What the Universe Has in Store For You: A Sacred Text About You–Your Natal Chart Monograph

$175.00 USD

Back by popular demand (in case you’re like, what does that mean, I stopped offering this service for a while due to it basically taking over my life), the birth chart monograph is a minimum 90,000 word book about your personal astrology. There is also the secondary purpose of teaching you astrology. Then there is even a third mission of this monograph being a form of divination, or bibliomancy for you to reach for time and time again throughout your life path.

Natal Chart Monograph 01

You will receive both the PDF and DOCX files of the monograph, formatted to 6″ x 9″ standard trim size for trade paperback with gutter and page margins all set up and ready for professional printing and binding into a hardcover or paperback book, which you would do on your own time through a third party print-on-demand publisher. I only provide the digital soft copy of your book. I also include a stock book cover design with the book title Book of ____, with the blank line filled in by your name. Above and below are examples of what the cover looks like if your name was James. Earlier you saw the Book of Abigail.


I’ve also set the intention for every monograph I prepare to be used as a form of bibliomancy. Some suggestions for how to use the monograph for divination are provided, though of course you’re not limited to those suggestions.

Inserted throughout the book, in between sections (practical reason: when there’s too much blank space left over at the end of a chapter or when I want a new chapter to begin on the recto, i.e., on an odd page, and doing so means a blank page), I’ll fill that blank page with an oracular message from the I Ching or lovely public domain classical art. I specially select art from old grimoires, medieval alchemical texts, that call to mind mythology relevant to some of what I cover in your monograph, and other art forms I find to be more spiritual or religious in perspective (covering all the major world religions).


Your book comes with a table of contents and a glossary of all astrological terms used throughout your monograph, so when in doubt and I’m using astrology jargon and you don’t know what that term references, you can quickly flip to the back of your book and look up that term in the glossary. However, unfortunately, there is no index. I understand this book would probably be doubly indispensable with an index.

That said, I do provide you with the DOCX file, so if you’re savvy with MS Word, I welcome and encourage you to fix up your own monograph before sending it off to the printers for book production. Above, after printing out the book in paperback form on your own, you get a sense of the thickness for the book.

Now the thickness of your birth chart monograph compared to, say, Holistic Tarot.

SAMPLE Monograph 5 Front Matter

Every written reading will include the following:

Astrological Trinity: Sun, Moon, Rising

We will cover your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign. It will cover elemental triplicities, distinctions between diurnal and nocturnal sect placement, house and sign analysis, decan rulership, significance of degrees for your sun, moon, and rising, significant angular aspects, and significance of moon phase at time of birth.

House and Sign Analysis

Since I read with the whole sign houses system, we’ll cover generalities about the signs in your twelve astrological houses per your ascendant. We will address what each of the zodiac signs mean as they fall in the twelve astrological houses of your birth chart. You have Pisces in the third…what does that mean exactly about your intellect, reasoning ability, way of thinking and communicating? Say that your ninth house is occupied by the sign Libra. What are the implications there? This section will go through the twelve houses and how the signs in those twelve houses of your chart mean about your life path, your fate, fortunes, and personality.

Elemental Analysis

Are you Fire, Water, Air, or Earth dominant and what would be the implications of such elemental dominance? Are you Fire, Water, Air, or Earth weak and what are those implications? How do you support your elemental weaknesses to create greater balance and harmony in your life? Based on elemental analysis, who are your spirit attendants from the animal kingdom (also referred to as animal totems)?

Your Decisive Age

We’ll talk about your Decisive Age. I’ll also provide a progressed chart (and tell you what a progressed chart is) for the year of your Decisive Age. There’s some free resources on what a Decisive Age is here on my site.

Planets in Their Houses and Signs

We’ll address house and sign analysis for the following natal planets:

  • Mercury (Mind & Voice),
  • Venus (Magnetic Attraction),
  • Mars (Ambition & Conquest),
  • Jupiter (Luck of the Draw),
  • Saturn (Discipline & Perspective),
  • Uranus (Your Ingenuity),
  • Neptune (Creative Intuition),
  • Pluto (The Curveball),
  • Chiron (The Hero’s Journey),
  • Ceres (Access to Resources), and
  • Eris (Psychological Projections).

