Review of the Corporate Tarot

Corporate Tarot 01 Box and Deck

The Corporate Tarot by Melanie McCarthy is an incredible tool for employee training that re-polishes the tarot structure so that it might lend itself to the corporate world. Team building, corporate and operational strategic planning, and team brainstorming are big things these days among the midsize to large corporations. Perhaps I may be in an exceptional bubble in the Silicon Valley, but around here, every CEO and ED is looking for an “innovative, creative” way to get their employees to work together more cohesively. What better way to achieve that than through McCarthy’s Corporate Tarot?

Corporate Tarot 02 Majors Front

Photographs with a corporate aesthetic illustrate this deck. I love the “stock photo” vibe here, honoring the frequent use of stock photos in corporate documents and marketing materials. Of course, I also love the diversity, which is subtle, seamless, and well done. Each card is assigned a keyword, one that represents a factor for corporate success (or hindrance to corporate success, e.g., “Conflict” or “Negativity,” etc.).

Corporate Tarot 03 Majors Back

Another beautiful feature of the deck are the card backs. Each one is different and I believe they can fit together like puzzle pieces to create a unified urban landscape. The metaphor there is also clever.

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My Responses to the 10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Must Answer

Tried to find a photo of me with tarot cards. This was what I came up with.
Tried to find a photo of me with tarot cards. This was what I came up with.

Writer and tarotist James Bulls posted a provocative piece on the 10 questions every tarot reader must answer. Check out the post here. I thought I’d answer them for myself, so here we go.

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Review of the Gaian Tarot

Gaian Tarot 01 Box Set

A deck that taps into earth consciousness like no other deck, the Gaian Tarot is the much talked about, beloved, and exceptional deck borne from the genius of artist and writer Joanna Powell Colbert.

The Gaian Tarot was initially self-published by Colbert in 2010, and then it’s popularity convinced Llewellyn to publish it in 2011, and then somehow mysteriously, it went out of print. Copies of the deck were going for outrageous prices all over the interwebs as folks clamored to get themselves a copy of this beloved deck. Now, be happy all my friends, because the Gaian Tarot is back in a new published version by Schiffer Publishing and I’ve got to say, Schiffer has done a remarkable job with Colbert’s work.

Gaian Tarot 02 Box and Cards

Here’s an interesting point about this deck. At least four professional writers I am connected with use the Gaian Tarot for creative writing. One writes women’s fiction, one writes metaphysical books, one writes literary fiction (with a collection of short stories that has won prestigious book awards), and one is a bestselling author. Only one of them– that I know of– subscribes to a pagan-based spiritual path, and the only reason I mention that is to showcase the diversity and versatility of this deck. I don’t know if it was ever intentionally meant to become a “writer’s tarot deck,” but that it certainly has!

Be sure to read about Colbert’s creative process for the deck here. From what I could gather, Colbert works with mixed media. The inspiration for each Gaian Tarot card image begins with photographs– with one single photograph as the main focal point. Then a photographic collage is used for the background. Layered, the deck image is created. Then Colbert transitions into working by hand. The photographic collage becomes a line drawing and colored pencil sketch, and the final colored pencil sketch is cleaned up digitally.

Gaian Tarot 23 Reading

Let’s try a reading for you. Left to right above, the cards represent Mind, Body, and Spirit respectively. However, you’re to choose only one of those three cards. Which would you like to divine upon today? About your Mind, your Body, or your Spirit? Left, center, or right-most card? Remember your selection.

Gaian Tarot 24 Guidebook Three Card Reading

Here I’m lifting the idea of the “Mind, Body, Spirit” spread from the accompanying guidebook comes with instructions for three-card readings.

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A Year in the Wildwood by Alison Cross

A Year in the Wildwood by Alison Cross (Book Cover Image)

This is my review of the book A Year in the Wildwood by Alison Cross, and this won’t be a review of the Wildwood Tarot deck, though of course I’ll make reference to the deck while I comment on the book. Cross has published a thoughtful, explorative, and detailed guide to the Wildwood Tarot deck, a favorite and popular deck among tarotists today, especially those with a pagan persuasion. The e-book came out on Amazon Kindle earlier this year, 2016, and I am lucky enough to receive a copy for review.

03 A Year in the Wildwood (Ebook Screenshots) 00

Throughout this post, please feel free to click on the screenshot images of the e-book for an enlarged view.

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Review of the Gypsy Palace Tarot

Gypsy Palace Tarot 01 Box Set

The Gypsy Palace Tarot by Nora Huszka is a potent deck for intuitive readings that articulates the “death and the maiden” motif. Gypsy Palace showcases a postmodern macabre aesthetic that blends tribal-aboriginal inspirations with Fauvist flavors. In other words, I love it.

I don’t know and can’t and didn’t verify, but I have the very strong hunch that Huszka is witchy. That hunch is so strong in me that I’m willing to speculate openly about it. =) Here’s why. There is such power invested into this deck and anyone sensitive will feel it. It’s really undeniable. So I have a strong hunch Huszka knows a thing or two about craft. (But again, it’s purely my speculation. I have no idea whether she does or not and didn’t bother to confirm it.) xoxo

Gypsy Palace Tarot 02 Deck and Guidebook

Your deck, when you order it from Huszka, will come with a beautiful drawstring bag that matches the fabric of the accompanying guidebook. (However, that drawstring bag is not shown here.) If you’re going to get the Gypsy Palace Tarot, then I recommend ordering the set with the guidebook. You won’t regret it. I’ll show you why later on in this review.

