SKT Book of Readings E-Delivered

My apologies for the confusion– Earlier this week I sent an e-mail to everyone who pre-ordered the second print run of SKT: Revelation to expect delays. And then there was that blog post the other day about the Book of Readings specifically as it would pertain to those with the first printing of the Revelation but have opted not to order the second.

And then yesterday I send out an e-mail with all Book of Readings files to everyone who pre-ordered the second printing.

Yes, that is the final Book of Readings. It’s the Book of Readings. =)

Here’s what happened.

It turned out was having a really great 30% off sale for Black Friday and, apparently, through this weekend. So I thought, okay, I really need to do what I can to give people the opportunity to utilize that deal.

The Book of Readings draft was already mostly done. I just needed to proofread and make sure it all came together okay, and then format and upload it onto Lulu to create the unlisted link.

So I did that through the night so that it could post in time for you all to get on that 30% off coupon code. =)

In other words, this is just a status update to let you know if you’ve pre-ordered the second printing of the SKT: Revelation, you should have gotten an email from me by now with e-delivery of the Book of Readings.

However, the Book of Maps (that 700-page companion guidebook to the SKT deck) is not ready yet. I decided to not just correct the typos, but re-design the layout. I had said I would e-deliver the Book of Maps because at the time, I thought I was just doing light line-editing. I didn’t anticipate that I’d decide to dive right back in and make slightly-more-labor-intensive changes. =) So there is going to be a delay on the e-delivery of the Book of Maps.

I’m so excited for you to look through this Book of Readings, by the way. This came out so nicely (I think) and is going to be so purposeful. Personally, I cannot wait to get started for myself and video-document my own journey for you all. (According to the shipping updates, my own copy of the Book will arrive on Dec. 2!)

10 thoughts on “SKT Book of Readings E-Delivered

    1. Erika

      Benebell, thank you (& James) so much for your effort to get the book of readings done in time for us to take advantage of Lulu’s black Friday deal & for passing along the code ( so much gratitude for your generosity). The timing is great because I was searching for the book of Abremelin & then you released this book of reading & book of maps (1st version) so I can work with SKT & accomplish connection with HGA. This is so genius of you to create this system for these modern times in a modern language. THANK YOU!


  1. Milinda

    Thank you! This may be why it is taking me so long to decide which cover I want on my Book of Mirrors. Silly, but it’s kept me from clicking that final button. 🙂


  2. Tabitha

    I have placed my order and really appreciated you releasing it so we could get the discount. The discount was pretty significant. I have looked the the pdf a few times and cannot wait to get the printed copy. I’ll be going crazy till the deck is released wanting so badly to get started lol. I also had the planner printed and wish I could get started on that one too. Thank you for are yours and James hard work putting this stuff out for us. Can’t wait to see the Book of Maps!


  3. Lg

    Benebell again I must say I have a long history with tarot systems but Chinese systems are the best and most accurate and profound, so I took a college class in economics and elasticity= demand and supply and because of you’re extensive knowledge in Chinese magick I think that Chinese bone divination is a success along with other Chinese divinations is precise and trust in the profound it what is elastic with me benebell.


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