Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven (Jiu Tian Xuan Nü, 九天玄女)

I love watching videos of people sharing their deeply personal experiences with deities of different pantheons and what those experiences have meant to them, so now I’m sharing one of my own. =)


We’ve arrived at our final installment of the “Bell Chimes In” series for 2017. For those of you who’ve watched all 18 episodes, thank you so much for coming along on this journey with me. As I close out the year of venturing into the terrain of YouTube (I know I am no pioneer on this front, but it was for sure an unfamiliar and new adventure for me), I should probably share with you why I ventured out in the first place: the Lady of the Ninth Heaven.

Her name is more commonly translated to “Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven,” since arguably that’s a more accurate translation, if you translate “玄” (Xuan) to “Mysterious” (which I don’t). Culturally, rather than literally, when you say Xuan in Chinese, there are certain layered implications and subtext that is missing from the word “Mysterious” in English, when put in this context.

Here, Xuan’s meaning is more aligned with “Occult” or “Esoteric.” Though “Occult Lady of the Ninth Heaven” or “Esoteric Lady” doesn’t sound any better. Xuan also implies that which is concealed, that which is of the shadows, and evokes the color black. So sometimes you may see a translation to “Dark.”

Many deities from the Taoist pantheon or Chinese folk religions with “Xuan” in their names often get translated into English as “Dark,” to indicate a dark god or a dark goddess. E.g., Xuan Wu, considered a powerful dark god of the north, who like the Lady of the Ninth Heaven, is associated with occultism, magic, sorcery, alchemy, and martial arts. He is in many ways a warrior god, with battles fought by sorcery or martial arts. So given that context, the Lady of the Ninth Heaven could be interpreted as being a dark goddess.

“Lady of the Ninth Heaven” is my final video for the year, but perhaps my most important one (important to me, that is) because as I said in the video, it’s about giving credit where credit is due. This is my Acknowledgements. I would not have come out to talk so openly to you all about my practices, my thoughts, world view, and opinions as they may pertain to craft if it weren’t for what I perceived to be the strong urging of Jiu Tian Xuan Nu.



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  • NOTE: There are a few typographical and design errors in the image files that I haven’t gotten around to correcting. Hey, can you really complain about this? Dude, it’s a free divination deck. You didn’t pay for this. Also, you hardly need any chops at all to correct them yourself. You can literally make the corrections in MS Paint. And if you know basic Photoshop, even better. So my recommendation is to go through the cards and fix the errors yourself. Also, if you want to make a derivative of this deck, change it around a bit to be more personalized for you, and then print out your own version of the deck for your own personal, non-commercial uses, go for it! You’ve got my blessing! In fact, I encourage it and want to see the amazing results on Instagram! Show me! ❤

4 thoughts on “Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven (Jiu Tian Xuan Nü, 九天玄女)

  1. Anonymous

    Learning about Jim Tian Xian’s Nu and being Chosen to represent her at this time is an honor beyond the verbal expression


  2. CPvDC

    WOW — I could not have discovered this at a more perfect time during this transition in my life as a father to my kids & a husband to my wife. This has resonated with me in more ways than I can imagine. I was led here for a reason… This path will be a wild one! I think? =) Thank you Bel. Synchronicity is real. Salamat to the “Mysterious Lady of the Ninth Heaven” 九天玄女


  3. henderson

    九天玄女, thank you for sharing about 九天玄女 and confirming some of what i have learned as well. i learned more about her position in the 9 Heaven in your sharing. i am very grateful. the message flowing right now is that she is very happy with everyone who is interested to know about her, so she can serve through more souls. 九天玄女 dances and serves through me, through Tao dance practices. she also serves as like you say, give directions and guides me to find answers.


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