Win a Free Copy of The Tao of Craft


Here’s your chance to win a free copy of The Tao of Craft. One winner will be selected on September 16, 2016, weeks before the actual release date. The publisher will then contact you directly for mailing details.

How can you win? Choose from any of the images provided here, save, and upload it as a public post on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account, along with the hashtags #TheTaoofCraft, #BenebellWen, and #NorthAtlanticBooks. On the day of, the publisher will check those hashtags and select a winner at random. So be sure to use those hashtags, because that’s how you’ll get noticed.


In your post, link to this video about my book,

Or write me a little love note. (As in, about how excited you are about the release of this book…)

Or link to this page,


Even if you’re not about getting a free copy of the book, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d help me promote my book to your circle of peeps by posting one of these image files.


Thanks a bunch!


Contest closes on Friday, September 16, 2016.

11 thoughts on “Win a Free Copy of The Tao of Craft

  1. As much as I enjoy entering (and sometimes even winning) give-aways, I’m going to pass because this book is so far outside of my knowledge that I’m sure I couldn’t do much with it. Best of luck to those who enter, though!


  2. Good luck! You have made such difference in the tarot world. I cannot believe all you have done! I so thankful for all you share. Thank you for sharing from your ancestral deep well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow! I can’t wait to read this. I’m always eager to expand my knowledge of Taoist traditions. Good luck with the book launch!


  4. Just watched your interview with Tori Hartman, love your vibe. Entered to win your book and so excited to have the chance to win.


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