Divine Feather Messenger Oracle Cards

From early childhood I’ve placed great importance on seeing birds and coming across feathers as divine omens. The Divine Feather Messenger oracle deck and book set honors that. The deck is created by Alison DeNicola, who was also the creatrix behind the Mudras: For Awakening the Energy Body deck and book set, which I’ve reviewed before here and Yoga Cats, which I haven’t written a review of yet, but I have this deck, have shown it off on my Instagram before, and is just criminally adorable!

Divine Feather comes in a sturdy two-piece top and bottom lid box with a beautiful, pristine matte finish. The aesthetics here is perfection.

DeNicola teams up with watercolor illustrator David Scheirer, who is a master of crisp line work balanced with deeply expressive color. DeNicola could not have found a better artist to work with on Divine Feather. Scheirer’s talent and eye for detailing perfectly memorializes each bird’s essence and persona.

The card backs depict a single feather from the bird that the card faces correspond with. Divine Feather Messenger is one of those full-color National Audubon Society field guides meets oracle deck. I love it.

The messages are just beautiful and I was overjoyed to find that this 44-card deck includes some of my favorite birds. The dimensions are slimmer in feel than your typical tarot card size and shuffle like butter.

The watercolor art are harmoniously paired with affirmations that uplift and soothe. They remind me of prayer cards. Draw one at the start of the week and keep it tucked into your daily planner or with you as you go about your routine. The angelic protection of the divine feather messengers will always be near you.

I found myself just a bit on the fence about the font type. It’s hard to read (at least for me) because the kerning (or spacing in between each of the letters) is a little too close together for a cursive font. It’s not awful, but it didn’t feel balanced with the style of artwork. The font type for the bird name at the top of each card works, but then for the squished bit of text at the bottom, not so much.

As DeNicola puts it, Divine Feather Messenger oracle cards “unites the pure healing energies of the angelic realm with the earth-based symbolism of the bird kingdom. Each of the feather images chosen for this collection have been blessed and charged with the intention of messaging and healing for the user.”

To work with the oracle cards, DeNicola instructs the practice of gratitude. From a heart space of gratitude, shuffle the deck and pull a single card. Beyond the oracular message printed on the card itself, the companion guidebook offers mythological context for the bird, a channeled angelic message for you, and a few key metaphysical correspondences.

With the kingfisher bird, for instance, we get the story of the first bird Noah released from the ark after the flood. In the Old World, kingfisher feathers were carried as a good luck charm. The channeled angelic message when the kingfisher card is drawn is that of abundance and prosperity. This bird is said to correspond with the summer season, the elements air and water, and the colors red, white green, grey and blue. When this is the card drawn, recite the affirmation: “My world is loving and abundant. I open to receive these gifts.”

The production value of U.S. Games decks are top notch right now. I haven’t had any gripes at all with any of the USGS decks I’ve been acquiring as of late.

The Divine Feather Messenger deck and book set will delight any bird lover. I’ve always been drawn to feathers and likewise, intuitively something about this deck draws me in. A sweet, uplifting, and beautiful set of oracle cards for a general audience, DeNicola and Scheirer have produced a charming and winsome deck.


FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received the Divine Feather Messenger Oracle from the publisher for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion of the deck.

8 thoughts on “Divine Feather Messenger Oracle Cards

  1. What a lovely deck! I am also very partial to watercolor! It almost looks like a reference deck for when you stumble upon a feather in order to do a look up of a sort. Not that I would know when you’d casually happen upon an ostrich feather randomly laying around during the day… LOL!


  2. Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall

    This is the deck for Master Naturalists, if they do oracle cards! I love the artwork, though I agree about the font–it makes me a bit twitchy. But well worth acquiring!


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