Book of Readings (Add-On to the SKT Revelation 2nd)

For the First and Vitruvian Editions of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, I included a complimentary add-on with your order, and that was the Twenty-Two Weeks with the SKT workbook.

For the first print run of the Revelation Edition, I adjusted that workbook so that it was no longer confined to a specific time frame, and it became a straightforward SKT study journal.

For this second printing of the Revelation, I’m changing that SKT study journal and turning it into something that transcends all its former iterations, and I’m calling it the Book of Readings.

Fleshed out into a sequential journey of self-discovery while also guiding you through basic primers of various esoteric traditions tangential to the tarot, the Book of Readings is now a course. A journey.

You can read my work-in-progress placeholder web page for it here.

I’m super excited about the Book of Readings. I’m so excited that I can hardly wait to print out my own spiral-bound journal of it and get started, going through a journey of my own and documenting it in a video series.

This is praxis. And through praxis you’ll get to know your deck better, what its attributes are per the Order its from, and you’ll get to know yourself better.

You’ll also get hands-on reading experiences working at the intersection of tarot and the Qabalah, tarot and astrology, tarot and numerology, and tarot and the I Ching.

I often hear tarot readers express wanting to learn enough Hermetic Qabalah basics to speak intelligently about it in the context of the tarot, and same with the I Ching, to know just enough about the Ba Gua trigrams to keep up in a conversation about the subject.

One of my objectives is to help you achieve just that through this Book of Readings.

I’ve also tried very hard to keep it practical, interesting, and straightforward, speaking plainly as much as possible.

The Book of Readings will be working primarily with the first two Key 0s, The Initiate, and then a series of readings with The Initiate as your Fool card, and then The Seeker.

Instead of just a plop of correspondence tables, there will be step by step guided reading exercises that prompt you to consult the correspondence tables. That way you’re getting that hands-on experience. It won’t just be theory anymore.

Freewrite self-reflections inspired by the card associated with your sun sign, and the I Ching hexagram produced as a result of the trigram assigned to your deck’s Order and the trigram of your sun sign. Work through a revelatory exploratory exercise to better understand your life purpose.

My current plan is to create a very informal casual-chat (not-educational) video series documenting my own experiences with each practicum in the Book of Readings. The purpose of it is for you to feel like you aren’t going through the journey alone.

You follow the exercises and then you can watch my video to hear about how I approached that section. You decide whether you want to watch my video chat before or after you do that practicum in question.

After that you’ll arrive at the Seeker’s Tarot Reading. The sequence of work after that are related to discovery of various esoteric sciences where you’ll master the basics in astrology, numerology, Hermetic Qabalah, and the I Ching, along with exercises that walk you through how to apply, in a practical way, the Maya numeral references in the bottom right corners of the cards, the trigrams, etc.

The Seeker’s section of the guided journey isn’t just about learning different esoteric traditions, but also about learning different cultural traditions. There’s that witchy social studies aspect to it. =) The prompts will help you navigate your Book of Maps to find starter info on different cultures, civilizations, and religious beliefs throughout world history.

I just realized I sound like I’m trying to sell you something. But this workbook/journal is already included in your order of the SKT. (If you want the printed spiral-bound hard copy of it, though, you’ll need to order it from and holy smokes are their prices getting higher and higher.)

If you’re tech savvy, I think there’s a way you can load the PDF and actually write  (with one of those digital pen thingies) or type directly into the PDF digital workbook and save your work. I don’t know how to do that and I couldn’t teach it to you, but if that’s something you’re interested in, look into it. Then you won’t even have to bother with printing.

Anyway, so that’s just a status update and overview of one of the included add-ons with your SKT Revelation 2nd pre-order.

17 thoughts on “Book of Readings (Add-On to the SKT Revelation 2nd)

  1. Cari Featherstone

    HI Benebell This looks awesome – I already have the 1st and 2nd SKT and would love to be able to order this workbook through Lulu – will you be sending the file to previous purchasers of the earlier decks?  or allow us to buy the file to download and order through Lulu?  Thanks Cari


    1. This one will be keyed to the full color SKT however. Since the LWB and Book of Maps totally changed between the versions and everything is keyed to those texts.

      That said, yes, I will find a way to make the digital version of this available to anyone who has an SKT. Then they can decide for themselves if they want to print it via Lulu. But yeah. It’s totally and very specifically keyed to the full color edition and all the companion texts that go along with that full color edition. ❤️

      EDIT: I haven’t figured out a reasonable way to not-spam and also not-post-on-here and also not-do-one-by-one and get the file to those who would actually want it. Also, it’s keyed to the Order that the deck is sorted into, so it wouldn’t really be a very useful workbook unless you begin with that Order info. Everything else keys back to it.

