Precious Possum Lenormand by Logan Townsend

The Precious Possum Lenormand is one of my favorite little decks to tuck into my handbag and take with me on the go. I’ve taken it out to do fun readings for children and it has always garnered a positive reception. Heck, every seasoned card reader who sees these cards just gushes and squeals with delight.

With the Lenormand, there tends to be two schools of thought– there are fixed, assigned meanings to each card, because each card is only designated by a singular idea vs. of course you can read it intuitively, creatively, without limitation. The Precious Possum Lenormand encourages you to read the cards in a way that “honors your inner knowing.”

The colors plus the cute character designs compel you to feel energized, warm, and full of the fuzzies. And yet it’s a remarkably accurate Lenormand oracle. The compositions in the artwork have an American Regionalism feel to it, meets the kawaii aesthetic. Remarkably, the setting of each card gives you a strong sense of place and culture, characteristic of American Regionalism.

And yet the style itself is like a children’s picture book, with the possum faces full of expression and emotion.

This is a deck of 36 illustrated cards, borderless, with violet edging. Every time I’ve pulled the deck out in public, immediately as people, young and old, see the box, their eyes light up and they gasp. “That is adorable! What is that!”

Look at that teensy little booklet! But don’t be fooled. It gives you a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and practical guide to every card’s meaning as it would turn up in a reading. Which makes it great for total Lenormand beginners.

Townsend instructs that the Positive, Neutral, and Negative Alignment designations are just points of guidance for you, and if you find that you don’t associate with the particular Alignment designation given, override it! Work with how you feel the cards align.

This is a great introductory Lenormand deck, in large part because of how comprehensive the guidebook is. I really love the meatiness of the content you’re getting, all while staying whimsical and full of heart.

The deck also comes with 4 options of “Possum” or significator cards. Possum the Witch, Possum the Ninja, Possum the Divinity, and Possum the Diva. I love this feature. Instead of the traditional “Man” and “Woman” cards as significators, you get archetypes.

This iteration of the Lenormand is story-driven, so you won’t see the playing card correspondences that you would on common Lenormand decks.

I love the size of this deck– around 57 mm x 87 mm, and the matte finish art paper cardstock is luxurious. There are just these little subtle touches in the portraits that showcase a diversity of personalities and identities. Like the many options for the Possum significator card you see above.

That Venus-inspired possum…. and pop star possum is everything! I love the Japanime references throughout. Many of the depictions of the traditional Lenormand singular ideas are ingenius– like look at that Message card!

love all the merch you can get along with your Precious Possum Lenormand! Be sure to check out Townsend’s Etsy page, Lark and Legend. Like that holographic keychain or enamel pin! These curios also come bundled in the Precious ‘Possum Mega Bundle, which compared to the market of indie decks, is quite affordable.

Logan Townsend’s art style is a delight and the Precious Possum Lenormand would make a great holiday gift for all ages. I found the guidebook easy to comprehend, and a young student of 12-years-old can absolutely pick up this deck, look up the card meanings in the guidebook, and follow along to do inspiring readings for themselves. And yet it holds just as much value to someone like me, doing quick readings for myself and for those around me on everything from should we get take-out for dinner to will our project go as planned.

Be sure to peruse the other offerings at Lark and Legend:




FTC Disclosure: In accordance with Title 16 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 255, “Guides Concerning Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I received the Precious Possum Lenormand from the deck creator for prospective review. Everything I’ve said here is sincere and accurately reflects my opinion of the deck.

2 thoughts on “Precious Possum Lenormand by Logan Townsend

  1. Anonymous

    Sad that there are no Suits noted on the cards, that leaves out a huge element of the reading that many of us use. All in all a cutesy deck but not something traditional Lenormand readers would use, way too busy for a GT.


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