Invoking HRU and the Riddle of the Sphinx

Skill LevelIntermediate & Up

Set aside 30 minutes for a mood-altering tarot reading experience. This is a guided reading with the Riddle of the Sphinx tarot spread from M. M. Meleen’s Book M: Liber Mundi (2015).

Book M is the companion guidebook to Meleen’s tarot deck, the Tabula Mundi Tarot. She recently launched a Majors only deck, which I’ve been working with and loving, the Pharos Tarot. You can support this incredible artist and occultist by ordering your copy here.

If you have a specific question you’d like answered by the Great Angel HRU or you don’t have anything particular in mind and just want a general prophetic reading about the direction of your life, try out this spread. You can use any tarot deck or even a Majors only deck.

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Playful Heart Tarot by Kitten Chops

The Playful Heart Tarot is the sweet and gentle medicine we need right now. Reminiscent of children’s book illustrations, Kitten Chops or Zaara has created a therapeutic tarot deck for all ages.

The cards are printed on 340 gsm black core cardstock with a micro linen finish. That means they shuffle beautifully. There’s enough yield in the cardstock for any type of shuffler, but the micro linen gives your deck resilience.

I’ve found Playful Heart Tarot to be a surprisingly powerful and effective deck in inner child exploration, specifically to help calm anxiety or anger, to rekindle happiness and overturn emotional apathy, and to quiet that self-criticism or self-sabotage.

The deck comes in a rainbow foil tuck box and I love that it’s produced in Taiwan.

The package comes to you sealed with a sticker stamp: “All things wonderful are readily available.” I just love all the attention to detail and extra touches Kitten Chops as thought of when putting this deck together.

A 78-card deck, the Playful Heart Tarot also includes 4 bonus cards, which the free downloadable guidebook explains. You can scroll through the guidebook, provided below, to get a sense of the aesthetics and point of view of the deck.

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