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Whether or not you believe literally in reincarnation, a past life reading is an interesting revelatory experience. If your spiritual practice includes shadow work, then I highly recommend booking a past life reading. Past life readings explore shadow aspects of personal karma, whether you subscribe to the belief that cause-and-effect is across many lifetimes or cause-and-effect relates to repressed memories in the subconscious, either way, the narrative that emerges from a past life reading explains why you are the way you are, why you experience what you experience, and what soul fragmentation you must overcome for spiritual growth and healing.

Past life readings are of particular sentimental value to me, and it is a practice I take quite seriously. Your past life reading will be the synthesis of two different components. The first is past life astrology. The second is automatic mirror script writing.

Natal Chart (Anon)

You could say that the astrological component of our reading is rather clinical and analytical. Each sign, the placement of the planets, the elemental basis of the houses, and how all of that comes together and are arranged in your chart denote something that I would contend is rather objective. I believe that 10 astrologers reading the same exact chart with the same exact analytical pattern for past life astrology using this set analytical approach will reach similar deductions, with minimal variation. (Maybe one will say you were a farmer, and the other would say perhaps a peasant, and maybe a third might put it as someone who tilled the lands. That’s what I mean by minimal variation.)

The second part of the reading is the antithesis of past life astrology. It’s done through channeling and is about as unverifiable, un-clinical, and un-analytical as you can get. The theory behind the second component is that I use your natal chart to tap into some sort of collective unconscious and use your chart as—if you will—a compass to navigate me toward your personal energetic field in that unconscious space and see if I, as a third party passive observer, can view any part of your previous life, see what I can see, and report back to you. In all honesty, ask 10 practitioners to do 10 past life readings for you and there is no guarantee you will get anywhere near similar responses.

I believe the marriage of both into one cohesive past life reading is an optimal approach, and so that is the approach I take. In the below video, I try to explain what I mean by automatic mirror script writing.

While I believe we have many past lives, this past life astrology analysis is based on your present life natal chart. The way I read the chart, it yields the one past life that is most influential on your present life karma. What is in your subconscious now, your inclinations, and innate abilities are based on the experiences of this particular past life and it is only through the balancing and reconciliation of the karma from this past life incarnation that you will be able to move on completely from the tethers of your past life karma.

Even if you do not believe in reincarnation, what a past life reading does rather well is offer an alternative-dimension narrative to explain aspects of your shadow self and bring to the surface what was latent in your subconscious that have can help you grasp a more cogent perspective of why you are who you are today. I find it fascinating that the balanced approach of astrology and automatic writing to a past life reading produces a story that time and time again resonates deeply with the seeker and imparts timely lessons and explanations to the seeker about his or her present life.

Contents of a Past Life Reading

Every past life reading report includes a table of contents for ease of reference. We begin with a short summary of the profile we get from the past life incarnation, which blends both the astrology and automatic writing.

Using past life astrology metrics, we address your moon sign and what that means in terms of your past life incarnation, and then get into analysis of your fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses, and the planetary bodies and personal sensitive points occupying those houses. We will also address Chiron, Lilith, and Selena, with a lot of content carried over from texts that would be found in the “Inner Darkness, Inner Light” reading, but with added lines relating to past life astrology. We will also address the north node and south node, and implications there with regard to past lives.

Woven through each astrological section will be my written impressions of the narratives I received through your reading and tapping into your personal energetic field. The structure of the past life reading is written in a nonlinear form, where we weave between past life analysis and also ongoings in your present life incarnation, mainly to reflect on how the two relate.

Delivery Time

Given my difficult schedule, I can’t provide an accurate estimate for delivery time. If that is not something you are okay with, then I won’t be the right reader for you. Typically, for these past life readings, I have been tendering delivery of the PDF to you via email within 30 days of the order confirmation.

Payment Details

Payment will be by PayPal or by e-mail of an Amazon gift card in the stated dollar amount. Payment will be after receipt of your reading.

For $65, you’re getting:

  • JPG file of your birth chart constructed under the whole signs system
  • PDF written reading report subdivided into two part: Part I is a cold, objective report based on past life astrology metrics I’ve designed and Part II is based entirely on my intuition, produced through automatic writing
  • PDF scan of my automatic writing notes for your session

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For a full service listing of divinatory reading options I offer, click on the banner.