SKT Vitruvian Mini: Do-It-Yourself Printables

Bonus Offering with the 2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner

This blog post will showcase the do-it-yourself printables for a Vitruvian Mini tarot deck. These digital files are a bonus offering that comes with the 2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner, so if you want these printables, then you’ll want to order the 2020 Day Planner!

Assembling the deck box with craft glue.

It started with having to configure the template for the box design of Spirit Keeper’s Tarot Vitruvian Edition. To make sure everything fit as it’s supposed to, I printed out the box design template, cut it out, folded, and assembled it into an actual box to make sure the designs were aligned as intended.

Of course my initial thought was to print the mock-up and assemble at actual size. However, in the moment, I didn’t have the means to, and could only print it smaller, to scale, on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. So I did.

I cut, folded, and assembled a teensy tiny little 1.5″ x 2.25″ x 0.75″ box, top and bottom lids.

Printed in full color (sepia tones)

Then I thought, you know, how cute would it be to print out at least a handful of my tarot cards in a size that would fit in the box? Then I realized it would take only 4 sheets of paper to print the full deck of cards at 1.24″ x 2.13″.

So I did. I cut the mini cards out, tucked them into the mini box I made, and squealed with delight.

This was too cute. Another reason this is a fun experience is because you’re reenacting what it’d be like to craft and produce the physical printed copy of a tarot deck and its box.

Knuckle provided for size reference. Note here I rounded the corners.

In the deck production process, the layout of the box lids would be printed out, and then someone would manually fold, assemble, and glue it together. The cards of the deck are printed in sheets, and then cut down to individual cards, then stacked into the assembled box.

The SKT Vitruvian Mini Tarot deck, in grayscale

Now you’ll be going through that whole crafting process to gain some more empathy and insight into what it takes to produce a deck.

Readable? Probably not without a magnifying glass. Durable? Errr… Well, I used 24 lb (90 gsm) business letter paper, so admittedly, these cards are flimsy. Compare: Standard tarot cardstock is 300 gsm and the SKT decks are printed on 350 gsm. I used 90 gsm letter paper.

SKT Mini tarot deck printed in grayscale; deck box lids and card back design

Some of the Big League hotshot office printers today will be able to print the card sheets out for you on 300 gsm cardstock. Neither my home nor office printers could handle that, unfortunately.

Does any of that even matter when the mini tarot deck is this effing cute? Nope!

Pictured to the left above is the standard LWB that comes with the SKT Vitruvian tarot decks. To its right is the printed LWB Mini.

The SKT Vitruvian Mini printable files you’ll receive in your order will also come with a printable little white book (LWB). Actually, I’m calling it the Mini LWB.

The Mini LWB contains a collection of prayers, mantras, and incantations from various traditions, which you would have found interspersed throughout your Book of Maps, the companion guidebook to the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot.

If you’ve got sharp, young eyes, then actually, the font size in the LWB is somewhat readable. Otherwise, I love taking a magnifying glass to these pages to read them.

There are passages from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Psalm 91, the Lotus Sutra, an Assyrian-Babylonian exorcism incantation (citation of sources were in your Book of Maps), one for quarter calling and consecrating sacred space, and more.

I had wanted to include a mini LWB with the mini tarot deck because cute. My first draft was the card meanings for the standard LWB for the Major Arcana only (because that’s all that would fit within the page constraints). The mini LWB couldn’t be any longer than 20 pages total, 5 pages stapled together, for it to be as easy as possible for you to cut out, staple, and assemble on your own as a DIY. A mini LWB with Majors only didn’t seem all that useful.

By working the LWB concept into a Mini LWB of Prayers, it adds to the charm of your teeny tiny tarot deck and if you believe in that kind of stuff, adds to its magic and potency, too.

And if you really do choose to carry around a teeny tiny SKT Vitruvian Mini around with you wherever you go, it’s kind of nice to know you always have access to this particular collection of sacred prayers traditionally found in the ceremonial magic of their respective cultures’ histories.

Random tip: If you really want to read the text off one of the Mini LWB’s pages, take a photograph of that page spread with your mobile phone and then zoom in with your mobile phone to read the text. It totally works!

So if you want to craft your own copy of this deck, which I’m dubbing the Vitruvian Mini, you’ll need access to the following:

  • Printer that can print double-sided
  • 6 sheets of 8.5″ x 11″ paper (or cardstock)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue, glue stick, or clear tape, or just have three on hand so you can pick and choose between the three as you assemble
  • Optional: Letter opener to score the edges before folding
  • Optional: Corner rounder to round the corners of the cards and/or the corners of the LWB

Start to finish, this takes me under 30 minutes to produce the 80-card mini tarot deck with top and bottom lid box. If you know you’re not terribly crafty, then this may take closer to 1-2 hours.

