AI Art Controversy: The Libran Perspective =)

Everyone from all corners and interest groups have been buzzing over AI art, or at least this is most certainly the case in my world.

Here are some from the online hamlets I lurk in: Juli, Heather, and Sarah chat about AI Art here. Here’s Ethony’s take, “Are AI Art Tarot Decks Immoral or Genius?” Will and Kate touch on AI created tarot decks in this discussionGoliath, the creator of the El Goliath Tarot, weighs in as well. I’m really loving Chaweon Koo’s perspective in this article, “Will You Burn the AI Like You Burned the Witch?

If I tried to list out all the impactful video discussions on AI art I’ve been loving, it would just go on and on, so I won’t link to the more popular takes from artists themselves. Plus, you can find them via any quick keyword search on YouTube.

I’ve been quite verbose myself when it comes to sharing my thoughts and commentary on AI art. See below hyperlinks to three past blog posts. As an assist I’ve outlined bullet point lists of subtopics each blog post covers.

But I thought I might add a candid video chat, too. =)

My Commentaries on AI Art

2021 Dec. 5

How Do We Value Art? What AI art means for tarot and oracle deck publishing

  • Playing around with
  • Is AI art indistinguishable from human-made digital art?
  • What principles determine great art?
  • Socratic & Platonic philosophy on art
  • Taoist & Confucian philosophy on art
  • Art composition: design theory
  • Disegno (Italian Renaissance)
  • Confucianist aesthetics
  • AI’s creative process vs. human artist’s creative process
  • Is AI doing a better job than humans?

2021 Dec. 6

I Ching Oracle Cards with AI Generated Art (Free Download)

  • Having fun with AI generated art apps
  • AI art doesn’t “lack soul”
  • Who is the creator when it’s AI art?
  • Free download of I Ching oracle cards (AI generated art)
  • Zip files of all downloadable image files for hexagrams

2022 Sep. 14

AI Generated Art + Tarot and Oracle Decks with AI

  • Personal dabblings with AI art
  • Does AI art lack soul?
  • Rising popularity of AI generated art decks
  • AI art won’t replace fine art (but may impact illustration)
  • What artists are saying
  • IP implications of AI art
  • Valuing AI generated art
  • More of my thoughts

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