How I Read Tarot Cards: Workshop at the World Divination Conference

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Nov. 20 – 21, Sat. & Sun.

The World Divination Association, founded by the amazing Toni @thecardgeek, hosts the annual World Divination Association Conference, a virtual event that brings together an impressive roster of authors, creators, and modern mystics. I’ll be one of the speakers this year, sharing my learned experiences and insights into reading tarot professionally for others.

For those who heard previous info about me doing a course on Freud and Jung, and how to apply psychoanalytic and analytic theory to tarot readings, due to some tech obstacles, I’m changing my workshop topic. The Freud and Jung workshop would have been PowerPoint intensive, along with a massive workbook, tons of researched reference materials, etc., and it wouldn’t have worked in the virtual event setting.

So I’m pivoting and going with a talking-head-video-livestream format where I’ll be talking about reading tarot professionally for others– not the business aspect, no, but the actual tarot reading part of it all. The heart and soul of reading tarot.

How I Read Tarot Cards

Here’s an outline of what I’ll be talking about:

  • Introduction & My Tarot Practice
    • Defining who you are as a reader
    • How to inspire confidence in the querent
    • How to overcome your own fears and insecurities around reading accuracy
  • Prerequisites for My Workhorse Decks
  • “A Well-Programmed Deck”
  • My Routine for Cleansing a Workhorse Deck
  • An Anchoring Stone, Crystal, or Candle
  • The Five Minute Reading
  • The Fifteen Minute Reading
  • The Thirty Minute Reading
  • The One Hour Reading
  • Twelve-Month Tarot Projections
  • Integrative Approaches to Interpreting Readings
  • Professional Tarot: Starting Out
    • Branding & marketing tips that actually work
    • Public relations tips that actually work
    • Dealing with “the plateau” and inevitable burn-out
    • Uncomfortable reality 1: experience matters
    • Uncomfortable reality 2: noteworthiness
  • Professional Tarot: Setting Fees
  • Answering Your Questions


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