The Midheaven: Your Higher Purpose

Your reading will also cover your midheaven sign and, since I read under the whole sign houses system, whether there are any discrepancies between your midheaven and tenth house. We’ll cover the major angular aspects to your midheaven and the implications of those aspects.

Hemisphere and Quadrant Analysis

Are you north or south hemisphere dominant and what does that mean about you? East or west dominant and that implication? Which quadrant of your chart is going to dominate in your life? Also, this feature will give you a life chronology of how to navigate the four quadrants of your life– (a) birth to age 21, (b) age 21 to 42, (c) age 42 to 63, and (d) age 63 and onward.

Chart Shape & Unique Patterns

I have a lot to say about stelliums and grand trines. If there is a stellium or a grand trine in your birth chart and you would like to know more about the implications of your specific stellium or grand trine, then this option will appeal to you. However, if there is no stellium or grand trine in your chart, then this option makes no sense.

I will also cover the overall chart shape and its implications in this option, your leading planet, along with assessment of any peregrine or besieged planets I observe, any other unique angular patterns (such as the Yod, or Hand of God), any elevated planets, Herculean Ternaries, Mark of an Empath, etc.

Key Sensitive Points

In addition to your ascendant and midheaven, let’s talk about your co ascendant, polar ascendant, north lunar node, and south lunar node.

Inner Darkness, Inner Light: Chiron, Lilith, & Selena

Please note that this is its own standalone reading option, the Inner Darkness Inner Light reading. This chapter will examine facets of your shadow self and also reveal your inner light.

Personal Numerology

This is not astrology per se, though some facets of this option include astrology. What is your Decisive Age? What is your Life Path number? We’ll cover both in independent sections of your monograph.

Hermetic Lot of Fortune + Lot of Spirit

Your monograph will go in-depth about your Lot of Fortune to reveal how you can best utilize your assets and attributes to manifest financially prosperous opportunities for yourself. Your Lot of Spirit will reveal your spirit guides since birth, the archangel per Judeo-Christian mythos that corresponds with your Lot of Spirit, and your directional guardian per Chinese Taoist mythos.

Your Professional Potential

Please note that this is its own standalone reading service, Your Prosperity Advisor. This chapter will examine your professional potential and also offer insights into how you can utilize personalized feng shui guidance to optimize your prosperity metrics.

Love, Romance, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Let’s focus on the seventh house of your chart, the eighth house, your Venus sign, Juno, and your fifth house. Let’s talk love, romance, romantic compatibility, your Juno return dates, and the pursuit of happiness.

Jupiter Returns + Saturn Returns

One chapter in your monograph provides all of your Jupiter Return dates for a 100 year period from the date of your birth. Jupiter Returns mark the most auspicious periods in your life, at least per established astrological principles.

Another chapter will include the dates for your First Saturn Return, Second Saturn Return, and Third Saturn Return, and all the waxing, waning, and opposition transits in between.  This chapter also offers insights and recommendations on how to navigate your Saturn Returns. Saturn Returns mark the crossing of major thresholds in your life path.

Past and Present Life Continuum

This chapter covers past life astrology and how analysis of past life astrology relates to present life astrology for your moon sign, fourth house, eighth house, and twelfth house. Note that this chapter is the same as Part I of the Past Life Reading service, a standalone reading option I offer.

Your Key Asteroid Influences

There are about 45 asteroids I study and it does not make economical, practical, or even divinatory sense for us to cover all 45 asteroids in your chart. Instead, I’m going to look at key asteroid influences, but what “key” means will differ from individual to individual, case by case.

Esoteric & Spiritual Astrology

One chapter will cover your seven rays, per esoteric astrology. Another chapter will address your social responsibility per eleventh house analysis, and yet another will cover the spiritual practices keyed specifically to your sun, moon, ninth house, and Neptune.


