SKT 3.0, Second Septenary Walk-Through

Are you getting SKT fatigue from all my obsessive posts about this deck? =)

I apologize for being so single-track in all my postings at the moment, but that’s just where my mind is at.

I’m amused at how with each edition, I seem to change the same cards over and over. Like here in the second set of Major sevens, once again it’s the Hermit card I revise and the background of the Wheel of Fortune. However, this time around, I did change up my Temperance.

If you watch the above video on YouTube’s platform, timestamp links are in the video description box, so you can skip around from section to section.

This previous post is where you can find the video on the First Septenary of cards. This post is a pictorial walk-through of Keys 1 – 11.

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