Butterfly Lenormand by Mendy Dunn

There’s something about the Butterfly Lenormand by Mendy Dunn of The Artistry of Tarot that tug at my heartstrings. How I even came to hear about it was a bit of chance and serendipity. At the time, I really wasn’t on Tarot-Tube that often, but on that day, I happened to surf onto my YouTube homepage to look for something to play in the background while I did some house chores.

There was a tarot livestream going on, so of course I clicked onto it, and didn’t even think it through or look to see whose channel it was. And it just so happened to be a debut of Mendy Dunn’s newest creation– images from her Butterfly Lenormand.

I love the rustic textures of Mendy’s art style. With a Lenormand deck, you do want a more minimalist singular-idea artwork. The square shape of the cards feel special in my hands. The patchwork quilt result of 9-card readings, 36-card readings, tableaus, etc. is so much fun to read!

There’s so much character to the art. Look at the Mice card. Or how you can feel the spirit of the place in the Mountains and in Paths. If you want to use a gold or silver metallic pen to write in a few keywords, you could totally do that on this deck. The butterfly at the end of the bookmark tassel in the Book card is a sentimental touch– same with the butterfly on the wax seal in Letter.

If you haven’t checked out The Artistry of Tarot on YouTube, you’re missing out! She does these amazing deck reviews and walk-throughs. She’s also on Instagram @theartistryoftarot.

The Butterfly Lenormand comes in two sizes, and I really love both. I was trying to find a link to where you can purchase these lovely little decks, but nothing turned up. So you may need to DM the creator directly.

ALSO… (!!!)

… Way off topic but I can’t help myself– check out Mendy Dunn’s upcoming Tarot Gelato, a TdM deck based on the Angelo Valla of Trieste deck! Gah! So excited!

One thought on “Butterfly Lenormand by Mendy Dunn

  1. Mendy

    Thank you so much Bell!!!! Right now the lenormand is sold out but I’m working on making a version available on Makeplayingcards.com along with my new tarot.


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