SAMPLE Monograph Glossary 1

Glossary of Astrological Terms

At the back of your monograph will be a copy of the Glossary of Astrological Terms. It’s a free download here on my website, by the way (scroll down). The main reason for tucking this in to the back of your book is for your convenience of reference. That way in the content of your monograph, I can simply say something like “profection,” “quincunx,” or “almuten” and trust that if you want to know what that word means in the context of your reading, you can flip quickly to the back of your book, look it up in the glossary, go “oh, okay,” and then return to the paragraph you were reading.


SAMPLE Monograph 7 TOC




For $175, you’re getting:

  • JPG file of your birth chart constructed under the whole signs system
  • JPG files of all data tables and charts used for the analyses that went into the preparation of your monograph
  • The digital files for a book manuscript that is about 350+ pages, which comes pre-formatted into 6″x 9″ standard trade galleys for immediate upload and printing through any third party print-on-demand service of your choosing (file types: DOCX and PDF)
  • Step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to review and upload your book files for paperback or hard cover printing through a print-on-demand service









Your natal chart monograph is approximately the thickness of my second book, The Tao of Craft.


Delivery Time

At this time when you order your monograph, you’re also saying you’re ready to wait the full year for delivery. In other words, for all orders placed right now, delivery will be some time before the end of 2018. By placing your order, you understand that delivery term and thus, there is no set delivery date.


FREE Book Production Services to Those 65 Years and Older…

My momma, who is over 65, said it is not going to be easy for her fellow elderly folk to figure out how to upload my PDF, walk through all those prompts, instructions, and steps, and produce a good paperback or even hard cover copy of the monograph. And she said it was unfair and shameful of me to assume. She raised her daughter better than that. Alrightey then.

So. If you’re 65 years or older and you order a monograph, I will help you create the paperback or hard cover version of the book for free and arrange for it to be shipped to you. All you have to pay is the actual cost of the book that Lulu.com charges and the actual cost of shipping. Cost of the book is around $20 or under. Cost of shipping will depend on where you live. This production service is only free for our elderly friends.

…Otherwise, You’re On Your Own.

For everyone else, please understand that while I have done what I can to ensure that your files will upload and print through popular third party print-on-demand publishers, I can’t guarantee it. That is an issue between you and the third party print-on-demand publisher. If you experience technical issues with your upload and printing order, then you need to contact your printer, not me. I am not responsible for actually getting your book printed in hard copy. I am only responsible for delivering to you a PDF and, at your additional request, a DOCX file of your monograph. You’re not paying for a hard copy printed book. You’re paying for my astrology services.


Ordering Details

To order yours today, just e-mail me the following:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Location of Birth
  • Gender You Identify As

When providing birth details, please provide it as follows:

January 21, 1971
12:21 am
San Francisco, California

Here’s another example of properly submitted birth details:

March 15, 1993
12:40 pm
Paris, France

Here is an example of improper birth details:

Ten minutes after the morning of that day’s midnight hour
Nova Scotia, Canada

Why is the above improper? First, whether the birthday is March 6 or June 3 will depend on the country’s cultural norm and I don’t have time to figure this out. Second, just tell me whether you were born at 12:10 am or 12:10 pm. I get inundated with reading requests. I can’t process your birth details cogently if you don’t help me out a little. Finally, Nova Scotia is a province in Canada. I need the city name. E.g., Halifax, Canada [Nova Scotia]

Pre-Written Text, But Personally Prepared Just For You

Oh please I pray to all things holy that you don’t seriously believe I’ve written from scratch 90,000+ words or over 300 pages of text just for you for the mere fee of $175.00…….

Yeah, no. By and large the text in your monograph is pre-written from a proprietary master book I’ve prepared myself for these monographs. In other words, let’s say you are a sun sign Taurus. I’ll go into my master book, find the section I’ve pre-written about sun sign Taurus, then copy and paste it into your monograph manuscript. If your sun Taurus is under the decan ruler the moon, I have a pre-written paragraph just on sun Taurus under the decan rulership of the moon, and so I then insert that in to your manuscript. Say your rising sign is placed at 13 degrees. I have a pre-written passage on the interpretation of a rising sign at 13 degrees and will include that into your book. And so on and so on it goes.

