Your Inner Darkness and Inner Light


$38 USD

What is your soul’s purpose?

What challenges and trials do you face along your life path that might be sourced from karma, however you define karma?

What facets of your shadow self can be revealed by your birth chart?

How might we express that part of your inner self that is divine? What facet of Divinity do you inherit so that you might carry out missions that the Divine has set for you?

We begin the search for answers by studying your birth chart, a map of your life path designed by the heavens.

These are the astrological features we’ll be covering:

  • Chiron: Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Your Social Responsibility (House 11 & Ascendant)
  • Black Moon Lilith: The Inner Darkness
  • White Moon Selena: The Inner Light
  • Hermetic Lot of Spirit: Your Guardians
  • North Lunar Node: Karmic Traits
  • South Lunar Node: The Shadow Self
  • Planetary Hour of Birth

Several years ago I started offering this astrological reading and since then have prepared thousands of these reports. If you are interested in getting one, please read through the service description carefully so you have a clear sense of what you’re getting.

What You’re Getting:

  • Whole Signs astrological reading of your Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, White Moon Selena, North Node, South Node, and Hermetic Lot of Spirit placements in your birth chart, per the birth details you provide.
  • This is not a comprehensive, holistic reading of your birth chart.
  • This is a clinical analysis of six notable astrological features in your chart that relate to:
    • your soul’s purpose,
    • in what ways you are the wounded healer,
    • your inner darkness,
    • your inner light and what the spark of divinity looks like as it’s illuminated from you,
    • your innate blessings or karmic gifts,
    • your personality shortcomings and weaknesses,
    • your guardian spirits or angelic watchers assigned to you at birth, and
    • a profile of the divine spark you embody.
  • We’re also going to take a brief look at your ascendant sign and 11th house to discuss social responsibility
  • In terms of angular aspects, we will only be looking at planetary conjunctions to Chiron, Lilith, and Selena
  • BONUS: There is an additional section at the end of your reading report on your planetary hour of birth.

The Inner Darkness, Inner Light astrological reading is spiritual in its dimension.

Your birth chart is a map of your personal unconscious, all that you are and the sum of your experiences, your nature, and your karma.

I then presume your personal unconscious is connected to a greater collective unconscious, an expression of Divinity, and that you inherit at birth a piece of that Divinity.

What piece? What part of you is Divine? Likewise, based on your own past, and presuming there are past lives, what is the darkness within you that you must shine that Divine light on?

The focus is clear and niche: let’s ruminate on your personal spiritual journey. This astrology reading report is about your spirituality and how you are connected to Divinity. I also believe it’s an empowering supplement for your own personal shadow work and exploration of the parts within that need mending.

The reading will be a minimum of 10,000 words (over 35 pages at the standard US Letter printable size), delivered to you by e-mail attachment as a PDF digital document. Yeah, so this thing is somewhere in between a short story and a novella about your spiritual journey this lifetime.

The text is not computer or automatically generated by a preexisting program. The text is unique to my interpretive approach to the astrological features, based entirely on my own studies, observations, and written in my own words.

However, the text for the points in the twelve houses and in the twelve signs are pre-written by me, which I then apply and transfer to your reading report as applicable.

For the purposes of this short,  budget-friendly reading, I’ll only be observing conjunctions to key points I’ve ascertained as most influential over your Chiron, Lilith, and Selena. For your lunar nodes and Hermetic Lot of Spirit, we’ll only focus on the house and sign placements.

Use of the Terms “Light” and “Dark.”

The terms “light” or “lightness” and “dark” or “darkness” as used herein are not in reference to color. It’s in reference to three-dimensional space, based on the dualistic yin-yang theory of East Asian metaphysics, which is the cultural perspective I’m coming from. The dualistic theory of yin and yang dates as far back as the Shang Dynasty (1600 BC – 1046 BC).

Light is in reference to where the sun shines, which is space that you can see, space where you possess awareness. I am not referring to the color of the objects that the sun shines upon. I am referring to the mere condition of illumination.

“Brightness” and “light” through the East Asian cultural lens equals “understanding” and “consciousness.”

What is described as the dark or darkness– “xuan” and “yin” in Chinese is The Sacred Mysteries, the unknown, is untapped power, and that which still remains concealed because we’re not yet ready to understand. Darkness is wisdom, and wisdom is a journey of trials.

Inner Light is space within that you are conscious of, that you have mastered, and where there is self-possession. Inner Dark is space within that holds your potential, untapped powers, mysteries for you to unveil, but only if you are willing to do The Work. That Work involves overcoming your mara, or figurative inner demons.

I translate yin to “dark” as in the absence of the figurative illumination of light, the period of night. “Dark” also coincides with the moon, which in itself is still a form of illumination, but by way of reflection, not by way of direct self-created light.

Yang is translated into “light” as in where the sun illuminates, with the sun representative of awareness, consciousness, and knowledge. “Dark” is thus intuition and the inner shadow that is the deepest reservoir of our personal strengths.

