First Look at the Arrival of the Decks

This morning a white truck pulled up next to our house. Our decks have arrived!

The order was for “curb side delivery,” meaning the truckers were only obligated to drop those boxes on those wooden pallets (which apparently we had to pay for) off literally “curb side.” But they were so sweet and moved each pallet into our garage for us!

And now we begin the laborious process of unpacking from those pallets and moving those boxes inside. We don’t want to leave them in the garage, so today and tomorrow, we are literally doing heavy lifting to get what you see there into the house, one box at a time. Eeps. I better have toned arms after this!

Also, time to prep the assembly line!

Back in 2018 I shared a video of the first time I unboxed my First Edition Spirit Keeper’s Tarot. I thought it’d be fun to share me looking through the Revelation Edition for the first time.

You know what’s kind of hilarious? I don’t have a video of a “first time unboxing” my “middle child” Vitruvian Edition. My sister C., the middle child in our family, would be exclaiming right now, “I so resonate with your second deck!”

I’m really appreciating how well the detailing in the seamless wallpaper, or background, on the box came out.

And for anyone wondering, it is not too late to order your copy of the SKT Revelation. Visit here for more info. However, if you’re ordering now, understand that estimated delivery for you won’t be until late December, 2021.

You’re going to be experiencing a light and muted color palette. It came out lighter than the samples we received. And yet, it turns out that the subtle coloring works with the whole “spirit keeper” concept.

I have not added any filters to these photographs. This is how the card images photograph, as-is, in natural sunlight.

The lightness of the coloring was unanticipated, but worked out to better fulfill the deck’s purpose. The lighter palette gives the artwork this ethereal, beautiful and ghostly essence. It’s almost supernatural, like what you’re seeing are but specters from what exists beyond the veil. The images express dreamscapes.

Like the black and white First Edition and the sepia-toned Vitruvian, the Revelation decks will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, numbered and hand-autographed by me.

And now the crazy times begin.

27 thoughts on “First Look at the Arrival of the Decks

  1. Hannah Julian

    Yay I’m so excited for this deck. Although for some reason I couldn’t find this video when I searched it on YouTube and had to come back here to view it. Can’t wait to have this deck in my hands.

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  2. Oh Benebell! Your deck looks amazing (and so do you). I’m so happy that you are so happy and I am very excited that some day soon I’ll get to hold this lovely work in my hands. Thank you for your hard work and tremendous heart

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  3. Cheryl Jones

    I am so excited. My birthday is the last week of October and I am hoping I will get the deck as a gift I bought myself!. It looks so beautiful. Congratulations to all involved in this wonderful project.

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  4. Semaj

    What a JOY to behold. I am so excited for this deck.

    I just loved to your excitement in the video, “HOT MESS” and all. That made it even better for I think it showed total vulnerability and that to me is a BEAUTIFUL thing.
    I am just so happy that this has happened and that all things are now falling into place. I know this is going to be a very powerful and connective deck for many.

    I really look forward to hearing how the interactions are with it for those who use it. I can only imagine that it will foster only more MAGICK!

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    1. stankbeest

      I’d say that’s a “Yes”.
      I ordered 2 myself right off the bat. I passed on the first edition because I wasn’t sure I’d connect with it, then instantly felt drawn to the second version – but for some idiotic reason waited too long and by the time I was ready to order it they were gone! (I am still kicking myself in the head over that mistake – and while self-head-kicking is indeed very painful, it’s also left me a lot more limber and flexible.) So of course I doubled-down this time…


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