List of the Most Auspicious I Ching Hexagrams

I’ll start by saying it’s gimmicky to claim a list of “the most auspicious” hexagrams in the I Ching. The Book of Changes doesn’t work like that. Not to mention as the sequential lines move through the Changes, line 1 up to line 6, different points of that movement of change can indicate different turns and degrees of auspices.

And so while I Ching practitioners wouldn’t necessarily say there are “good” vs. “bad” hexagrams, in moments of fun, sure, everybody’s got their own shortlist of favorite hexagrams.

Here are my top six.

Hexagram 8: Alliance

Hexagram 8 is about allyship, being inspired by a role model, then rising to become a role model yourself, and in a way, is the hopeful opposite of the concept “blind leading the blind.” This is the great leading the great. You learn from a great leader, then rise to become a great leader. This is diplomacy between and among great leaders.

From the standpoint of internal alchemy, this is alliance of the heart and mind, and thus a state of well-being. It’s having many friends– and allies– so that no matter how the tides turn, there will always be someone there who cares about you, and who lifts you up.

Hexagram 11: Harmony

This is one of those “everybody’s favorites.” This hexagram fosters an environment conducive for peace and prosperity. It’s when a little bit of sincere investment can reap big rewards, and is expressive of the Way of Heaven and Earth.

This is divine union, and so it answers questions in the affirmative. It is the energy of good will, affinity, and synchronicity. Two different systems come together, align, and in their alignment create a foundation of peace, a structure of strength that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Hexagram 26: Cultivate the Supreme

Personal cultural values will determine whether you resonate with hexagram 26 as auspicious or not. It’s about restraint, self-control, discipline, and determination, and a fairly forceful, unambiguous message to brave the challenges ahead.

And yet it prophesies personal success and having cultivated a sublime version of yourself. It’s the potential of perfected self-empowerment.

And once you’ve faced your challenges and achieved greatness, you are called to give back to your community. This is a heartfelt reminder to always pay it forward. Just because you had to suffer through tough times to make it to where you are doesn’t mean others coming up behind you must, too. Ease the road for them.

Hexagram 30: The Spark

This is the enlightening of humankind. Your inner spark becomes a fire that illuminates outward. Inner and outer, upper and lower concord of luminosity. This is knowing the Way, and showing the Way.

Hexagram 30 also expresses the power of attraction, charisma, and the rise of a new age, a new chapter, a new lease on life brighter than the one before.

Hexagram 42: Burgeoning

Hexagram 42 is the energy of increasing, advancing, progress, and expansion. It opens doors, breaks down barriers, and clears the path for opportunity and gains.

Yet it’s also about working for a greater good and to contribute to collective resources, not just personal wealth. The text attributed to the Image (from the Ten Wings) of hexagram 42 has also become a proverb: 君子以見善則遷,有過則改。When sages see the good of others, they are inspired to be better; and when they see the fault of others, they correct that fault in themselves.

Hexagram 59: Making Waves

I interpret Hexagram 59 as revelation of one’s true will and purpose. Beyond that, there are so many reasons why this is one of my favorite hexagrams of the Yi. It reveals the voice of the Oracle– who it is that has been speaking to you this whole time.

This is the story of being injured and in a precarious situation when, as if divinely blessed, a horse gallops toward you, you climb on, and you’re pulled out of danger.

Hexagram 59 is also one of the more politically-charged hexagrams. This is not a typical “auspicious and favorable hexagram,” but it’s one of my personal favorites because it’s an important reminder that in times of great social, collective turmoil, you cannot be afraid of change or reform. When the people speak, listen. Your true will and purpose will always be one in alignment with achieving reform, one divinely tasked toward the greater good.

What is your shortlist of all-time favorite hexagrams? =)

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