SKT Revelation Status Update – Proofs Redo

Second print run certificates (showing 1 of 8 Orders)

Please anticipate more delays to delivery of your pre-ordered decks.

(I feel a bit awful that I’m always leading with that in every status update…)

But I’m gonna be pushing back the estimated delivery dates even further now.

Left: 2021 proofs for the first printing. Right: 2023 proofs for thee second printing.

The physical proofs of the printed cards have arrived. And I have questions.

Like why are these proofs cooler-toned than the previous printing when I used the same 600 dpi digital files for both?

Left: 2021 proofs for the first print run. Right: 2023 proofs for the second print run.

I need to backtrack and assess what I did for the 2021 first print run to get those warmer and brighter tones and why these 2023 proofs look cooler, fuzzier (does it? is it just me or do you see the fuzz too?), and like no seriously what is happening.

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