Gypsy Palace Tarot 03 Cards Spread

This is a self-published deck that you can buy from the deck creatrix herself, via Etsy. You’ll want this deck in your collection if you’re a collector and you’ll want to work with this deck if you consider yourself an intuitive reader. There is also this “fortune-teller-traveller” boho consciousness infused into the Gypsy Palace Tarot deck that is going to resonate strongly with those who identify as a fortune-teller.

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Review of the Dark Tarot

Dark Tarot 01 Majors I

The Dark Tarot is a Tarot de Marseille based deck designed by M. over at I say “M.” because I don’t know whether this person wants to be identified, so there we go. I’ve been working with this deck for a few months now and just love it.

M. reached out and gifted me with this deck and not for any promotional purposes either. This deck isn’t for sale. In fact, digital files to the cards are available for free download at and you can use those files to print out your own copy of the deck. Free! Yet M. gifted me with a hard copy of the deck just because. And I am so glad to have become acquainted with this TdM deck!

Above, just look at the beautiful imagery in the Majors.

Dark Tarot 07 Card Backs

I don’t know a lot about the deck so I’m not able to give a lot of information, but I can tell you it reads beautifully. It’s a piecemeal of several public domain TdM-based decks. I’ve been working with the deck in client readings, for my Learning the Opening of the Key master class over at Tarot Summer School, and for those who follow me on Instagram, posting tons of lovely photos of the deck over there. Also, stay tuned to the end of this post for details on a giveaway. M. and I are giving away a free copy of this deck.

Dark Tarot 02 Majors II

These cards look absolutely beautiful in a spread, and if you’ve been wanting to learn to read the Tarot de Marseille, the Dark Tarot is an ideal deck to learn on. In some of the Marseille decks, the suit of Wands and the suit of Swords can look alike and get confusing for novices. Not here.

Dark Tarot 03 Wands

There are white borders here but it’s easy to trim this deck if you so choose to. I love the faux antiqued look here and this will easily be a beloved deck by any Marseille (TdM) reader.

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Review of The Psychic Healing Book

The Psychic Healing Book Amy Wallace Bill Henkin 10 (1)

The Psychic Healing Book by Amy Wallace and Bill Henkin has been around since the late 70s, with several updated editions released over the decades. This one is the 25th anniversary updated version. Psychic is a cult classic. It’s one of those oft-cited New Age books you hear a lot about. So it was high time I read it for myself.

First, a few interesting updates in this 25th anniversary edition. Wallace explicitly notes that she wishes she could rewrite the book and not mention spirit guides. “[I]f I could do it differently today I would rewrite or delete entirely the chapters pertaining to the use of spirit guides. I have come to believe that spiritism leads to many mishaps and disappointments, and I would prefer not to even dabble in it.”

The Psychic Healing Book Amy Wallace Bill Henkin 10 (4)

She also talks about ch’i kung (or qigong) and chakras, and how qigong should be used to strengthen the lower chakras before a practitioner tries to work with the sixth and seventh (or third eye and crown) chakras.

Henkin also offers fascinating new information. “When we use our psychic abilities we enter the same hallowed grounds of the mind or soul that give rise to creativity and psychosis.” I love that line. It’s worth reading over a few times.

Psychic is an easy to read 208-page classic on developing psychic ability. It’s a practical how-to guide formulated after the teachings of Wallace as she learned them from her psychic teachers. Much of it, I found, is in direct line with the spiritual pedagogy of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, a school for psychic development that’s been around since the 70s, on a street in downtown Berkeley I frequently walk on.

The Psychic Healing Book Amy Wallace Bill Henkin 10 (2)

A lot of ground is covered in this book, though the authors skate across the surface of these subjects. Animism, Spiritism, the chakra system, the astral body, color healing, auras and reading auras, karma, dream interpretation, contacting spirit guides, ESP, and future telling are all covered, albeit in a few succinct paragraphs per topic. The book is therefore a starting point, not a treatise.

The Psychic Healing Book (Wallace and Henkin) Interior

Psychic also covers practical training for developing psychic healing abilities. Whether they work or not, I’m not sure since I can’t report on any successful personal results, but I will say it’s comprehensive in its articulation of how to train yourself in the ways of psychic healing. Specific exercises are provided, visionary techniques, and personal success stories provided by the author on how these exercises and techniques will hone your psychic healing abilities.

The Psychic Healing Book Amy Wallace Bill Henkin 10 (3)

For me, it was a fascinating read and I believe one must be open-minded to many perspectives of the woo.

In the spirit of learning many perspectives, The Psychic Healing Book is an incredible read and worth investing in for your personal library.

If you’re intrigued about a course like Psychic Ability 101, then get this book. It’s practical, full of exercises and training techniques, covers a lot of ground and inspires further reading of the individual topics covered, and most importantly, is written in accessible plain English. Wallace and Henkin also offer fascinating personal accounts and stories of psychic work at play.

The Psychic Healing Book (Wallace and Henkin) Light

I’ve heard of this book many times over before finally getting a copy and reading it for myself. Funny enough, I didn’t know it was published by my publisher, North Atlantic Books. The Psychic Healing Book is considered a New Age cult classic and even when you flip through the pages of the book, the aesthetics and design of it is reminiscent of books from the 70s and 80s. If you count yourself a psychic or are interested in honing your inner psychic, then get this book. It’ll easily become one of your favorite go-to resources.


FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received The Psychic Healing Book from North Atlantic Books for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion of the book.