A Lenormand Deck Showcase

I’ll be showcasing six Lenormand deck recommendations, each one different from the others in art style. Four of them are indie and two are traditionally published. These are decks that have been sent to me and for these types of collection showcases, I typically choose only from the decks sent to me for my collection.

Let’s take a look at how the Lenormand is illustrated in six different art styles. The first is what I’ll call contemporary kawaii cutecore; the second is Western European medieval art; the third is inspired by the Italian Renaissance; then the Lenormand in a black and white Victorian illustration style via digital collage; children’s picture book fairytale art; and fin-de-siècle, rendered through digital collage of illustration works by Pamela Colman Smith.

If you haven’t jumped onto the Lenormand bandwagon quite yet and you’re interested in learning a bit more about the system, I have a nutshell summary write-up from seven years ago, here (“The Lenormand: Nutshell Summary of the Petite Lenormand, from History to Practice“).

Sparkly Lenormand by Kimberly M. Tsan

If you’re into cutecore, you’re going to love this deck. There’s a pop art kawaii aesthetic that reminds me of Asian stationary stores. Even bad news feels easier to digest when told to you through the Sparkly Lenormand.

The cards are in a matte finish with a matte pastel pink edging. Try to look through these card images and not smile ear to ear! They’re so adorable and heart-warming.

Purchase your copy of the Sparkly Lenormand from Kim here at Fables Den. 

The Friar’s Delight Lenormand by Rabbit’s Moon Tarot

This is one of those decks on my shortlist of decks to use in professional Lenormand readings. The Middle Ages aesthetic feels atmospheric and really sets the mood. Joan Marie’s design choices are on point here. The solid black background balances out the ornate borders. The illuminated manuscript font style is perfection.

I love the absolute matte finish, the thick, sturdy cardstock, and the overall production quality here is luxe and beautiful.

Purchase your copy of the Friar’s Delight Lenormand here at Rabbit’s Moon. 

Golden Venetian Lenormand by Eugene Vinitski and Elsa Khapatnukovski

If you prefer art that feels a bit more decadent, finished in a high gloss with gilding, check out this Renaissance-inspired deck, the Golden Venetian Lenormand, a companion deck to the Venetian Tarot. You can read my past review of the Venetian Tarot here, and a closer look at the Golden Venetian Lenormand here.

Purchase your copy of the Golden Venetian Lenormand here from the art studios of TarotMania. 

Lua Lenormand by Maree Bento

Here is another Lenormand companion to a tarot deck, the Lua Tarot by Maree Bento, which I’ve reviewed here. The Lua Lenormand is a black and white (or more precisely, grayscale) deck inspired by Victorian Era illustrations and steel engravings.

Purchase your copy of Bento’s Lua Lenormand here, and while you’re on her shop page, check out her other beautiful tarot and oracle deck offerings.

Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch

For a nostalgic deck, the Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt and Arwen Lynch is like a cherished children’s picture book. The exquisite detailing in Hunt’s illustration work is unsurpassed. Psst… I think a republishing of the Fairy Tale Tarot is in the works!

The Fairy Tale Lenormand is still in publication by U.S. Games. While we wait for the re-release of Hunt’s Fairy Tale Tarot, get yourself a copy of Hunt’s Fairy Tale Lenormand, done in collaboration with Arwen Lynch Poe.

Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand by Edmund Zebroski

Also by U.S. Games is Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand, a deck created from fin-de-siècle illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith. There is an aged newspaper papery feel to the cardstock, which I love. The coloring is subtle in saturation and values, which gives it an antiqued or vintage feel.

I love the organic pairing of tarot and Lenormand, where deck creators will come out with a tarot deck, and then release a related Lenormand deck in the same style as its tarot counterpart. Pixie’s Astounding Lenormand is a posthumously done companion deck to the RWS Tarot, compiled from PCS’s works in the public domain, and makes for a great introduction to Lenormand for RWS readers.

Note: None of these decks are sponsored and I am in no way compensated for sharing deck reviews or showcases. However, the decks were gifted to me by their deck creators. Everything I say about the decks represent my sincere opinions.

6 thoughts on “A Lenormand Deck Showcase

  1. I have both the Fairy Tale Lenormand & Pixie’s Amazing Lenormand (as well as others you didn’t present in this post). I ADORE Pixie’s. I often use it in addition to the RW Tarot. The two decks work together really well.


  2. You must check out Celia Melesville`s Tanis Lenormand (she also made a new Renard Tarot that is super cute). I m sure you will love her work! The Venetian Lenormand has been on my list for a while but the price is just too high for me. I love the Pixie deck but i really cannot read with it, it doesnt want to connect with me 😦


  3. I’m interested in learning these. I just finished reading your amazing Nutshell article and I have a question. If I were reading for a Gender-fluid person or non-binary friend, what signifier card would be used? Is there a deck that you are aware of that would work well for readings with this community? Thank you for such an informative website!


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