Workshopping God’s Reading from Rachel Pollack’s A Walk Through the Forest of Souls

Carolyn Cushing and Jenna Matlin, in collaboration with Weiser Books, are hosting a series of content to celebrate the late Rachel Pollack’s re-release of A Walk Through the Forest of Souls. This is a day-long event for the tarot community, and you’ll find many contributors to this celebration.

Read more about the event in this announcement from Carolyn Cushing.

On May 10, 2023, Carolyn, Jenna, Weiser Books editor Judika Ilkes, and author Mark Horn will be live streaming here between 3 pm and 5 pm Eastern time.

Jenna Matlin and Mary K. Greer will be in conversation about A Walk Through the Forest of Souls here, going live at 8 pm Eastern.

My contribution is a video workshop of a tarot reading prompt:

That is a question presented in the book.

From Rachel Pollack’s A Walk through the Forest of Souls: A Tarot Journey to Spiritual Awakening

We’ll be working with a spread of 13 cards following the above layout design.

These 13 cards are a blueprint of how the universe was Created by its Creator. Synchronistically, it is also a 13-card blueprint of the design for your Great Work.

This installment of Sightsee the Tarot is a video workshop of the 13 card reading.

Download and print out the following worksheet, or use the layout of this worksheet as a guide in your journaling:

PDF download

God’s Reading

The reading you receive will necessarily look different from the spread of cards I or anyone else gets from this exercise, because you will be shown what you uniquely must see in order to get the message the universe needs to convey to you about Creation.

This workshop also integrates a reading technique taught by Rachel Pollack: drawing three Teacher cards. This technique is detailed in A Walk through the Forest of Souls, and though it’s typically done at the start in advance of the divinatory reading, here we’ve modified that as a practice done at the conclusion of the divinatory reading.

If you feel stuck as to how to journal through these card position prompts, here’s a scan of my notes for the reading I did:

PDF Download

Bell’s Notes & Reading

At the conclusion of the workshop, I’ve included a clip from a 2019 interview and conversation between Rachel and me. This was part of a lead-up to the 2019 Masters of the Tarot Conference held at the Omega Institute in Rhineback, New York.

I’m one of the feature presenters at this year’s 2023 Masters of the Tarot Conference, and if you can, I hope you’ll be in attendance and join this incredible group, this year led by Mary K. Greer and also featuring Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and Siddharth Ramakrishnan.

Sightsee the Tarot: Series Page



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