However, I’m not generating the book through any software programs. It is all done manually, section by section, by me, with your birth chart printed out as a visual for me to constantly refer back to as I assemble your monograph by hand, one chapter and one section at a time. Thus, because there is that personal touch, when I see discrepancies, unique patterns, something anomalous, I can then add in customized text just for you to help you make sense of the pre-written text.

Email contact:

benebellwen (at) gmail (dot) com

For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.
For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.

My Free Randomized Divinations


This has been going on for a while already and I am having so much fun! However, I don’t know if I’m reaching enough folks, so here is a blog post. You can sign up to get on a list of folks who consent to possible free randomized divinatory readings to be delivered to your e-mail inbox, perhaps when you least expect it. This is offered alongside all my reading services that you can book. More info on my “Book a Reading” page. Scroll all the way down to see the info on the Free Randomized Divination Sign-up.

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Living Magick Learning Cards Series: Tree of Life Kabbalah

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 01 Deck

I reviewed the Palmistry Learning Cards from the Living Magick Learning Card Series not too long ago. I’m now moving on to the Tree of Life Learning Cards. The deck contains 60 cards and are the same size and dimensions as the Palmistry Learning Cards.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 02 Deck and LWB

It comes with a fold-out little white booklet (LWB) and a deck that’s very easy to work with. It’s high-gloss, sturdy, will definitely withstand some wear and tear, and most important of all, is effective in teaching the basics and fundamentals of the Kabbalah.

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Deck Review of the Art of Life Tarot

Art of Life Tarot 01 Box

The Art of Life Tarot by Charlene Livingstone is the tarot deck I would create. It’s totally up my alley in every way. Let’s bring together the structure of tarot with classical art and inspirational quotes from literary masters and spiritual leaders. That’s what Charlene Livingstone has done here and U.S. Games then materialized her vision into one of the most beautifully packaged decks I’ve seen.

Art of Life Tarot 03 Box as Stand

The box that the deck comes in does a cool transformers trick and becomes a display stand. That rocks. Above you’ll see how it all works, with the box-display-stand showing The Empress card, which features a painting of Saint Catherine by Raphael and a quote by Denis Diderot on passion. “Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.”

Now, let’s try a reading…

Art of Life Reading 01 Cards Choose One

Above, we have five cards under five stones. Right to left, we first see red tiger eye. Choose the card below the red tiger eye for insight into work/career matters. If you want to know about your personal finances and money matters, choose the card below the citrine quartz. If you want to know about a creative project you’re working on, choose the card below the dumortierite. If you want a message on your current spiritual path, choose the card below the amethyst. For a wild card, for whatever message Spirit will impart onto you, choose the card below the crystal quartz.

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Gemstone Source Tip: Crystal River Gems in Pittsburgh

Foreground: Bloodstone
Foreground: Bloodstone

I am a gemstone and crystal hoarder. I’m not an expert in rocks and minerals, but I am a zealous enthusiast and for the most part, can identify most common stones. Hubby, a world traveler, makes a point to bring back stones and crystals for me from wherever he goes, and not from stores at retail price points, oh heavens no– he’s not that kind of guy anyway. He’s an adventurer, rock climber, hiker, goes places where there is no running water, plumbing, electricity, or internet. Those are the places he brings home rocks and crystals for me from. I also happen to work for a company that owns a couple of mines and trades internationally in natural resources, so that helps. Finally, I buy a ton of stones on my own. Most places I buy from are ehh, okay, that will do. But this place… omigosh this place…. Crystal River Gems in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Crystal River Gems - Card and Assortment IIt started with a personal hunt for tumbled malachite. I bought some from this other seller, who will go unnamed, and was disappointed. It was expensive and then the stones that came were, for one, small, all under 1.0 inch, lackluster, and some were even chipped. I was displeased, but still needed to restock my personal malachite collection. Then I stumbled upon Crystal River Gems.

