SKT Revelation Update: Minor Revisions

I’ve decided to change the card back design to the one you see above center. The really ornate one runs a higher risk of looking chaotic after printing. From trial and experience, I learned that the ornate one looks pretty cool on screen digitally, but after printing at standard tarot card size, I dunno why, it just looks too busy…even for me!

That said, I still took a risk with the addition of the gold filigree borders, which is something I had said I wasn’t going to do.

Above right is what I had intended on for this second print run, without the gold filigree border because there’s a risk of uneven cutting, which would result in uneven borders. That was something we experienced with the first print run, and so I had resolved to take out the border.

But the border looks so much better that, in my view, it’s worth the risk. Looking at my first print run, even when the borders came out slightly uneven, it still looks better than the card design without borders.

Above center was the card back design on the certificates of authenticity from the first print run. Above left was the card back design for the Vitruvian SKTs.

Here’s a comparison between the first print run card back design (left, the blue one) and the the one I’ve chosen to go with for this second print run (right, the gold one).

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