Just Some Images

Click on image to download. 1157 x 2143 pixels.

In case you want. Also, title of post intentional, to fly under the radar of the SEO spirits.

Just a doodle I did that didn’t end up becoming a tarot card in Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, though I’ve included it in one of the frontispieces of the companion guidebook, The Book of Maps. (Both deck and book forthcoming.)

In the front pages of the book, you’re going to find the above image along with the following recitation below it:

ANGEL WHO RECORDS, whose Hand seals upon the Book of Remembrance, who bears witness to All to enumerate every deed, since Creation, from the beginning of the world to this day, from my cradle to my grave, I invoke you to read to me, to show me, to transcribe upon my heart, to place upon the mantle of my mind the pages of the Book I petition for. Let it be the Truth. Let that Truth, come what may, ever be used to work the Highest Good. And so may it be.

Well, those first three words are supposed to be in small-caps, not all-caps.

Anyway, that image is dedicated to the public domain so you can do as you will with it. Click on the image file above to download. The above text/recitation is also dedicated to the public domain. (For those who are all like, dedicated, what the heck is up with Bell’s speech today and all this dedicated talk? It’s a legal term. Yes, “dedicated.”)

In very short explanation, that means you can do whatever you want, either commercial or non-commercial, with the image, including modify, edit, change it up, create derivatives, etc.

I won’t outright say in this post who it’s supposed to be, but I mean, come on.

Personally I don’t love my art here, which is why it didn’t make it into the final tarot deck, but it’s still deeply meaningful to me.

There are so many reasons why this is going up, but if I’m going to be typing text right now, I’d rather be typing in the work-in-progress that is the guidebook to the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot deck, so we’re cutting it off here.

Above is some digital fun with the Paint Can function. The only purpose it serves here is to demonstrate how you can color it in. The bare-bones outline of the angel turns out to be rather versatile (I think, but maybe you might think differently).

Above is more Paint Can fun. No, guys, this is not how I legit color stuff. I’m not going to color a tarot deck with Paint Can. This is all just to show what you could do with the image file even if you’re not artsy.

So many reasons for this. Regrettably for me, it’s back to writing the guidebook! =)

May this open a road, a door, remove a block, or inspire a meaningful insight for you.

One more.

Click on image to download. 1112 x 1922 pixels.

This is another image you’ll find in the Book of Maps, but won’t be one of the cards in the tarot deck. You’ll find it along with the following caption:

FOR WHOSOEVER LOOKS UPON HER will feel Her emanations of healing Light. What had been drained from the body is hereby restored. What had been empty is now filled with Her Love. She is the Angel that Heals the Healer. She gives Strength to those who must be strong. She lights the Path for those who light the Way.

I’m also dedicating this image to the public domain, mainly because I can’t rightly call it mine. Although I did draw that by my own hand, it’s based heavily (like, heavily– in fact, I’m sure you can identify who is who) on religious art and the iconography of well-known, much-loved figures.

Psst… produce a wallet-size card of the image that resonates with you deeply and on one side, have the image and on the other, the recitation or your own written words, and either color it in for yourself or leave it as-is in black and white, or modify it in any way you like, and keep the card in your wallet as a personal talisman.

Or you can print and produce it to affix onto the side of a pillar candle. If you work in a professional capacity in the spiritual fields, you can turn these works into something that you give to your clients. These are just some thoughts and ideas for you to get started. Your creativity is your only limitation.

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3 thoughts on “Just Some Images

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’m not familiar with this lore but ‘The Angel Who Records’ and what you wrote here has renewed my focus on what I am doing with my career and studies at the moment. The picture is currently saved as my desktop background and spurring me on as I write my assignments. After which, I will find some good sources and read more about Metatron…
    I can’t wait to see a copy of the Spirit Keeper’s tarot in print. Following the progress of your work has been amazing.


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