SKT Revelation 2nd Printing: Status Update

Digital proofs are here. Next step would be physical proofs to be mailed to us for final review, but there are a few details that need tweaking.

Alignment looks good on the cards. As for coloring, looks good, but you really can’t tell from e-proofs (I’ve learned that…). So we still need to withhold opinion on coloring.

I have to re-send the card back design. I guess I didn’t include enough bleed area or margin, because the center ornamental colorful thingie looks huge! That wasn’t my intent!

It should actually look more like the Virtruvian card backs, only now in color. =) See the spacing around/between the center ornamental thingie and the card edge? That was the amount of space I was intending. Scroll back up to see how the proofs for the Revelation 2nd card backs have a lot less spacing around/between.

The certificates look good.

Card back design for the certificates look really good.

Box design looks good, too!

The little white book (LWB) front and back cover design is a smidge off center. See what I mean in the above proofs?

So I need to fix that and re-submit.

Letting you know all this so you can update your time table. Slight delay because I need to re-submit the card back design and the LWB cover art for alignment issues.

Will continue to keep you posted,

7 thoughts on “SKT Revelation 2nd Printing: Status Update

  1. moonmagicglowup

    Will this version be more vibrant than the first round? I’m still deliberating on if I want to grab it since that’s the only thing I wish was different tbh!


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