A Walk-Through of All Cards in the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot

First Edition

2021 Feb. 21 Update:

Both the black and white First Edition and the sepia-toned Vitruvian Edition were limited editions and are now out of print. This is just a viewing gallery of the cards from both decks, side by side for comparison.

Vitruvian Edition

Important Note About Color Display: The image files of the Vitruvian Edition you see here are JPG files in 72 dpi resolution and in RBG rather than CMYK. The 500 dpi art gets converted to CMYK for printing, which changes the color tones. The actual printed cards will be significantly more muted in tone than what you see here. The contrast will also be lessened in the actual printed CMYK values. The RBG values displayed here are brighter than how they will look in physical print. Also, your screen’s display settings could impact the color tones.

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