Seal to Defeat All Foes

A “Seal to Defeat All Foes”? Oh, snap. That sounds badass. We definitely need to give this one a try, right?

You’ll find my write-up of this in one of the back-end appendices of Key of Solomon and Collected Studies on Spirit Conjure. It’s a free e-book download hereand if after checking out the pdf version you realize you want it in physical hard copy paperback, that link will give you instructions on how to order one.

In the pdf, check out p. 505.

These ritual and talisman crafting instructions are adapted from A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences (1704) by Ebenezer Sibly.

I got a little loosey goosey with my creativity here for the back side of the seal.

The main sigil design conjures Dalet, and comes from instructions for the Twelve Talismanic Rings found in Keys of King Solomon (not to be confused with Key of Solomon). Instructions for the Twelve Talismanic Rings of Solomon can also be found in the Grimoire of Abognazar (circa mid-17th century). I inserted this write-up into one of the sections under Chapter 21: Astrological Images that originally appeared in Book II of Key of Solomon. 

Carved along the outer ring is the first line from Psalm 26 in the Vulgate. You’ll find it in the Key e-book download as one of the psalms used for consecrating the pentacles. It can also be used for your purification ritual bath.

Above you’ll find the King James version of Psalm 26 (KJV 27).

Like what I did with the First Pentacle of Mercury, I soaked the wood in holy water through a waning moon, slow-baked it dry in my oven, and then started the carving process only after the new moon. I’d only work on the Day of Mars (Tuesday) and only at the planetary hours corresponding with Mars. So if one of the steps in the process was taking me longer than an hour, I’d stop, put everything away within enclosed space on my altar, and resume at the next hour of Mars or next day of Mars.

I carved the Seal with fire (love that!) or, to be less dramatic about it, I used a wood-burner. You can see above that the wood-burner can really carve in deep-grooved lines.

To charge it, I set it on a selenite charging plate and anointed it with holy oil, with a focus on getting the oil really rubbed in to the grooved lines.

After giving the oil on the Seal some time to dry, I went back in with a fine-tipped paint brush and painted into the grooves with red vermilion ink from a vermilion inkstone. I followed the Prayer and Conjuration as noted in the text, but since I also included Dalet from that Twelve Rings thing for the back design of the Seal, I also worked in the Oration and Exorcism, tweaking the wording so it’d fit me better, and be more specifically applicable to the situation. (For instance, the exorcism phrasing refers to a ring, whereas I’m not crafting a ring here, so I tweaked it to Seal to Defeat All Foes.)

The instructions for the First Ring call for “the blood of a white dove,” which, you know, I’m not about to do. So I opted for the vermilion inkstone again. I will say, however, I did prick myself and add to the ink a little of my own blood.

Although normally I wouldn’t share specificities of my personal craft workings, this one I wanted to share for educational purposes. It’s got an intriguing premise and I figured you might want to get a kick out of it, too. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Seal to Defeat All Foes

  1. Mercedes Stewart

    Wow, awesome stuff I’ve studied astrology and in particular classical Medical Astrology – Paracelsus, Lily, Culpepper etc. for decades and find this very interesting.

    Thank you and Happy New Year,


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  2. Good for you for using your own blood and not harming others for this. That was one of the things that disappointed me in my beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer series–that the ‘good’ witches still used animals and their parts. My view is that it’s not okay. Others’ mileage may vary, and I’m not trying to start any quibble, but good for you.

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