First Look at the Arrival of the Decks

This morning a white truck pulled up next to our house. Our decks have arrived!

The order was for “curb side delivery,” meaning the truckers were only obligated to drop those boxes on those wooden pallets (which apparently we had to pay for) off literally “curb side.” But they were so sweet and moved each pallet into our garage for us!

And now we begin the laborious process of unpacking from those pallets and moving those boxes inside. We don’t want to leave them in the garage, so today and tomorrow, we are literally doing heavy lifting to get what you see there into the house, one box at a time. Eeps. I better have toned arms after this!

Also, time to prep the assembly line!

Back in 2018 I shared a video of the first time I unboxed my First Edition Spirit Keeper’s Tarot. I thought it’d be fun to share me looking through the Revelation Edition for the first time.

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