Holy Anointing Oil Silent Auction

I’m offering by silent auction the remainder from the large batch of holy anointing oil I crafted specifically for the SKT Vitruvian decks. What’s left after anointing the decks is five (5) one ounce (1 oz.) amber glass bottles with glass eye droppers that we will offer by silent auction. All details below.

My purpose for anointing every deck was to clear it of any malefic or potentially baneful energies in the material and to energetically protect it for the rest of the deck’s lifetime.

You can use this oil to consecrate and bless any object or space intended to be sacred. Every time you perform a space clearing, after you’re done, anoint the corners of that space (four corners or eight corners, depending on your preferred approach). Anoint your altar tools or ritual tools with this oil. Anoint talismanic jewelry intended to be used for personal protection from malefic or baneful forces.

Silent Auction

This was James’s idea, not mine. We have five bottles up for silent auction. One bottle will go up per week. Here’s the schedule:

Week # Bid Starts 12:01 am Bid Ends 12:00 am Notify Date
1 Sep. 28, 2019 Oct. 5, 2019 Oct. 6. 2019
2 Oct. 5, 2019 Oct. 12, 2019 Oct. 13, 2019
3 Oct. 12, 2019 Oct. 19, 2019 Oct. 20, 2019
4 Oct. 19, 2019 Oct, 26, 2019 Oct. 27, 2019
5 Oct. 26, 2019 Nov. 2, 2019 Nov. 3, 2019

E-mail abelldelivers@gmail.com with the subject line “Auction Bid.”

The body of your e-mail should contain the following:

  • Name:
  • E-mail:
  • Bid amount:

A silent auction means you have no idea what others are placing as bids, so it is a shot in the dark. You won’t have an opportunity to know what others have placed as bids, so you can’t wait for a reference and then try to out-bid.

At 12:01 am on the “Bid Start” date, the auction for 1 bottle of the holy anointing oil begins. We will log all incoming e-mails with bids and the bid for that 1 bottle will close at 12:00 am on the “Bid Ends” date. The highest bidder that week will be notified by e-mail on the “Notify Date.”

Then at 12:01 am for the next “Bid Start” date in the table, the auction for the next 1 bottle in line commences, and so on until Nov. 2, 2019 when all 5 bottles will have been spoken for.

Some other rules: You must specify an actual dollar amount. So, for example, “Highest Bid + $1” is not going to be acceptable. (And you thought you were gonna be so sly!)

Watch This Page:

I will be updating this page as each week progressed.

Please note only the winning bids will receive notification. I will then update this page to disclose the winning bid amount for the bottle that had just been claimedRevision: Yes, I was going to disclose the winning bid amount each week for transparency, but James was insistent that doing so was a bad idea. Looking at how the public then focuses on the money and what energies that might be inadvertently created as a result of that focus, I agreed, so decided not to disclose the actual dollar amount. If any of the winners on their own want to voluntarily disclose that insight, they are certainly free to do so, but I don’t want to throw focus on that feature, and if I disclose the winning bid amounts each week, given what they are at this point, the focus will most certainly be on that. =) Thank you for your understanding.

Suggestions for Uses:

So. Beyond rituals in ceremonial magic, here are some, well… more “practical” (see me doing air quotes around that word) uses for Holy Anointing Oil.

I’ll consecrate my altar space and all personal sacred spaces with the Holy Anointing Oil on a monthly basis, either a new moon or full moon, and which I go with will depend on other astrological and also circumstantial factors. Before I proceed with spell-crafting or some really serious-level divination, I’ll anoint myself with the Oil. I also anoint my ritual tools.

A potent and powerful way to cleanse and fortify your space is to anoint either the four directional corners or the eight directional corners (depending on what resonates with you, your tradition, etc.) of every room in your home, on the floor.

If something quite negative or disturbing has taken place, I believe it can leave behind residual bad juju (so eloquently put, I know). A quick and no-fuss way to clear the space of that bad juju is to anoint it with the Holy Anointing Oil. Given the extensive work done to the Oil, you don’t have to do as much of the magical-metaphysical heavy-lifting.

