To the New Pagan Author…

A video I watched inspired me to hit the record button and share these thoughts. But this is no longer a direct VR to that video (and in fact this video might have taken on a more melancholic tone than intended).

Instead of being a direct VR to the video inspiring this sharing, I will be commenting on what my own experiences have been like.

Here are some of my thoughts 7 years in.

This video is unlisted, which means it won’t appear on my YouTube channel or on the public YouTube platform. I will be experimenting with moving away from that platform and posting more unlisted videos here on the personal website.

5 thoughts on “To the New Pagan Author…

  1. Thank you for sharing this insight, Benebell. I’m not an author, but a voracious reader. You remind me to be aware of how I also might put authors in narrow framework that doesn’t take into account the whole person.
    A blessed Solstice to you,


  2. Alpha

    You have inspired me to express to you how much I value you and your content. I might comment on your blog once a year…maybe…but I do value your opinons and insights. That’s why I bring your posts in through RSS..shhh, don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret) I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into this… (I say that as a former eBay PowerSeller… if they even have such a thing anymore, it’s been a while). It’s alot of work. Recently I expressed a once in a year opinion on something you had posted about, in which I expressed my utter frustration with the modern world and it’s technology. You’ve brought to my attention that I might not have made that exactly clear (one of my numerous major faults). I’ll have to go back and try to find exaclty what I said, but it occurs to me that it could easily have been taken perosnally as I recall you being enthusiastic about the AI…Let’s call it commenters remorse…lol Even though i have no idea if you took it that way or not… If so i would like to apologize for any misunderstanding. It was simply your tpoic reminded me of something I am not happy about with the modern world. Who knows, you might post something down the road that will render me not so pessimistic? That would be a great thing methinks! So, thank you. And Merry Yule!


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  4. LKT

    Wow – So I am finally catching up with your posts… and this one I will have to chew on for a while. I am in the later stages of writing a book, and EVERYONE keeps advising me it’s time to create my brand… and I keep resisting. And I just realized after watching this that what scares me is being pigeon-holed into that two dimensional character of yourself. And maybe I’m resisting because I had a career before embarking on this adventure… and that’s what happened (albeit on a MUCH smaller scale). I think I will need to eventually decide what I am going to care about, and what I am going to have to trust I won’t care about….


  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for this, Benebell! I appreciate what came out, even if it felt like a tangent-ramble when you reflected on its origin.


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