Spacious Tarot by Carrie Mallon

I’ve been so enamored of the art and the premise of tarot reader Carrie Mallon and illustrator Annie Ruygt‘s The Spacious Tarot. In The Spacious Tarot, we explore the spirit of a place, and divine by invoking the genius loci.

Carrie Mallon has been on my radar for a while now. She’s been producing a lot of high-quality, accessible tarot content. Mallon has a YouTube channel where you will find lots of free 30 min. to an hour tarot workshops, such as “How to Work with Tarot Spreads” and “How to Read Tarot Tenderly,” or “The Four Styles of Reading Tarot” and “The Fool’s Journey,” just to name a few. She’s got a calming, down-to-earth, and resonant style of teaching that I think you’ll love.

In The Spacious Tarot, there are a few exquisite instances of cameos from the animal kingdom and depictions of wildlife, such as fish in the four court cards from the suit of Cups, bears in the Pentacles court, blackbirds in the Swords court, and red salamanders in the Wands court.

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