakra.

Mudras 11 Root Chakra Info

The above is a glimpse into what the other side of the mudra cards look like. I love the conciseness of the information and the way it is organized. It’s very easy on the eyes and enables the data to be quite digestible. You’ll note that the information on all of these cards are found verbatim in the accompanying book. Thus, deck and book can be used as standalones. If you want to learn, you can take just the book around with you to study hand mudras. Or you can work with just the cards. And if you only have the cards, it’s okay; you don’t actually need the book to look up any information. All the info you would need is right there on the card.

Mudras 12 Sacral Chakra CardsMudras 13 Sacral Chakra Info

The above two photos are mudras for the sacral chakra. Again, there is a total of five cards for the sacral chakra, all color coded orange for visual referencing. I really love the bright colors of these cards. They bring such a feeling of energy and calm.

Mudras 14 Solar Plexus Chakra CardsMudras 15 Sacral Chakra Info

Those were the cards for the solar plexus chakra. Here we only have four, and they are color coded yellow. You’ll see I’ve zoomed in on Card 18: Transformation for the Matangi Mudra. You can see there the substance of info provided on each mudra.

Mudras 16 Heart Chakra Cards

There are five mudra cards for the heart chakra, color coded green. I love some of these mudras, which are quite familiar to me. The Tejas Mudra is a popular one for healing. See below for more info on the mudra.

Mudras 17 Heart Chakra Info

The below are three mudras for the throat chakra, color coded blue. Again, a total of five mudra cards for the throat chakra.

Mudras 18 Throat Chakra Cards

There are also five mudra cards for the third eye chakra, aptly color coded indigo. Below is a snapshot of only one of such cards, one that might look familiar.

Mudras 19 Third Eye Chakra Card

For the seventh and final chakra, the crown chakra, there are four cards, color coded violet. By the way I love the artwork here. I love the monochrome coloring and the detailing of the background behind each of the illustrated hand mudras. Every card’s mudra art brings a sense of serenity and calm.

Mudras 20 Crown Chakra CardsMudras 21 Crown Chakra Info

Now, most readers of this blog are specifically interested in how cards might be used for divination. The book offers an intriguing method. Close your eyes and shuffle the deck. Then, with eyes still closed, draw out three cards, placed left to right as you see below. When you are drawing the first card, think MIND. As you draw the second, think BODY. For the third, SPIRIT.

Mudras 22 Three Card Reading

That is my first reading with the deck early in the morning. Per the guidebook, the left-most can also be read as the energetic support from your past. The center card represents what you need right now, the affirmation and correction of the energy body to work on. The last card is for what to activate to align your future auspiciously.

Mudras 23 Three Card Reading Info

Then you turn over the cards for more information. use the “Focus” affirmations to guide your mindfulness. Incorporate the mudras themselves into your yoga or meditation practices. Note the contents of each card and how you might use that information to work on where you are right now in terms of your spiritual path.

I found it quite cool that, randomized and drawing the cards out with eyes closed, the sequence of cards per chakras kind of follow the mind, body, and spirit sequence. Having a sacral chakra mudra card appear for my mind suggests needing to focus on individuality right now. The root chakra for body makes sense, as does the crown chakra for spirit. You’re going to find the same beautiful synchronicities for yourself when using these cards. There’s definitely a strong calming, spiritual energy about this deck that you can’t help but absorb.

Mudras 24 Author and Artist

The Mudras: For Awakening the Energy Body deck and book set is by Alison DeNicola, a yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer, and writer. She studies yoga, shamanic healing, and other Eastern esoteric practices, working primarily with goddess and angel energy. She’s pictured at left. The beautiful artwork here is by Colorado-based artist Sabina Espinet, whose illustrations are influenced by her multicultural background and world travels. She is very much interested in mythic and religious imagery. Definitely check out Espinet’s website– her art portfolio is awe-inspiring.

Mudras 25 Deck and CardsThe Mudras deck and book set is amazing for helping you focus energy and expand your awareness of your metaphysical energy body. By learning how to regulate that energy body, you increase your ability to work effectively with metaphysical energy. Thus, hand mudras have been considered an integral part to Eastern forms of spell-crafting and, of course, the uses mentioned in the book: yoga and meditation. You’re going to love the inspirational artwork by Espinet, the wealth of information on a subject matter not often covered as comprehensively as it is here in Western texts, and the stress relief that these mudras and cards are able to provide. Highly recommend.


FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received Mudras: For Awakening the Energy Body from U.S. Games for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion of the deck and book set.

11 thoughts on “Mudras: For Awakening the Energy Body (Deck & Book Set) – Review

  1. Linda Thompson-Mills

    Hi Benebell, I am very interested in these cards, and will look into them further and probably purchase them. I just have to say that I chuckled at your comment about the “spiritual guy” talking about yoga and meditation WAY before they were “fads” in this country. Say what!? We — many of us in the Bay Area and beyond — were doing yoga and meditation in the 60s and 70s and 80s… and never considered them “fads.” I am usually right en pointe with you and I am a huge fan, but my hackles rose a bit when I read that, my dear. Really? Careful what you say when you remember that not all your audience was born post 2000. Linda Thompson-Mills from the East Bay


    1. Hey Linda! lol, you’re totally right! But even in the 60s and 70s, was yoga and meditation something so commonplace that a school in small town middle America would teach it in a physical education class? or it’d be integrated into pop culture mainstream workout videos (PX…something…) where “Om” would be taught to a Stepford wife? I’m sure Eastern practices were introduced to the Western spiritual community, especially in the SF Bay Area eons ago, but I just wonder whether it was actually *popular* in mainstream culture back then as it is now, as prevalent as it is today. That’s what I had meant. 🙂


      1. Linda Thompson-Mills

        Hmmm… I really don’t know the answer to that very good question, as I didn’t live in small town middle America. And Stepford wives, at least where I lived, existed only in the movies. But I get your point. I hope you get mine. xo

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Of course I understand. I shouldn’t have assumed my world view was the only world view out there. Just because I didn’t know yoga was popular in America in the 70s doesn’t mean it wasn’t so. I get it. 😉


  2. Thanks for bringing these cards and energies to our attention. From an early interest (80s) in Edgar Cayce and his ability to see auras, I’ve taught myself to see auras and try to enhance that ability vis a vis Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light: A Guide to healing through the Human Energy Field. It really talks to my clinical background. I’m also taken by the hand mudras for Fearlessness. It seems to me this was the sign used by Native Americans et al as a universal “hello” without benefit of language. I’d heard it was to show the absence of a weapon, but the energy quotient is so much more appealing. Personally, don’t laugh, I try this sign to more closely approach wildlife such as dear, rabbits, even birds in an attempt to make a connection.


  3. Hi Benebell, Thanks for another great deck review. I was really intrigued by the concept of this deck. I have been following a YouTube Channel by a mystic and yogi that goes by the name of Sadhguru. Anyway, I mostly watch his videos to listen to his spiritual musings, but more and more I find myself intrigued by the idea of aligning yourself correctly (through Yoga practices) to increase your spiritual awareness and vitality. Honestly, most of this information goes over my head, but I do find myself being very curious about such a process. This deck and book set seems like a great introduction and comes at a “synchronistic” time when my curiosity has been really piqued. I’ve ordered the deck and am looking forward to learning about the various mudras. I love when information is simplified and NOT overwhelming to a newcomer to the area. Thanks again. Love Love Love your blog— and last week’s post on mandatory journal keeping! LOL.


  4. sabinaespinet

    Thank you for this thoughtful review. Alison and I put a lot of love and positive intention into this deck and hope that it is felt by all of those who use it.


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