Okay first of all, they were selling the same weight of malachite and same size description at a slightly lower price than the place I had just purchased from. So right away I was a touch skeptical. Here is what came:

Malachite from Crystal River Gems
Malachite from Crystal River Gems

Every one of those stones is over 1.0 inch long. Over! Some close to 2.0 inches. The pieces have a great meaty roundness to them, not like some sliver morsels of gemstones that you get when you order in bulk. I also ordered the bloodstones you see above. I’m always in short supply of bloodstones, it seems, as I work frequently with them. Feels like everyone and their mother I metaphysically empower stones via sigils for need bloodstone. Anyway.

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Tarot Blog Hop: Awaken the Heart


“[T]he still point of the center of the fixed stimulates germination and the awakening of the heart.”

This is the 2016 Midwinter Tarot Blog Hop, titled “Awaken the Heart” and coordinated by our lovely wrangler, Joy Vernon. Check out the master list of all Blog Hop participants here. To my left shoulder is JoannaKate of A Journey with the Thoth Tarot and to my right is Arwen of Tarot by Arwen.

All participants were to take the above quote and run with it. The astrological correspondence for today is the 15th degree of the sign Aquarius, the fixed center of a fixed sign, with Aquarius expressed in Key 17: The Star card in the Major Arcana of tarot. The Star card is about “Awakening the Heart,” per Qabalistic correspondences subscribed to by the Golden Dawn. We can also look at the three decans of Aquarius in the Minor Arcana– the Five of Swords, Six of Swords, and Seven of Swords. Or let’s talk about how this mid-winter time of the year is a time of birthing– the quickening of seeds into the earth and the first litters of animals.

Five Six Seven of Swords

Those were the prompts we were given. We blogger participants were to take those prompts and write about something tarot-related. I’d like to talk about the Five, Six, and Seven of Swords in the Rider-Waite-Smith. For me–and the astrological correspondences may differ from reader to reader–the Five of Swords is Venus in Aquarius; the Six of Swords is Mercury in Aquarius; and the Seven of Swords is the Moon in Aquarius.

Perhaps these cards don’t immediately call to your mind an “awakening of the heart,” but in each of these cards, we see individuals who are on the verge of reaching that “still point” of their own center. In each scene, a specific spiritual seed is being planted in that moment that has been captured on the card.

In the Five of Swords, the figure in the foreground is beaming with victory for having defeated others, but we onlookers can finish that narrative– he is about to realize quite quickly that he is alone at the top, without friends, without camaraderie. Is his winning worth what he has lost? We know that he is about to experience an awakening of his heart, of realizing that winning isn’t everything.

As for the figures in the background who have been defeated, we can picture the next scene for each of these fellows. What do we ourselves do right after failure? We find a quiet corner to be alone and to lick our wounds. There is a moment of dark uncertainty, of not knowing exactly where we’ll go next with our lives, because defeat can feel like death. Yet it is this defeat (and also the realization that victory by unethical means puts us at an uneasy position of no support) that stimulates germination, triggering a growth within us. These figures are each at a still point, and to get past the defeat (and loneliness), there is no choice but to find their own center and then go from there. It is through an awakening of the heart that we get past our failures (or our ignorance) and move on. To me, the Venus in Aquarius correspondence speaks of an emotional awakening to come.


In the Six of Swords, the vast waters ahead of the figures in the boat represent that still point we head to when we’re trying to put distance between us and our past. While the Five of Swords shows us reaching the still point to experience an awakening of the heart, the Six of Swords shows us trying desperately to grasp at the still point, without success, because the boat is in movement, and we are in transit.

The hooded figure in the boat is said to be running away from a troubled past, with a prognostication that the future will bring smoother sailing. There is a paradox here, however. By the condition of the boat being in the water, the water cannot be smooth. The boat’s movement causes the rippling. Thus, the wisdom to be gained here is that so long as the boat is in movement, there can be no smooth waters. A still point at the center of the lake is required. That lake is a metaphor for our body of thoughts, the mind, noting the Mercury in Aquarius correspondence for the card. It is that future point when the figures in the boat come to a still point, no longer in transit, that their personal centers can become fixed and an awakening of their hearts can happen.