Size comparison: The top lid of the SKT Vitruvian Edition vs. the top lid of the SKT Vitruvian Mini.

The good news is you’re going to be getting the digital files, and they’re so, so very easy to print from any home or office printer. Print and try-try-again as many times as you need until you get it right.

SKT Mini, printed in grayscale. Notice that in this photo, the corners of the cards have not been rounded.

You’ll print out the digital templates I provide you with, then follow a guided video tutorial so you know what to cut, how to cut and fold, where to glue or tape, etc.

Here is what the cards look like after you’ve rounded the four corners.

Yes, you’ll get a guided video tutorial so it’ll sort of be like I’m sitting right there with you walking you through each step of the crafting.

The final result is a deck of SKT tarot cards that are 1.24″ x 2.13″ in their own tiny box. What you see in the photo above a grayscale version, but that’s just because of the printer I used.

SKT Vitruvian Mini, printed in full color (sepia tones)

If you have access to a printer that can print full color, then these will come out in the same sepia tones as the SKT Vitruvian.

The instructions I’m providing is basic. Once you get a handle over the basic instructions, you can go as fancy and as creative as you’d like.

Size comparison: The SKT Vitruvian Mini (to the left above) and the regular SKT Vitruvian Edition (to the right above)

Print on sturdy cardstock, print in grayscale or full color, laminate the cards, round the edges, go nuts.

My very first prototype as I tinker and improve the template.

The Digital Printables

The digital templates come as PDF files to be printed on standard US letter size, 8.5″ x 11″. If you print on any other size paper, like European A4, then make sure your printer settings are configured to “Print Actual Size,” that way none of the dimensions of the image files are changed. Otherwise, if your printer prints the images “To Fit,” then everything will go wonky. You have to “Print Actual Size” for this to work.

Printed in grayscale. The corners of the mini cards have not been rounded in this prototype.

Paper Recommendations

I used 90 gsm (24 lb.) business letter paper for both the cards and the box, mostly because my printer doesn’t take anything thicker. You’ll need to first check the maximum thickness of paper your printer will take before you go off buying crazy fancy cardstock.

The pro to using 90 gsm business letter paper is nearly any printer at all will be able to print your project without trouble and this type of paper is easy and budget-friendly to acquire.

The con is 90 gsm is rather flimsy, so you’d have to handle your mini tarot deck with care. You can somewhat reinforce the box by layering on glue when you fold and assemble. The layering of glue does help make it a bit sturdier.

Big Caveats!

The quality of your mini deck is in your hands, not mine. For what should be very obvious reasons, I can’t guarantee your production outcome.

The digital files are as aligned as I could manage and after 15 tries myself, I was able to get my printer to print out one copy of the deck and box where the front and back card images were perfectly aligned. However, the way paper is fed into your printer isn’t always precise, and just a little itty bit of misalignment and the front and backs won’t align perfectly. So there’s that to contend with.

Compare the size of the standard SKT tarot deck and the SKT mini.

You’re Purchasing a Limited License

Here’s what that means in plain English.

  • Print out and put together as many physical copies of the Vitruvian Mini as you like for personal, non-commercial uses only.
  • You are not permitted to commercialize the Vitruvian Mini in any way whatsoever. You cannot make and then sell these. That is in clear violation of the license granted.
  • You are not permitted to cause the Vitruvian Mini to be mass-produced. It is expected that you are printing the files to produce a single physical copy of the deck, one at a time, and not in bulk quantity.
  • You can use these digital files for any personal, non-commercial purposes. Commercial purposes not permitted, unless you’ve otherwise spoken with me about purchasing a license to do so.

Why Purchase and Print the Vitruvian Mini?

Straight talk. No reason at all. There’s no good reason to purchase and print the Vitruvian Mini.

Other than it being really stinkin’ cute.

Like I said, I am assuring you it’s a very simple craft DIY project. No one is asking you to format the box design. All the work is done for you. If you have a printer, you just print the digital files on regular paper, follow the video tutorial, and cut along the lines I tell you to cut.

It is kind of a cute talisman to keep tucked away in your handbag or coat pocket.

Look at this thing. It’s the size of a binder clip.

