A Walk-Through of All Cards in the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot

I’ve been keeping busy and I promise a deck creator’s progress report soon enough, but I’m done-done with the tweaking of the cards, so let’s do a show and tell. These cards will be printed in 500 dpi resolution, but here I’ve reduced the images down to 250 dpi, so just keep that in mind.

I’m doing a walk-through because I think it’s important for you to see all 78 (well, 80) cards of the deck before you make up your mind on whether to purchase Spirit Keeper’s Tarot. (I do hope you’ll purchase. Info and details on pre-orders coming soon.)

If you’re anything like me, one aesthetically dissonant card can mean you end up never using the deck. Or maybe there’s that one card in the tarot that you just always look to for assessing a deck’s appeal and the way I’ve rendered that one card is a total turn-off to you. It’s better you know that now and save your money than find out later and have wasted that money.

I understand that means a lot of you are very likely to spot aesthetically dissonant cards in this gallery and then change your mind from “buy” to “not buy,” and that’s okay with me. I’d rather you buy with all eyes open, fully informed, knowing what to expect, than to make presumptions based on false advertising and then open the box to find out you hate some of the cards and therefore will never end up using the deck. Wouldn’t that copy of the deck be better served in the hands of someone who does like the artwork and point of view? So. Here ya go. Full disclosure.

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