SKT: Revelation 2nd – Printing Status Update

Tarot Uncut Sheets

On our production milestones, we’re at the stage of cutting. The uncut sheets have all been printed. After cutting, the next stage will be gilding.

Our factory informed us that they are projecting May 7 for delivery outbound, which means we hope to receive it on our front doorsteps by July 15.

Card back design for the Certificates of Authenticity (noting assignment of Orders)

Interspersed throughout this status update post will be photos our factory sent to us. They’re really good about keeping us in the loop and providing full disclosure of the process, so for that I’ve been grateful.

Just love catching the partial glimpses of the printing machinery!

LWB back and front covers

But just a heads up– I’ll be in Rhineback, New York between July 13 and July 16 for the Masters of the Tarot Conference founded by Mary K. Greer and the late Rachel Pollack.

I’ll be presenting at the conference alongside Mary Greer, Siddharth Ramakrishnan, and Ellen Lorenzi-Prince. The theme of this year’s event: Exploring the intersection of neuroscience and the magic, myth, and mysticism of tarot.

Certificates of Authenticity that will be signed

And then, if I’m in upstate New York and I don’t visit my mother, she’ll kill me, so July 17 through 19 I’ll be visiting Mom and Dad, and will be back home, sleeves rolled, packing and rolling bright and early the 20th.

Haha, that’s so cool– look in the bottom corner of the preceding photo. You’ll see the printed sheets that “didn’t make the cut.” So curious what the issue was that caused those sheets to not pass the quality standards check.

I will say that from these photos, the color saturation does look richer, and more aligned with how I originally originally thought they’d look. But I also know that a lot of camera phones these days have this auto-color-adjust function. My camera phone does it sometimes.

So again, you really can’t judge what the actual physical cards will look like in your hands from these photos or  from any digital image files– boy have I learned that the hard way. =)

You are now as up to date as I am on what’s going on. Thank you so, so very much for your continued patience with us, understanding, and support.

10 thoughts on “SKT: Revelation 2nd – Printing Status Update

  1. Nikitta

    Hi Benebell, really lovely to see these new cards. I’ve emailed about international postage for 4 or more decks as instructed on your pre-order page, would you be able to let me know via email so I can let all my eager friends know 🙂 Thanks a lot!


        1. Nikitta

          Very eager to order but will still need to know about the international postage for purchasing 4 plus decks, any idea? Otherwise I could only order 3 and one of my friends will cry!!! 😂


  2. WeeZee

    Cannot wait & so excited!! Any chance you might consider having a PDF/audio/video etc of your presentation for purchase? Wish I could go, but I cannot. Attending a conference live to hear you speak is on my bucket list!


  3. Kristine

    I will be seeing you at Rhinebeck and was hoping to have my deck to bring with me. Alas, I will be ever-so-patient. Thank you for the update. The cards look stunning,


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