How To Order

License for unlimited printing of the SKT Vitruvian Mini tarot deck digital files, so long as the purpose is for personal, non-commercial uses only.

This will be a bonus offering included with the 2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner purchase. More about the 2020 Day Planner here.

Important Note. NOT INCLUDED:

  • Tech support is not included in your purchase order. I am so very, very sorry, but you are on your own when it comes to your printer settings, how to feed paper into your printer, where to print, how to align for double-sided printing, how to change the ink cartridges in your printer, you get me, right? You are on your own when it comes to all that. And for those of you snickering at me for writing this out, don’t snicker. These questions will come up if I don’t write this out.
  • I cannot guarantee the production quality or outcome of the physical deck you produce. If you’re not very crafty, you may have to try, try again. Heck, I made, messed up, and recycled a ton of attempts before I got one where the backs and fronts were aligned in a satisfactory way. I know it can be done, because I did it. However, depending on how well your printer aligns the paper for double-sided printing, getting that alignment just right can be rough.
The SKT Vitruvian Mini with the SKT Vitruvian (standard edition).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is it for the DIY SKT Vitruvian Mini printable files?

A: This is a $5 add-on to your 2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner order. Order the Day Planner here:

Q: I don’t want the Day Planner. I just want the SKT Vitruvian Mini printable files. Can I buy just the SKT Vitruvian Mini printable files?

A: At this time, the SKT Vitruvian Mini printable files are available as an add-on option to the 2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner only. We may feature it again as an add-on option to another of my future offerings.

Q: Is this order refundable?

A: No. This is a non-refundable purchase order of non-transferable license rights to print the digital files of my SKT Vitruvian Mini tarot deck, box, and LWB prayer book, per the terms outlined herein. Please conduct your own due diligence before placing your order.

SKT Mini printed in grayscale, corners rounded.

Q: May I send these digital files to someone else?

A: No. You have purchased a non-transferable license to print the digital files of my intellectual property. You cannot in any way pass these digital files on to others, re-sell these files, or re-sell any physical copies of the SKT Vitruvian Mini that you create. Anything and everything you create from these files I’ve sent you can be for your personal, private, non-commercial uses only. Transferring these digital files to others or selling physical copies of the SKT Vitruvian Mini are illegal.

Q: May I transfer, re-grant, or assign my license rights to others?

A: No. Your $5 purchase is for non-transferable rights to print out the digital files for the SKT Vitruvian Mini tarot deck, box, and LWB prayer book.

Q: May I re-sell these files to someone else?

A: No. What you have purchased here is non-transferable licensing rights to use these digital files for the SKT Vitruvian Mini.

Compare: SKT Vitruvian standard edition (left) and SKT Vitruvian Mini (right)

Q: May I get these files printed by a commercial third-party printer, either online or a local print shop?

A: Yes, sure, so long as your use of the files after you receive them are private, personal, and non-commercial. One thing to be mindful of if you’re giving the files to a local printing service: make sure the clerk has clear instructions to print the files “Actual Size” and that the fronts and backs of the card image files and the LWB files need to be aligned exactly, to a tee. They may need to run a couple different tries before this will happen. Just let them know you expect the fronts and backs to be perfectly aligned after you cut the images out. That way you don’t end up wasting your money (local print shop services can be quite expensive!).

Q: May I use a print-on-demand site such as Make Playing Cards to print the Mini deck?

A: Yes, if you can figure out the logistics of re-formatting the files I’ve provided you with so that they conform with the specification requirements of that print-on-demand site. Please note that the files you’re receiving from me as-is will not work with Make Playing Cards. You’ll need a bit of graphic design savvy and re-format everything, resize the cards to MPC’s print size, create your own bleed margin, and somehow increase the resolution of the files substantially, etc. If you’re confident you can do all that and produce a satisfactory printing result, then yes, go for it! Have fun! My guess, however, is that the resolution on these files as-is will be insufficient.

Q: How many copies of the SKT Vitruvian Mini deck can I make?

A: I don’t know. How many are you physically capable of making? As long as each physical copy of the deck you’re making is for private, personal, and non-commercial uses, you can print out, assemble, and make as many SKT Vitruvian Mini decks as it pleases you.

Q: Can I make copies of this deck and give it to other people?

A: Yes, if and only if they are gifts. That means you cannot ask the recipient to cover your overhead costs and you cannot receive payment or compensation of any kind of any nature for your gift. So long as you are making the deck at your own expense and gifting it to someone from the kindness of your heart and with the purest of beneficent intentions, then yes, you may go ahead and make copies of this deck to gift to your loved ones.