In the Seven of Swords, we see in the background the opposite of being fixed– we see the impermanence of the tents. If the Five of Swords is about an inevitable awakening to happen brought on by the circumstances we’re dealt with, and the Six of Swords is about the paradox of not being able to attain awakening when you run desperately to get to it, then the Seven of Swords, the Moon in Aquarius, is addressing what needs to happen at the subconscious level, noting the moon’s astrological attribution to our subconscious and the inner realm.

Toward an awakening is at the periphery of the consciousness for each of the figures in these cards, except the figure in the Seven of Swords. Even the victor in the Five of Swords is going to be forced toward awakening as soon as he realizes the isolation and loneliness that comes with his form of victory. But the figure in the Seven of Swords is unaware. The Moon in Aquarius correspondence for the Seven of Swords tells us that much is trapped in the subconscious. The figure in the Seven of Swords is entangled in the acts of both the Five and Six of Swords–simultaneously trying to gain an unfair advantage and trying to run away from trouble.

Yet I like to say that while the acts of the victor in the Five of Swords are intentional, they are not so by the figure in the Seven of Swords. Here is someone mischievous, but not devious. I do not see red hat red boots guy as malicious. He believes life has dealt him an unfair hand and he’s just trying to take control and gain his own edge. However, that is not stillness. His path is a far removed path from awakening of the heart. When the Seven of Swords appears in a reading, we must face our own disquiet and realize what we’re doing is not toward spiritual growth. We must take a deep dive into our subconscious to figure out what’s really motivating us.

The Five of Swords, with the numerical value five being closest to the “center,” also shows people who are closest to an awakening. As we move from the Six to the Seven, we move away from that center, and so germination cannot take hold. We can each identify with either the runaways in the Six of Swords or the runaway in the Seven of Swords. At every point, we identify with one or the other–each run an attempt to get to someplace better, but the Aquarian essence contains the true answer: finding the fixed position is what will awaken the heart.

If you hopped here by way of JoannaKate, then continue on to Arwen’s post!


Magical Parenting: The Metaphysician Mother


Or father. I’ve been hearing a lot about parenting for pagans and wanted to add my own thoughts. However, I won’t be talking about it from the perspective of the parent. I want to talk about it from the perspective of the child.

Now, my parents are not pagan, mostly because that word is not in their vocabulary. They’re Taiwanese immigrants. However, my mother is a metaphysical practitioner, though she wouldn’t see it that way. What she thinks she does is as natural as cooking, praying, dreaming, meditating, and just using what you have within reach to manifest what you want.

I think that is an important point. Growing up, I never saw what she did as “occult,” though living in the Western society has made me realize that Westerners would define what she does as totally occult. Paying attention to equinoxes and solstices, knowing when the veil was thinnest, when to honor the dead, what to do when there was heightened spirit activity, calling upon the elements of nature and combining it with recitations to make things happen, understanding the phases of the moon– these weren’t seen as pagan.

“After their deaths, in my dreams I went down to the realm your late auntie and uncle were trapped in and it was so cold and dark. They told me they were hungry. So we burned offerings and chanted prayers for them and then many nights later I visited them again. I saw that they were now in a different, better realm, very happy and at peace.” (Mom, paraphrased)

I’ve come to understand that in the Western society, that is absolutely bonkers, but in Mom’s world, that was perfectly normal. And accepted at face value. After a death in the family, she’d relay her dreams and all the relatives would just nod. Yeah, that makes sense, they’d confirm. Okay, let’s burn offerings and chant prayers. And then they’d all wait for Mom’s post-dream-shamanic-travels to verify that the offerings and chanting worked. Mom always said that dead people liked to call to her from the post-mortem realms they were in, and so she’d go to them in her dream state to bring back messages for the living. God, growing up when that happened, I’d cover my ears and run out of the room and make it clear to all who’d listen that I thought all of this was batshit crazy.

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