Tarot Party Readings: Get Jenna Matlin’s Have Tarot Will Party

Have Tarot Will Party by Jenna Matlin is an easy-to-read, accessible orientation to the business of tarot reading. Reading this book is like having your own personal tarot business mentor, giving you solid guidance every step of your way.

Matlin shares how she got started as a professional tarot reader, working festivals, doing the brick and mortar, and her incredible journey all the way to the top of the field.

Today, most tarot businesses have gone online (and stay online), and even most tarot business coaching programs focus on e-commerce. There’s an entire segment of business and professional opportunities open to you in your locale, which you might be ignoring! Jenna Matlin teaches you how to tap in to those local markets, and how to truly make a name for yourself in your region.

If you’ve been meaning to add party readings to your professional work as a reader, but aren’t sure how to get started on that, then Have Tarot, Will Party is the book for you. How do you keep from making rookie mistakes? Matlin gives you all the insider tips and industry secrets that no one else will. How do you get booked for readings? How do you develop your local or regional platform so that you get booked consistently for party readings?

Once you’re on site, what do you do? How do you coordinate with a host? How do you handle exigent situations that come up? How do manage timing? What about crowd control? What about personal presentation– how should you dress, how should you look? How do you approach a house party? Should you have different strategies in place for hosted events versus non-hosted events?

What about gallery readings (that’s when you’re reading for one person, but there’s an entire audience listening in on that reading)? How do you book gallery readings (since it’s a great avenue for income) and then how do you knock those gallery readings out of the park and impressive the entire audience?

Throughout the chapters, Matlin gives you her personal experiences so that you can learn from her directly. The pages are rich with insightful and touching personal stories. It’s one of the shining gems of the text.

You’re going to encounter the skeptic, who plops down in the seat in front of your reading table, folds his arms, and expects you to read his mind. You’re at a party and the host, in effect, has already pre-paid for you to read this guy. How do you navigate that tense situation? Matlin’s got you covered.

She walks you through how to work in party settings where there might be a lot of children, or how to handle non-stop talkers, or “won’t-leavers”– the querent who just wants to spill her life story to you and won’t get out of the seat to let the next guest sit down. How do you approach couples readings?

Matlin covers it all. She doesn’t neglect teaching you grounding and centering techniques and talks you through psychic protection. Finally, the book includes a wonderful appendix of sample proposal letters, client service agreements, host letter templates, receipt templates, disclaimer templates, and so much more.

For the aspiring pros, be sure to check out both Have Tarot, Will Party and Matlin’s earlier book, Have Tarot, Will Travel. You’ll be learning how to build a thriving and financially prosperous tarot business ground up, brick by brick, straight from an industry leader.

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The upcoming installment of Sightsee the Tarot will spotlight Matlin’s book, Have Tarot, Will Party, and share her tips and tricks on mastering the five-minute party reading. So stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Tarot Party Readings: Get Jenna Matlin’s Have Tarot Will Party

  1. Sophia

    I definitely need this book…
    Once I did a reading at a party for a friend of a friend I had never spoken to (unpaid just for fun) and since I was very new at the time I listed of memorized meanings first and than how I intuitively apply them to her.
    Listed of meanings I rememberd for, I think three of swords, (it’s been a while) and she goes really quiet.
    I asked her if she was okay and she said “you said this is the past? You said miscarriage, I had a miscarriage a while ago”
    I did not know how to react to this at all at the time and was not prepared for it…
    We moved on but the party was quieter afterwards…
    I still feel bad about the situation tbh…

    Liked by 1 person

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