Love Oracle of Eden by Abusua Pa

The boutique indie publisher Abusua Pa, who printed the Tazama African Tarot, has released an absolutely exquisite and divine oracle deck, the Love Oracle of Eden. This is the second deck by the Black-owned publishing house, whose mission is to increase Black representation in tarot and art.

“Joy is the essence of my being.” – from the Love Oracle of Eden guidebook (2022)

With the Love Oracle of Eden, writes the creators Bjorn Franklin and Chiria Da Luz Fortes, “We had the idea to create a deck about love and relationships, as we did not come across many decks that covered this important subject while including people of colour.”

“To encourage honesty and love with oneself no matter how painful it may be. . . . Even my worst day is a sincere blessing and an opportunity to show myself and those around me grace.” – from the Love Oracle of Eden guidebook

They stumbled upon the art of A.J. and Chantelle Hamilton, the artists of the Love Oracle of Eden. 56 incredible models posed for these photographic compositions, each meticulously curated by the artists for this deck.

Let’s start with the production value. Holy smokes I’ve never seen anything quite like this. The caliber of thought and, like, at this point that deck box is some sort of origami, the level of care that goes into the craftsmanship is impressive. Every design element is not only beautiful, but serves symbolic purpose.

The art featured on the deck box is by Lina Kusalte of Cocooncharacters. The floral illustrations lend their meaning to the theme of Love. Tulips stand for perfected and deep love, ideal unconditional love; the blue iris for faith, hope, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Wings featured on the box design express freedom, liberation, and soaring to new heights–achieving the otherwise unattainable.

And the star elements, which is embossed in gold on the cards themselves, is symbolic of divinity.

Let’s walk through the 45 cards. The cardstock is sturdy, but because there’s a glossy finish, they fan out and shuffle smoothly, with no friction. There’s something hallowed about the experience you’ll have working with the Love Oracle of Eden. The figures in these cards come across as angelic and divine.

Hamilton’s photography expertly captures movement, flow, rhythm, and dance. You can feel the flow. As we Asians might say, there’s palpable qi that emanates out from these illustrations. They inspire your own movement, flow, and rhythm.

The card descriptions are written by Angelica Hanson of HAVEN Metaphysical. I encourage working the cards in tandem with the guidebook, almost integrating a form of bibliomancy. When “Create” appears, it’s encouraging you to envision and then manifest your visions of love, joy, and meaning.

The guidebook notes about this card’s depiction: “A being is wrapped in a flag that represents an important aspect of their identity. They’re holding a world in their arm, a world that they have carved for themselves using their own tools.”

I really appreciate the diversity of human form depicted. There’s a style here that reminds me a bit of the illuminated religious paintings from the early Renaissance.

When the “Heal” card appears in your reading, you’re being called to focus your awareness around health and recovery. Here you see the Rod of Asclepius, expressing how healing is a spiraling journey to recovery, from both seen and unseen ailments. At its core, healing is about alchemy. Remind yourself — “Every day, I move forward on a track of healing and recovery.”

Love Oracle of Eden expresses seven facets of Love. There’s Eros, romantic love; Philia, affectionate love; Storge, familial love; Ludus, playful love; Pragma, enduring love; Agape, universal love; and Philautia, self-love. Each card touches upon one of these seven facets.

Wow– that Protect card though… riiiight? When this card appears in your reading, you’re being called to protect others. First, build up your own resilience so that you might bear tough times. But then your greater purpose is to help build boundaries of protection for those you love, and those who depend on you.

My first reading with this deck was me asking the cards, “Please tell me about yourself.” The card I pulled was “Sacred.” Integrating the guidebook’s card description into my reading, the purpose of this deck is to safeguard what is most important in the querent’s relationships and to make time to focus on the most precious things in our lives. When this card comes up, remind yourself, “My life and all it entails is sacred.” These, too, resonate as if they were spoken by the Voice of this deck.

That “Tenderness” card is poignant. “A being wearing armor has one glove removed so they’re able to hold a young child close. The child is safe and at ease within the adult being’s arms.” This card reminds you: “You are not what you’ve been through.” Remember: Choose to stay tender and compassionate, even when the world is not.

The deck comes with a beautiful hardback guidebook. Every aspect of creating this deck is cast as if by mindful magi who know that details matter, that every layer of creation adds to the created work’s power. And no shortcuts are taken here, no design element overlooked.

The olive green velveteen pouch ever so lovingly and protectively guards your precious deck. What has been created here is an oracle deck that is sacred, that is to be approached with reverence and humility. Come open and receptive and you will be filled with exactly the guidance and direction you sought.

Remind yourself: “Every breath I take increases my awareness of the many forms of prosperity and abundance that I have to share.”

ORDER THE LOVE ORACLE OF EDEN directly from the creators here.

Alternatively, if it’s more convenient, you can order it directly from Amazon here.

Considering the production value, the versatility and incredible insights to be had from the deck, and what you’re fully getting from these cards, the investment you put in is surprisingly modest. I’m so impressed by how the creators were mindful of making sure their price points kept this luxe and high-end deck accessible.

This is the deck to work with if you’re seeking a deeper understanding of the many facets of Love and of interpersonal relationships. This is a great deck to use in professional psychic or mediumship readings, especially ones that touch on love and relationships. The Love Oracle of Eden will help you to cultivate awareness of both yourself and the people you care about. Just an all around incredible deck to read with.

FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received these decks from the publisher for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion.

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