Holistic Tarot Free Study Guides: For Intermediates


My first book Holistic Tarot was released in paperback this past Tuesday, January 6, and I am grateful for the overwhelming support I have received. First, thank you.

To demonstrate how the book can be used as a textbook for independent study of tarot, I’ve created these study guides that will help you navigate the book at a beginner level, intermediate, and advanced. I talked about the Beginner Level here and we’ll get to the Advanced shortly.

The following Study Guide is for an Intermediate student in tarot learning under the Rider-Waite-Smith system.

You are Intermediate if…

  • you have a working tarot journal of some sort;
  • you can draw any one of the 78 cards and interpret it with semi-confidence;
  • you have a basic, working knowledge of all RWS card meanings;
  • you’re familiar with the Celtic Cross spread and read proficiently with it;
  • okay, you don’t want to brag, but you’re kind of a pro with the three-card reading (or some other simple spread equivalent);
  • you’ve dabbled with different tarot spreads before and have a strong sense of what works and doesn’t work for you; and
  • you’ve done a minimum of 50 tarot readings (closed book, that is!).

If that sounds like you and you want to continue your studies with Holistic Tarot, then download this study guide and the recommended supplements.



Click on the radio button below to download the PDF.


Supplemental Downloads

Reading with Signifiers


First Operation Practice Log



Court Cards Practice Exercises


Elemental Dignities and Affinities


Daily Readings



Ruminations on the Major Arcana



The Three Septenaries


Card Counting (Majority View)


Worksheet for Devising Your Own Spread


You can order your copy of the book on Amazon, through the publisher’s website at North Atlantic Books, or through the distributor, Random House.

All Holistic Tarot study guides and supplements are available for free download here on this website at HOLISTIC TAROT STUDY GUIDES. I hope these study guides are helpful in your learning and if you do use the Intermediate’s Guide, please let me know about your experience with it!

6 thoughts on “Holistic Tarot Free Study Guides: For Intermediates

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  2. Eri Kuudere

    Omg! Ive got your book! Pics and all. Just so happy and waiting for a good time to read it. Definitely one of my treasured books on the shelf. Leafed thro once, and love it already. ♡

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