Benevolence and Your Book of 1,111 Acts

What if the story of your life is told through a record of your acts of kindness, your benevolence, compassion, and personal sacrifices?

I’ve created a blank notebook that can help you to tell just that kind of story.

In fact, I’ve created three different versions of the notebook. You can either print out the notebook yourself and set it into a binder or you can have it print and bound by a third party publisher.

Keep scrolling down for the free downloads and printing instructions.


The above video explains the premise for this notebook and the #1111acts. For those who have a copy of my book, The Tao of Craft, check out page 152, in the chapter “The Tools of Craft,” section titled, “Accumulating Good Deeds.” I’ve even pulled that section out as an excerpt, so if you don’t have the book, just check out the PDF below.

“Accumulating Good Deeds” (from The Tao of Craft)

Unlike most tags, this one is something you’ll work through for life. The idea is to log 1,111 acts within your lifetime.

Why the hashtag #1111acts? It’s my little effort to help transform the tone of discourse we see online these days. You’ll take part, too, won’t you? Any time you undertake neutralizing a negative energy in this world, even in the world of social media, especially in the world of social media, by contributing a positive energy, include the hashtag #1111acts.

Meanwhile, you can use the free notebook download template I’m providing to produce your own private journal for documenting your adherence to the doctrine of benevolence.line

You’ll want to download the zip file so you also have the different customizable cover options. The zipped file folder also contains the illustrated step by step instructions on how to upload and produce a printed, bound copy of this notebook through

Download Zip File

The zip file contains all the cover options at 8.5″ x 11″ US Letter size. Of course, feel free to design your own cover.

To check out the separate PDFs of the three versions, see below.

1,111 Acts of Benevolence


1,111 Acts of Compassion


Book of 1,111 Sacrifices


Got something to say about the doctrine of benevolence or commentary in response to what I’ve said in the video? Want to share a photo of your book or how you’ve customized your book on social media? Would love to have a conversation. #1111acts

13 thoughts on “Benevolence and Your Book of 1,111 Acts

  1. Great idea! I’m the coordinator for our genealogical society’s writing group and I’m always encouraging people to write about their lives for the benefit of their descendants (or just people like me who love a good story), but this is a way to keep yourself on track spiritually/ethically while writing about your life. Good one!


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  3. Rosalyn Marie

    Thank you Benebell! Most helpful, I have been practicing harming no living thing! Living in Tucson, Arizona ants are everywhere in large numbers a lot more than when I lived on the east coast. It can be a challenge walking down the street. But I still try! 😘. It makes me feel good also, again thank you!


  4. Datri Kory

    Wow… Mercury retrograde! I was writing this long Love fest about you and it disappeared! I’ll try to gush anew😆.
    Benebell❣ You blow me away❣ If only our world had more Beings like you…
    I Love your YouTube channel! You are someone who elicits reverence from me. You practice what you Teach. I’m studying.
    I emailed you here, but I haven’t heard from you yet. I live in Maui and will be in Northern California in late September. I would like very much to schedule a session with you if at all possible❣ Please let me know?
    Much Love and may the Spirit of Aloha surround you and your Loved ones❣❣❣ 💖


    1. Hi Datri: Thank you so much for your kind note. At this time I’ve closed off all reading sessions to focus on the many other metaphysical-related projects I have on hand. =) Once I’ve completed some of those projects, I’ll reopen my reading services. Thank you! Hope you are well!


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