Money Tarot by Eugene Vinitski

This isn’t so much a formal deck review as it is a “let’s ooh and ahh this Vinitski deck together.” I reviewed his masterpiece deck The Venetian Tarot previously, here. And now I have the incredible opportunity to offer you a first-look into the Money Tarot.

The Money Tarot pulls art from actual bills of currency around the world and superimposes actual money art onto the tarot deck structure. The accompanying little white booklets–and there are two of them–tell you the bill that each tarot card image comes from. Also, loving the reversible card backs.

I love the coloring in the Majors and the detailing here also renders these cards exceptionally suited for scrying. I like the black borders here and just how beautiful these cards look in a table spread.

Love Vinitski’s choice for The Tower card, don’t you?

The Minors are color-coded and also provide a symbol in the top right corner to indicate the suit. Here the suit of Wands is color-coded blue and you can see the wand in the top right corner of each card. This is helpful, since I would be hard-pressed to identify which card is which simply from the imagery here. I do like the reinvention of what symbolism to attribute to each card here.

In reading with this deck, I might just toss out all my preconceived interpretations of the 78 cards and just roll with the imagery I see on the cards, turning the reading experience as the reader into a talking story– I tell a story based on what I actually see depicted on the card and from there, divine the insights to the inquiry at hand. Above you see the suit of Cups, color-coded red.

The LWB for The Money Tarot says this deck’s purpose is for financial readings. That’s kind of cool! I like reserving a tarot deck in a reader’s collection exclusively for money and financial readings. I really love how that Nine of Swords looks.

Ooh– and loving that Five of Pentacles, too, though for some reason I’m surprised it didn’t make it on as the Three of Pentacles. No, no– it makes sense as the Five of Pentacles even under RWS-inspired iconography. Nevermind.

Above you see all the court cards. The concept of lifting art from currency around the world to create a tarot deck specifically for money and financial readings is brilliant. I really can’t wait to see what Vinitski comes up with next!

By the way, it’s a 79-card deck. There is an extra card as you see above, which is a blank, untitled card featuring antique gold coins. If I got that in a reading, kind of like a wild card, I’d take that as a fortuitous wild card! When is a handful of antique gold coins ever bad news? ;-D

Truly, Vinitski produces top-of-the-line quality art decks. Every deck he’s produced to date has been one highly coveted by tarot deck collectors. You can check out all his deck offerings via the below link.

Order your copy of The Money Tarot here, on Eugene Vinitski’s website.

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