      So, in conclusion, like how the 22 Weeks Workbook went with just the first two editions and the SKT Study Journal went with the third edition first printing, this is what’s going to attach to the third edition subsequent printings. =)


      1. Thanks Benebell. This was my exact question since I’ve already purchased your previous editions and would love the new workbook too without having to specifically order the second edition of the revelation edition.


        1. Cari & Key Lamp: Sorry for my earlier confusing response. =) Just talked it over with the Hubs J and he said logistically it’s too hard to sort through who to send it to b/c they ordered before vs. haven’t. So it’s just easier on us to keep this as bundled with what we’re currently offering, the way the 22 Weeks was bundled with just the earlier editions, never a standalone, and the study journal was bundled with the Rev 1st, and not a standalone. ❤

          So in short, we can't figure out an efficient not-time-consuming way to make this a standalone. It's bundled with Rev 2nd orders. ❤


  2. iluvebooks15

    Page 247 of the Revelation 3rd Edition from 2021 contains a page with three lines of qwerty keyboard letters. I don’t know if it’s a printing error or is there missing material on my copy? This INFJ Virgo needs to know…


  3. Tabitha

    Oh this is super exciting! I’ve been interested in learning more about Qabalah and I Ching. I can’t wait to dive into this. Thank you so much. Have a blessed day!


  4. Angele

    I have the first print run Revelation Edition. Would the Book of Readings be available/compatible with it? It really looks like something I would love to dive into!



    Benebell, I just went through the 2023 Metaphysical Day Planner and thought, you know, Barbara, you can’t write anymore with your right thumb deformed by osteoarthritis. It would be awesome to print this out with the cover but will you use it knowing holding a pen is painful. Answer. NO.
    So, I used Adobe Professional’s Edit – Prepare Form option. Seconds later, the entire “book” now has text boxes and I can freely type to my heart’s content. THANKFULLY I can still type. The thumb just can’t hold a pen for long.
    I ordered the new Spirit Keeper Tarot so when I get the Book of Readings, I’ll have Adobe convert that for me as well.
    I love journals but I just can’t write much in them anymore.
    Hope that helps TOOLS – Look for the second line of icons and the one marked PREPARE FORM. Click and voila. It does all the work for you. You can tweek it
    by clicking on each text box and changing fonts, etc. It’s super easy.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. When I get your deck, I plan on blogging about it. I’ll include screen shots or use Camtasia to capture my screen, then edit it, and post it on YouTube and Rumble so everyone can see how easy it is. You just have to pay for an annual subscription to Adobe. It’s under $200 and for me it’s worth every penny. Especially, when conducting any kind of financial transaction where you have to fill in a form and it shows up as a regular PDF that you have to print and complete by hand.
        PS I wrote on Facebook that you’re one of the ONLY geniuses I’ve encountered who’s kind-hearted. That’s a testament to your parents and your spiritual training.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Jo Ziggy

    Dear Bell, SPAM me silly! I don’t care one jot if it means I can get access to print this wonderful offering out. I have the full color deck and both books- which are amazing in the girth of knowledge both esoteric, historical, and philosophical. I found Lulu to be incredibly efficient and inexpensive with your previous books- especially when factoring in postage costs to New Zealand. It was way cheaper than any volume I have purchased from either the UK or the USA, so if they have put their prices up, it will just be in line with every other global business. I am concerned though that YOU dont appear to be considering asking for further payment. Really?? Come on Benebell, Lady you too need to eat and pay bills, and I would be more than happy to pay for this heavily revised version.
    Kindest regards to hubby, and to you 🙂


  7. Brandon Charles

    I’m so excited to work through this new Book of Readings. I am actually ordering the 2nd Print of SKT so I really shuffle this one the way I like to, but the Orders drew me in. Having gotten all three decks, I still think this new book and addition of Orders will add a deeper connection.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Myrna Taylor

    I’ve got the 1st printing, is there a way I can purchase this reading guide? It looks so helpful. Thank you for all your hard work on these projects.


  9. Joeanne Goudie

    I’m concerned that you’re going to run out of the current colour deck set. I’d like to order at least 1 copy of the deck, is there any books for the colour set? Is any add ons available? Are there any other decks or anything? , I ordered the sepia toned version and the premium version both of the book add ons. I can’t find the email with the attachments that contained the books. Please help with both editions and with the books please

    How can I get the colour editions and any books that are for the colour decks? I’d like to get 2 x decks and 1 x each of any books please. I’m in UK so I’m not sure what to do thus time.

    Thanks krystina goudie


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