Therefore, yin and yang, light and dark are not attributed to positive and negative qualities respectively. Rather, “dark” and yin refer to reservoirs of untapped power, but there is a perilous threshold that you must cross before you can fully possess those powers. Once possessed, they become the “light” and yang, because possession is awareness, or in Chinese, “brightness.” Possession is illumination, and therefore becomes your yang, or inner light.

Light is not an attribution of goodness and Dark is not an attribution of bane. Light is what you already possess, what is known, what the figurative sun illuminates. Dark is what you could potentially possess but do not yet see for yourself, what is not known, and therefore what currently is not illuminated to you. Any negativity associated with the Dark is simply a reference to the challenges one must overcome to attain the wisdom promised in that space of Darkness.

Order the Inner Darkness & Inner Light Personal Astrology Reading Report

$38 USD


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  1. Name as you want to be addressed:
  2. Date of birth (month/day/year):
  3. Time of birth:
  4. Location of birth (city, state/province, country):
  5. Gender/pronouns you identify with:

For #2, date of birth, note that Americans write this out differently from everywhere else in the world, and I’m American. So if you write day/month/year, I’m going to get confused. To mitigate margin of error, make it clear what is the month and what is the day of birth. Better yet, write/spell out the month rather than noting it as a number.

If you prefer to receive your reading report as a DOCX file, then please make a special, custom note of it in your e-mail to us. However, the concern with DOCX is the formatting I painstakingly put in to the document may not show up when you open it up in your version of MS Word, if we’re using different versions. So any intentional spacing, etc. I put in there to make the final layout look good might get lost. You’ll need to adjust it on your own.

I will be casting a Tropical Whole Signs birth chart for you. If you prefer a Sidereal Whole Signs chart and Sidereal reading, please state that in your initial e-mail along with the birth details. If this request is not clearly stated in that initial e-mail along with the birth details, then regrettably we cannot accommodate.

This is a custom order prepared to your individual birth chart. Custom orders are non-refundable.


Upon receiving your payment, we will send an auto-generated e-mail confirmation within 2 calendar days. This is just for your peace of mind so you know your order has been received.

Delivery of your Inner Darkness, Inner Light astrology report will arrive in that same inbox within 7 calendar daysIMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to an overwhelming surge in requests for this reading report, delivery date is now delayed to approximately 30 days from date you placed your order (you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation from us). I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. If a 30-day wait is not okay with you, please hold off on booking at this time. I may bring this reading offer back again in a few years and you can order at that time. The last time prior to 2020 I opened this reading offer was 2016.

If none of the above goes as stated for you, please e-mail us immediately at so we can sort out what happened.

Your report will arrive as a PDF file with bookmarked headings and a table of contents, so you’ll be able to navigate from section to section with relative ease. If you’d prefer to receive the DOCX file, please specifically state that request in your initial e-mail to us along with your birth details. Please note that my intended formatting and layout design may not show up in the DOCX file because those edits can change from version to version of MS Word. So if line spacing, layout, or font type looks off in the DOCX, that’s because of the DOCX.


If you have a monograph from me, then there is no need to get this reading, because all of this is in your monograph already. =)

If you ordered a Chiron, Lilith, Selena reading from me in the past, this is pretty much the same thing, plus some, so it may not be meaningful for you to order the same thing again.

Please note I cast your chart using Whole Signs. This is a different system from the more popular modern Placidus chart you may be used to. I also use a Tropical chart. If you prefer Sidereal Whole Signs, I am happy to accommodate, but please let me know in your initial e-mail along with your birth details that you want the report generated to Sidereal Whole Signs.

The times we live in are unprecedented. To ground and center yourself so you can navigate this material world, understand your roots in the spiritual. This reading of your birth chart is one that can help you better discern your personal gnosis.

I observe Mean Node when reading your chart and not True Node.

I offer two different approaches to personal astrology readings.

The first is this “Inner Darkness, Inner Light” customized written report type, where I have pre-written original text on each celestial feature in all twelve houses and all twelve signs, and every permutation and combination thereof. Then I look at your birth chart, note which apply to you, and manually assemble that pre-written text (essentially, copy-paste) to prepare this report.

The second way I do, e.g., the 10-minute birth chart video readings, is holistic. You and I sit together, whether that’s in-person or by a video reading, and all I have in front of me is your chart. We then extract from that chart what it is you want to know in real-time, and each and every reading is part learned knowledge and part on-the-spot intuition. In the first approach, which is this reading report, everyone with, say, Chiron in Aries will get the same generated paragraphs about Chiron in Aries. However, if someone has Chiron in Aries in House 7 vs. one with it in House 8, those paragraphs of generated text will differ. In the second approach, which you can schedule and book with me by e-mail, the reading then becomes very much attuned to you, and one with Chiron in Aries in House 7 will still get a unique reading from another with Chiron in Aries in House 7, though of course there will be overlap in the learned knowledge part.

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