Orientation Course for SKT Revelation

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Video Course Series III: Course Page

A 10-video orientation series started today over on my YouTube channel. Every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday for the next few weeks, a video will be released in the morning. Haha, that’s right. Weekends and hump days.

Here’s the schedule:


1 Sat.


The Easy-to-Read Spirit Keeper’s Tarot
2 Sun.


Divination, Spinoza’s God, Theology, the HGA
3 Wed.


The Empyrean Court (Tarot Court Cards)
4 Sat.


Tarot and the I Ching with the SKT
5 Sun.


Demonstrating Practical Tarot Readings with the SKT
6 Wed.


SKT and the Occult Practitioner
7 Sat.


Tarot and Your Astrological Birth Chart: Know Thyself I
8 Sun.


Tarot and Your Astrological Birth Chart: Know Thyself II


9 Wed.


Divination by Creative Journeying with the SKT
10 Sat.


My Soul Deck, Spirit Keeper’s Tarot; Hekate, Serket, et al.

For the videos where I cover multiple subjects, there will be timestamps in the video description box, so you can skip around.

If I get into something that’s not of interest to you, but there are other topics I’m covering in that video you want to stay for, no worries! Go into the timestamps and click around.

I’m also committed to staying active in the comments section to answer questions, respond to your feedback, and engage. So don’t be shy! =)

Videos 6 and 7 are workshops with handouts you’ll need to download and have accessible while watching the video. Video 9 is also a workshop, but no handout.

You’ll want to check the Course Page either before or after watching a video to see whether there’s more info, anything you might want to download, etc. At the time of this posting, that course page is still kind of a hot mess, but the part relating to any video that’s just been released will be cleaned up before the release of that video. Thanks for your patience!

I’m so excited to be onboarding with you through this new world of SKT: Revelation!


4 thoughts on “Orientation Course for SKT Revelation

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know if you have read it, but your view on formal approaches to reading tarot really reminded me of the book “Untold Tarot” which has become a favorite of mine because it made me think so much more about how fixed we are on certain reading techniques. Reading up on historic backgrounds of the tarot really makes you think about how exactly you are using it yourself.


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