Q: May I craft and produce many copies of the mini deck and gift it to my friends?

A: Yes, you may gift physically produced mini decks you assemble and craft yourself, with your own two hands, to as many loved ones as you like. Please gift freely. That would actually make me quite happy to know that’s what you’re doing.

Q: May I craft and produce many copies of the mini deck and have my friends pay me the actual cost of materials?

A: No. I don’t know what culture of gifting you’re from, but that’s not a gift.

Q: May I craft and produce many copies of the mini deck and sell it?

A: No. Personal, non-commercial uses only.

Q: Can I print out this deck in a larger size than the 1.24” x 2.13” dimensions that the cards are set at?

A: The resolution won’t be sharp enough for larger size printing. The resolution is set specifically to print well at the 1.24” x 2.13” dimensions and no larger.

Q: May I modify the digital files to add my own unique, creative flair and design, then print and craft a physical copy of the deck?

A: Omigosh yes! Please! And will you please share your deck modifications on social media? How cool is that! If that’s how you roll, I’m going to put you up to it and challenge you to really, really get creative! Just how awesome can you make your deck mod be?

Q: In addition to a do-it-yourself Mini Tarot deck, can I use the digital files to print tarot card stickers, modify the files to create tiled tarot wrapping paper, keychains, fabric made into a tarot dress, or re-purpose the digital files in any way I can imagine and bring to life?

A: Yes! As long as it remains for personal, private, non-commercial uses only. Also, pay it forward! Share on social media how you’ve crafted or repurposed the SKT Vitruvian Mini tarot deck printables in creative ways so that others might be inspired as well! ❤ Just use the hashtag #spiritkeeperstarot. That helps to keep everything related to SKT in one place. =)

Q: Instead of making a mini tarot deck with these files, can I repurpose them, like cut out mini tarot cards and scrapbook with the images, or make little tarot card stickers for my day planner?

A: Yes! Of course! Do as you will with these files so long as they are for private, personal, and non-commercial uses.

Printed in grayscale

Q: May I contact you for tech support?

A: No, please do not do that. You are on your own. That being said, there are Facebook groups and online tarot discussion forums dedicated to the SKT deck, which are full of people much kinder and more generous in spirit than I am. I suggest reaching out to people in those groups for assistance if you’re really at your wits’ end about the logistics.

Q: Your tutorials were confusing and hard to follow. I can do better. Can I post and share with the public my way of assembling the SKT Vitruvian Mini?

A: Yes! Please! You would be doing me a favor! If you would like to create and publish a how-to tutorial in written blog post form or as a video you upload on YouTube to share with the public how you created your own SKT Vitruvian Mini, please do! And if you can remember to, please tag me or link me to your creation so I can pass it along to others who would benefit from what you’ve done. Please use the hashtag #spiritkeeperstarot. That helps to keep everything related to SKT in one place. =)

Q: It’s now the year 2025. Many years have passed since my order of the SKT Vitruvian Mini. I’ve since lost those digital files and I misplaced the e-mail you sent me. Can you please send the files to me again?

A: I am very, very sorry, but no. Please be very thoughtful about where you place your files so that you do not lose it.

Compare: SKT Vitruvian (now OOP) vs. the SKT Vitruvian Mini do-it-yourself tarot deck

Order the 2020 Metaphysician’s Day Planner Today!

Click on the above link for the order page. The day planner is $25 and the SKT Vitruvian Mini tarot deck printables and DIY is a $5 add-on to the day planner order.

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  1. Leslie

    Another amazingly generous offering – thank you so much, Bell! I have a teeny tiny wooden box that I think these will fit into perfectly. I would never have thought of the SKT as a “cute” deck but that wee little mini-deck is adorable!


  2. renaisscientist

    So sweet, so awesome – now teetering on the edge of “squeee!” and wondering if a full deck of these teensy little Tarot cards on cardstock will *fit* in this wee little box! Also wondering, Bell, if you’ve thought to try the box itself in cardstock?- if your printer has an alt-paper feed it’s likely a straight-into-the-slot deal and just might accommodate thicker material 🙂

    Running over to lulu now for sticker possibilities. I would love to have little stickers to pre-mark dates in the Planner…



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  8. Courtney

    I just learned that laminate paper/envelopes/whatever can be accomplished with a clothes iron, placed between a t-shirt. Ding! No packing tape for this adorbs-deck!


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