SKT Book of Readings for the Revelation First Print Run

The second print run of SKT: Revelation will come with a complimentary Book of Readings, a workbook of 22 practica. But what about those with the first print run Revelation?

Many of the journaling exercises in this workbook build on previous exercises, and all based on the Immortal Order (there are a total of eight) that your Revelation deck will be assigned or sorted into.

As for those with the first print run Revelation deck– Can you still work through the Book of Readings with a first print run Revelation?

Yes, with the following preliminary divination exercise.

You’re going to ask your SKT Revelation deck to choose one of the eight trigrams (and thus one of the eight Orders, or immortal archetypes) that best aligns with what you need for your own self-development at this time.

To start, you’ll need eight trigram cards. As prep work before you undertake this preliminary divination, I would pass each trigram card through incense smoke, fully cleanse the reading area I’ll be working at, and ritual cleanse myself as well.

Necessary? No, of course not. But the more thought and care you invest into the prep work, the more powerful your reading will be. I won’t pretend to understand why, but it’s just a truism. There’s no requisite step-by-step you “must” follow, so be guided by your own intuition. But do what you can to invest a great deal of intention-setting and care.

Femme Occulte’s 2022 ritual packages came with trigram oracle cards, which is what I’m using here. If they’re still available, I strongly recommend that you check out their offerings and support this incredible publication/magical goodies.

I then printed out the archetype titles and trigram info, cut the little labels out, and taped them to eight of the Femme Occulte trigram oracle cards.

I’ll shuffle the eight trigram cards until fully randomized, then arrange them into the Ba Gua diagram, with my SKT deck in the center.

Next, I shuffle my SKT deck while anchoring my thoughts and intentions toward that Ba Gua arrangement of trigram cards. Pull an SKT card into each of the positions, placing your SKT card on top of each trigram card.

Interpret these cards as your deck “talking” to you, telling you which of the eight trigrams (the trigram cards are face down) this deck is going to channel and be imbued with over the course of your journey with the Book of Readings.

Study the eight SKT cards and go with the one you feel most drawn to. You feeling “drawn” to that card is the deck “talking” to you, telling you which trigram it’ll be channeling on your behalf, for your highest good.

I felt drawn toward the Ace of Orbs in my spread of cards, so I turn over the trigram oracle card behind it.

I got The Spellcaster, which corresponds with the trigram Thunder.

That means if I’m working through the Book of Readings practica series with my first print run of the Revelation deck, every time the Book references the Eight Immortal Orders and which my deck is assigned to, I’ll go with The Spellcaster (and the trigram Thunder).

I’ll continue to work exclusively with the trigram Thunder, The Spellcaster, throughout the entire Book of Readings workbook.

Optional: Once it’s been revealed which trigram (and thus which Immortal archetype) your deck will be imbued with for the duration you’re working through the Book of Readings, you can turn over all the cards for a personal readong.

I also like to read the short form oracle message per the I Ching hexagram the two trigrams between the oracle card (lower trigram) and the tarot card (upper trigram) forms. In my case, the lower trigram would be Thunder, per the oracle card reveal. The upper trigram would be Earth, per the trigram correspondence for the Ace of Orbs.

Earth over Thunder is hexagram 24, Repose. This hexagram message is expressive of my current state or condition, and what I most need to know about my current state so that I can be as healthy as possible, healthy in terms of mind, body, and spirit. It’ll also help guide me in terms of my main focus area as I undertake this journey. Something in this hexagram message will tell me what my spirit most needs right now for it to heal, or to advance, or to achieve what it most seeks to achieve.

Click on link below to download PDF

Eight Trigram Oracle Cards (Printout)

In a pinch, you can download the above hyperlinked pdf printout of eight trigram cards to use for this preliminary exercise. If you don’t have a printer, hand-write and draw the eight cards, copying the content of what you see in the pdf.

To print the pdf, make sure you’ve selected “Actual size” for printing, and check-marked “Print on both sides of paper,” selecting the radio button “Flip on short edge.” Also, the Orientation will be Landscape.

The card back design of my makeshift trigram printout cards. Oopsie, looks like I had some toner problems. =)

Once your SKT Revelation (first print run) deck has told you which Immortal archetype and thus trigram is the energy you’ll be cultivating and strengthening over the course of your journey with the Book of Readeings, that’s what you’ll use every time the Book prompts you to work with “your deck’s Order.”

NOTE: The Book of Readings workbook pdf comes with every second print run Revelation pre-order. The purpose of the workbook is to guide you through a 22-practica journey of personal development and self-improvement, taking a holistic perspective of what that means, thus nurturing mind, body, and spirit collectively.

If you didn’t order the second print run but want the Book of Readings, follow the foregoing preliminary divination to get the trigram result, and then proceed through the practica of the workbook. Once the Book of Readings is available, you will be able to order it separately. I haven’t figured out how that’s going to work yet– I’m letting James decide since he’d be the one having to do the admin and distribution. =) So stay tuned. =)

6 thoughts on “SKT Book of Readings for the Revelation First Print Run

  1. tabithaweberme

    Hi Bella. So will you be placing our deck into one of the immortal 8’s or will we be doing that? I’ll have to reread this a few times I’m sure before I totally grasp picking a trigram. I apologize I’m new here in the SKT world. This will be my first deck by you. I’m beyond excited. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, if it’s the second print one you just pre-order, I will be doing it for you! 🙂 or, maybe not me precisely. The cosmos. The universe. 😂 You will get a little certificate with all the info.

      This post is for people with the first print run. In case they want to join in on the fun that you will get automatically if you just pre-ordered. 🙂


  2. Benebell! I took a screenshot of part of a page to entice my friends and followers to want to get the PDF which means they need to order the Spirit Keepers Tarot. I hope you still are taking orders. I don’t want to get everyone hyped up and then let them down.

    I converted the PDF so I can type each day. It is INCREDIBLE. You cover topics I haven’t studied in YEARS, but had hoped to revisit. The Book of Readings would have made Manly P. Hall’s jaw drop! Got two psychics contacting me about my Facebook post. You rock!


  3. I’ve finally gotten around to doing this and I will be working with the Alchemist (mountain). This speaks to me so greatly that I’ve just been sitting here with a great enormity in my chest. I feel much awe – how good and overwhelming it is that it’s kind of hard to articulate.


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