Here’s something interesting. I am an Auntie to a lot of little ones and here’s something I’ve come to realize. When children have bad dreams, wake up in the middle of the night, and refuse to go back to their rooms, into their beds and sleep, you can make the bad monsters and nightmares go away by anointing the circumference around their beds and also their headboard. Anoint stuffed animals so the stuffed animals will transform into powerful spirits that can fight and defeat the bad monsters. I’ve got many reliable testimonies that this works… for some reason. *shrug*

After being quite amused that the Oil can work in such a way, I tried it myself, and had other grown-ups try it on ourselves. Remarkably, it can help , in its own little, special, spiritual way, with more restful sleep. Also, when I’m feeling emotionally low, the scent of this Oil picks me up.

Anoint door knobs for protection. Anoint your car, inside and out– again either four directional corners or eight directional corners– for travel protection; anoint your bike, or anoint the soles of all your shoes or a drop inside each shoe. Anoint the jewelry you regularly wear and if they have already been charged with specific properties, anoint with the intention that the Oil will amplify that charge.

Here’s one thing that’s basically a must for me. If I’m working through a particular project, I have to anoint the table I work on. That might be my computer desk when I’m writing (I type my manuscripts), or my drawing desk, etc. For me it’s compulsory that my divination or reading table has been recently anointed with the Oil. Since I have a protective covering on my mobile phone, I also anoint the protective covering of my phone just because. I anointed the four corners of my day planner at the start of the year (actually, it’s eight times– the four corners of the laminated front cover and the four corners of the laminated back cover). Generally, overall, I love the scent and find it so calming, so inviting, so I really like to anoint my earrings.

SKT Holy Anointing Oil 2

Winner Receives Three Talisman-Charged Cards

I will also intuitively select for each winner three (3) cards that will then be charged as talismans, with a write-up of the blessing and intentions included with the cards.

OR…alternatively, a three-card tarot reading from me, which I will write up and send to you, along with the three cards drawn in your reading.

You get to choose which you want: three talisman-charged cards or a three-card reading. In both options, I will send you the physical three cards along with your oil.

The selection of cards will come from my stacks of replacement decks. In other words, please take note that the three-card reading, if that’s what you choose, is not from a “full deck,” but will come from one of the stacks of “reserved for replacement cards” decks I have on hand from my First and Vitruvian Editions when I was selling them.

What are “reserved for replacement cards” decks? When fulfilling deck orders for both the black and white First Edition and the sepia Vitruvian, I had to set aside a couple of decks for each edition to send out replacement cards from, in the event certain cards that folks received were damaged.

SKT Holy Anointing Oil 3

Some Gemstones and/or Crystals

For those who’ve been keep track of my various ramblings in the past, you know that I have enough gemstones and crystals in my home stock that I could quite realistically open up a gemstones and crystals shop. I mean, I really have that many stones and that many varieties of stones. In fact, bragging here, I have more stones and more varieties of stones in my personal inventory than most of the metaphysical shops I’ve seen. =D

Anyway, so the reason I’m mentioning that is I’ll be listening to what the winner of each week’s silent auction has to say about their needs and stage of life at this time and, if you provide your birth details, studying your birth chart as well, to select some gemstones or crystals that will be anointed and charged just for you. In certain cases for some of the stones, I might intentionally opt not to charge them and give them to you au naturale, though I’ll explain why.

Got Questions?

Please feel free to ask away. Leave your questions down below and either I or the J will try to get to them or e-mail abelldelivers@gmail.com with your inquiry. J is really good about promptly replying to e-mails over there.

SKT Holy Anointing Oil 4


October 6, 2019: We’ve notified the winning bid today. The silent auction for the next bottle has commenced. This week’s winner: S., an Aquarius sun, Capricorn moon from Minnesota

October 13, 2019: We’ve notified the winning bid today. The silent auction for the next bottle has commenced. This week’s winner: D., a Sagittarius sun, Scorpio moon from Canada

October 20, 2019: We’ve notified the winning  bid today. The silent auction for the next bottle has commenced. This week’s winner: S., a Taurus sun, Aries moon from New York

October 28, 2019: Apologies for the delay in announcement. Due to the city-wide power outage where we live, I wasn’t able to update this website. The fourth winning bid has been notified. The silent auction for the final week and last bottle has commenced. This week’s winner: K., a Libra sun, Leo moon from England

November 3, 2019: And the final winner of the silent auction series: E., a Gemini sun, Taurus moon from California

7 thoughts on “Holy Anointing Oil Silent Auction

    1. Hi Al! Apologies for lack of updates here. We announced the winning bids for each of the weeks in an anonymous way, and we’ve decided not to disclose the dollar amounts, as I don’t want public focus on that aspect of this undertaking. =) Thanks! ❤


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