Living Magick Learning Cards Series: Tree of Life Kabbalah

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 01 Deck

I reviewed the Palmistry Learning Cards from the Living Magick Learning Card Series not too long ago. I’m now moving on to the Tree of Life Learning Cards. The deck contains 60 cards and are the same size and dimensions as the Palmistry Learning Cards.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 02 Deck and LWB

It comes with a fold-out little white booklet (LWB) and a deck that’s very easy to work with. It’s high-gloss, sturdy, will definitely withstand some wear and tear, and most important of all, is effective in teaching the basics and fundamentals of the Kabbalah.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 03 Cards Front

The above photo shows the first ten cards and how they look on the front side.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 04 Cards Back

I’ve taken a photograph of the same ten cards as before, but flipped over four of them so you can sample the information provided for each point of study. Like the Palmistry Learning Cards, the text is presented in a succinct yet comprehensive way. You won’t master Kabbalisic studies with this deck but it is absolutely perfect for the beginner.

Personally, I have found the idea of studying the Kabbalah overwhelming, and so have always dragged my feet a bit in delving into the study. However, these cards were perfect. After going through the flash cards a couple of times, my confidence was raised and I felt like Kabbalistic studies was something I could feasibly take on. I don’t think I would have reached that level of self-confidence without this beginner’s learning deck. For that, the Living Magick Learning Series is wholly effective.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 05 Cards Front

Above is a photograph of the next ten cards. Below is a photogram of the same ten cards, with four cards turned over so you can see content. The information is really well packaged for the beginner. The writing is clear, easy to understand, and highly digestible. I love that I can toss these flash cards into my handbag, go off to live my day, and during free moments, take these cards out and flip through them to begin building my foundational knowledge in this subject.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 06 Cards Back

18th and 19th century tarotists, or occultists generally, placed great emphasis on integrating the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life with tarot symbolism. While you can certain read tarot quite powerfully without any knowledge of the Kabbalah, I do believe that the study not only enriches your use of tarot but also provides many new layers of contextual understanding for Western occult studies. I just don’t think you study Western occultism and not study the Kabbalah.

That’s different from implementing or actively adopting Kabbalistic principles into your personal practice or gnosis. But you certainly need to have studied it. It’s like taking criminal law in your first year of law school and having some rudimentary knowledge of that body of jurisprudence even though you’re now a real estate attorney. If you’re into Western occult studies, then you need to have some rudimentary knowledge of the Tree of Life. This deck will give you that foundation.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 07 Cards FrontTree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 08 Cards Back

If you’re a tarot reader or just someone generally interested in the occult and you’ve always kinda sorta wanted to know more about the Kabbalah but just never had enough motivation to delve into it, believing to a certain degree it might be too dense for you, then get this deck. You’re going to love these Learning Cards.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 10 Cards Back

If you keep a personal journal, log, or book of your occult studies and practices, then there’s another reason to love these flash cards: many of the cards are so perfectly illustrated with accompanying text that you could pretty much copy them into the pages of your personal book. (No worries; if it’s your personal journal that no one sees but you, it’s totally fair use.)

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 11 Cards Front

As you go through each card, not only will you gain knowledge of Kabbalistic principles, but light bulbs will continually go on in your head as what you’re learning deepens and enhances your knowledge of the tarot. You’re going to find remarkable overlapping and finally understand what all the “Tarot and the Kabbalah” fuss is all about.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 13 Sample Card

I’m so glad I got this deck. This deck enabled me to finally wade more than just my big toe into the pool that is Kabbalistic studies. It’s $25 give or take, and you can order it here from Living Magick. For an educational tool that you’ll revisit over and over, that you can take with you on the go in your backpack or purse, that’s made of this great quality that will last for years maybe even decades to come, it’s well worth the price.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 14 LWB

Even the LWB is a treasure, packed with information, a mini-book.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 15 Box Front

If you’re that tarot enthusiast who is rather proficient with tarot and you’ve thought about learning the Kabbalah to enhance your studies but then convince yourself it’s not necessary mostly because you’re secretly afraid it’s going to be too hard for you, then get this deck! You’ll be so thrilled you did. You’ll gain all the knowledge you need to at least hold a conversation about the Kabbalah or the Tree of Life and tarot without sounding like an idiot.

Tree of Life Kabbalah Learning Cards 16 Box Back

7 thoughts on “Living Magick Learning Cards Series: Tree of Life Kabbalah

  1. Undines

    This is great, I have the Hermetic deck and I have been reluctant to truly get to know the deck because of the kabbalistic aspect of it. It seems so daunting.


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  6. Adrien

    Thank you so much for reviewing this learning deck! I bought Dion Fortune’s book on the Qabbalah but not beeing an english native speaker make some parts hard to understand. This will be the perfect tool to learn! The fact that is presented as cards make it even fun to test your knowledge by randomly picking a card and trying to give an explanation about it.


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