Comparing the First and Second Printings of SKT: Revelation

The current version of SKT open for pre-orders is the second print run of the full-color Revelation Edition. For ordering information, please click here.

Also, there continues to be confusion around the editions, print runs, etc., so I’ll try to clarify again.

In 2018, I printed a limited edition black and white SKT, with a print run of 1,000 copies. After those copies were sold, that’s it. Hence, limited edition.

In 2019, I printed a limited edition sepia-toned SKT Vitruvian, with a run of 2,000 copies, where each and every one of those 2,000 decks was given a name.

Both the black and white First and the sepia-toned Vitruvian are out of print. If and when you see them on second-hand markets going for astronomical prices, that’s not me. That has nothing to do with me.

In 2021 I released the third and final full-color Revelation edition of SKT. The Revelation is open edition. That means there will be various print runs. A first print run of 3,507 copies came out in 2021.

Now in 2023 there is a second print run of 3,168 copies.

Editions: You’ll see that the difference between the three editions of SKT (First, Vitruvian, and Revelation) are immediately noticeable.

Three Editions of SKT

The First is in black and white. The Vitruvian is sepia-toned with a handful of the cards totally changed. The Revelation is in full color, with many of the cards substantially changed from the First and Vitruvian. There were material changes from edition to edition.

Print Runs / Printings: I define print runs as merely a reprint of an open edition deck. There will never be “print runs” of the First or Vitruvian because they were limited edition decks. However, since Revelation is an open edition deck, there are no limitations on print runs, though of course there will be a fixed number of decks per print run.

Current Print Runs of SKT: Revelation

All print runs of the Revelation deck will be substantially the same. Print runs of the same edition will not incur any material changes, meaning the design values remain the same. I might change around the card back or packaging design, correct typos I’ve found since the last print run, and make minor tweaks. There will be no material changes from print run to print run, but there might be immaterial edits.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions in our inbox on exactly what the differences are between the first and second print runs of the Revelation, so I’m hoping to consolidate that info in one place, via this blog post.

Differences Between the First Printing and Second Printing of the Revelation Edition

  • With the first printing, you could choose between the $55 deck-only option and a $65 deck + Book of Maps option. With the second printing, we only offered the $65 deck + Book of Maps option.
  • All second print run decks are sorted and assigned into Orders, based on the Taoist Ba Gua (Eight Trigrams) and the Immortal archetype represented by the trigrams.
  • The Certificate of Authenticity accompanying each deck notes which Order the deck has been assigned to.
  • Text in the Little White Book has been revised for readability. First print run LWB was 84 pages. Second print run LWB is 88 pages.
  • Exterior box design substantially the same, with minor coloring differences. Interior box panels have changed slightly.
  • Book of Maps has been revised, correcting typos. Some immaterial additions and revisions to the text. Updated certain card entries to align with the design updates.
  • Design revisions to the Ten of Chalices and Ten of Swords.
  • New card back design.
  • A complementary Book of Readings SKT study journal (digital copy only) is included with the second printing, whereas the first printing came with a different SKT study journal.
  • Unintentionally, color saturation did change slightly between the first printing and second printing.

The video at the top of the page shows a side by side comparison between the two print runs. Left is always the first print run, right is the second print run. Top is the first print run, bottom is the second.

Approved digital proofs for the first printing (left) and second printing (right)

The color saturation difference between the first print run and second print run was unintentional. As you can see from the above side by side comparison of the digital proofs we approved for the first printing (left) and the second (right), they were substantially the same.

How substantially the same digital proofs became what you see above, y’all, I dunno. C’est la vie, is what I’m chalking it up to.

I hope that helps to clarify any confusion around the two printings of SKT: Revelation.

If you still have any questions, please drop them in the comments below. I’ll do my best to keep up and answer any that are posted.

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